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Horse breeds from Estonia

Tori Horse

Tori Universal


Also called the Tory, Toric & the Toriiskaya, the Tori was developed at the at the Tori Stud in Estonia early in the 20th century as a utility horse using Klepper & European halfbred animals. Although breeding was controlled, by the 1930’s they required an infusion of Breton blood to eliminate signs of inbreeding. Additionally as a need for sport horses grew, Hanovarian & Trakehner blood was added, creating the Tori Sport horse. Today the two recognized types within the breed are the sporthorse type and the universal type.

Estonian Native Horse

Image from Rozpravka


Also called the Klepper, the Estonian Native is one of the few remaining breeds in this area that has effectively resisted the effects of cross breeding & retained the characteristics of a northern horse.

Estonian Draft


Also called the Estonian Arden, the Estonian Draft was created with the goal of developing a tough work horse who was easy to keep, even tempered and quick to move. This developing breed was established to meet a growing need for larger horses.

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