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Bolivian Pony

Country of Origin: Bolivia

Sunicho Horse

Image from brenski


The Bolivian Pony or Sunicho is a tough little pony native to the highlands of Bolivia. Today their status is considered crucial & their numbers are very small.

Sunicho Horse

Image from brenski


This breed is descendant from the Iberian horses and a close brother to the Criollo developed in Bolivia. They were very important for conveyance before the agricultural reform of the 1950’s, but since then have been replaced by the donkey.


Average height 12.2 – almost 13 hands
A handsome pony


Body is well-proportioned
Except for the neck, which is thin at the top & thick as it joins the chest
Shoulders & chest appear as one
Withers are prominent
Back is short & croup rounded

Traditional Colors



Pack animals

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Country of Origin: Bolivia | Colors:
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