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South African Miniature Horse

Country of Origin: South Africa

South African Miniature Horse


Miniature horses (the man made kind anyway) come from the Renaissance in Europe. During that time royal stables took to breeding smaller & smaller animals, while retaining horse type characteristics. Over generations this was successful and a number of different miniature horse bloodless were created.


Unfortunately as kingdoms in Europe began their decline these breeding programs were quickly cut and the animals sold off. Many of them wound up in traveling shows & circuses where their bloodlines were almost driven extinct. Luckily enthusiasts around the planet managed to get their hands on one or two and small populations grew from them.

The South African Miniature Horses were developed in the countryside by several different individuals using a variety of foundation breeds. The SA Miniature Horse Breeders’ Society was founded in 1984 and by 1989 a stud book was developed and the breed was officially recognized.


Maximum height of 35″


Come in a variety of conformational types, some showing refined Arabian characteristics while others are draft types with heavier bones.

Traditional Colors

All colors


Gentle & affectionate
Intelligent & easy to train


Riding horse
Light draft work

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Country of Origin: South Africa | Colors:
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