16 Comments on “Horse Color Modifiers – Bay

  1. Scott


    What a great article. The collection of photos is fantastic. I’ve “Nickered” it for others to see at NickerIt.com.

    I look forward to more of your articles.


  2. Taylor

    My horse is a caramel buckskin gilding. He has a full white blaze and his show name will be Matt Dillon’s Buck.

  3. Alys

    Good Pics – Im trying to work out my foals colour, Dam is Blood bay roan (Rabicano?) Sire is Palomino roan. When born she looked Chestnut, then turned palomino, now has chock legs and belly appearing!! From your images im thinking maybe (?) silver bay with heavy roan or rabicano markings, Who knows, still its fun guessing!!

  4. Jessica

    I just had a silver Grullo filly 2 days ago, I know its hard to tell the end result in the color, but shes gorgeous, Anyone have any comments or want to see pictures, email me, Thanks Jessica

  5. Aisslyn

    One of my friend’s horses she calls White Bay, but it is a white horse with a long black mane and tail, a black star on his face, and black socks…he looks backwards! Can someone please tell me the name of this color and why?

  6. Lisa

    Cannot be Silver Bay unless at least one parent has the Silver gene. Are there any Taffys (Silvers) in the palominos pedigree?

  7. Nikki

    If thats true, the only thing I can think of would be some sort of pinto (I’m thinking tovero of some sort)It would have to be a one in a billion though as there has never been something like that documented.
    I’d also like to see pictures of said horse… and it better not be a Breyer 😉

  8. Diamond

    I wish that I had blood bay colt because I have read the book”The Black Stallion’s Blood Bay Colt”and I think that people should read it because it is a very great book.It seems to me that I’m crazy for blood bay colts.

  9. Erin

    I think you need to change the Champagne horse picture. ALL champagne horses have pink freckled skin, even if it’s not highly visible in the muzzle. The horse on here gives people the idea that some non-champagne horses are champagnes. You can’t see the detail required to tell that he has freckles.

  10. Jacky

    I have a Black Bay and a Mahagony Bay, i also have three chestnuts and one golden palomino and a full black colt :)

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  12. Indigo

    Um I did a little research and very soft butter milk buckskins can be like the one talked about above although I am not sure about the black star.

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