Plants Your Horse Can Eat – Mint

Click to see VideoFor grazers, there is an enormous list of green items that horses can’t eat. However, there are a few that they can graze (that are even good for them!) & mint is one of them.

Mojito Anyone?

Of course your horse can’t enjoy a mojito, but it can benefit from some of the same properties we do in the mint (Mentha) plant. Mint aids digestion, makes great tea & horses actually like the flavor of it (how can they not?). It’s refreshing to see a plant that horses don’t have to avoid.

Minty Fresh

Beyond anything else, mint gives horses fresh, minty breath & that’s a lovely thing!

One Comment on “Plants Your Horse Can Eat – Mint

  1. John

    Yeah! I agree with you when you said it gives horses fresh minty breath! It’ll be an additional oral hygiene for the horses.

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