9 Comments on “Base Horse Coat Colors – Chestnut

  1. Rabbit

    I have a black T-bred mare who carries the traits of having the Pangare gene, i beleive she inherited this from her dam as her sire shows no traits. through looking into this i have found that when a bay carries this trait it does not affect the legs/points. i thought this might be useful for you if anyone asks why their bay doesnt show the trait, it is because the Agouti gene (the one that gives Bay) is dominant over this dilution

  2. rabbit lover

    I have a bay quarter horse and five other horse the bay is named levi, the paint is named princton, the chestnut is named carlos, the red roan is named chessy, the appaloosa is named dotty, and last but not lest my stud cash a palimino quarter horse mix!

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