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American Indian Horse

The American Indian Horse is known by many names, including Indian Pony, Cayuse, Buffalo Horse and Cow Pony.

The ancestors of these animals were brought to the US by the Spanish during their colonization of the west. The Spanish were smart horsemen and only brought their strongest mounts on the journey west. Thus the strongest animals of the strongest Spanish strains were the ones that made it across.

American Indian Horse

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Preserving the Lineage

This is a breed not bred for specific confirmation traits, but to preserve their original Spanish bloodlines.

There are five different types of American Indian Horse that can be registered, however the “O” Type is considered the purest of blood and is only around 3000 strong.

The Spanish blood is known for creating animals with incredible toughness, boundless endurance, loyalty and intelligence.

These traits were prized by the indigenous people of North America and many tribes implemented their own breeding programs to produce effective mounts.

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