A List of Horse Artist Blogs Worth Following

Horse Art BlogsOver the years in writing this site I’ve accumulated quite a collection of horse RSS feeds. From horse artists to equine publications to horse rescues I follow a little bit of everything. Most of them discovered through social media communities or reader recommendations.

The Art List

The other day I started doing some organizing of my feed reader and decided I should post this huge list of blogs for my readers. Fortunately they were already organized so I could post them by category (in case you haven’t noticed, I’m big on categories) to make them easier to digest. Listed below in alphabetical order.

I have tried to limit it to more active blogs and if I’m forgetting anyone my apologies – do speak up in the comments if I should be following your blog & I will!

A Multicolored Life The horse (& other critter) paintings of Sue Steiner.
Ann Ranlett’s Blog Ann’s blog about her life & work as an animal artist.
Read Ann’s interview.
Art and Horses Alicia Underhill’s blog where she posts about life as an equine artist.
Read Alicia’s interview
Art By Eve A place for Eve Wheeler to share her landscape & animal art.
Read Eve’s Interview.
Art of Horse Racing Former racer Sharon Crute’s equine art blog.
Read Sharon’s interview.
Black on Grey on White The exuisite graphite drawings of Sheona Hamilton-Grant.
Read Sheona’s interview.
Blog Le Cheval Where equine artist Bénédicte Gelé shares her work in progress.
Read Bénédicte’s interview.
Caskey Studios Weblog Features the lovely horse art of Bethany Caskey.
Claudia Duffe Who cares if it’s in French, Claudia’s equine art is exquisite.
Read Claudia’s interview.
Dario’s Caballeros The fascinating art of historical equine artist Dario.
Debbie Flood Studio Where Debbie shares works-in progress & finished pieces.
Read Debbie’s interview.
Dreaming Big New to my RSS & shares the horse art of Melissa Hughes.
Elizabeth McCrindle’s Art Elizabeth features a variety of her artistic works.
Read Elizabeth’s interview.
Emily of Texas Where Emily features her bold, colorful work.
Read Emily’s Interview (my first ever).
Equestrian Artist Jennifer Pratt Where Jennifer shares updates & finished pieces.
Read Jennifer’s interview.
Gypsy Mare Studios Artist Jennifer MacNeil Traylor shares about her life & artwork.
Read Jennifer’s interview.
Happy Horse Studio The personal blog of animal artist Sheri Cook.
Read Sheri’s interview.
Horse Art by J&O Studio Stunning equine art by Jana Fox & Oleg Dyck.
Horse Art A gallery that displays a variety of equine art for sale.
Island Pony Art Studio Animal art & photography by Leslie Becker.
Karen McLain Studio Karen is an active blogger and posts her art frequently.
Read Karen’s interview.
Kerry Originals Gallery The equine art of Kerry Nelson – love all the Centaurs.
Laura Barber-Riley Artist Laura faithfully posts about her latest equine works.
Read Laura’s interview.
Laura’s Journal Laura Gironda talks about her lovely decorative horse shoes.
Read Laura’s interview
Linda Shantz Equine & Animal Art Linda is a prolific artist with lots of racing art.
Read Linda’s interview.
Mary OA Art Features the vibrant equine artwork of Mary Armstrong.
Read Mary’s interview.
Melody Lea Lamb’s Art Melody posts lots of helpful tips for artists online.
Read Melody’s interview.
Notes From The Rookery Danielle Barlow’s blog where she posts about art & life.
Read Danielle’s interview.
Ophelia Keys Horse artist Ophelia Keys keeps us current with her latest work.
Read Ophelia’s interview.
Ruth Andre Fine Art Ruth is a horse & wildlife artist who posts pieces infrequently.
Sweet Grass Studio Where C. Tanner Jensen posts recent equine art pieces.
Read C. Tanner’s interview.
The Briar Rose Gate Where Linda Woolford shares her whimsical animal art.
Read Linda’s interview.
Whoa Horse Art Team Where the team shares recent works from their Etsy store.
A Virtual Visit to Laf’n Bear Studio Updates about the equine sculptures of Lynn Fraley.
Blackberry Land Pottery News Equine sculpting tips & art from Lesli Kathman.
Epona Rising Studios Blog Scaequestrian is the only name I can find for this horse sculptor.
Morgen’s Sculpting Journal Morgen Kilbourn posts about life as an equine sculptor.
Other Art Forms
A Love 4 Horses The horse logos, graphic design and business advice of Joni Solis.
Read Joni’s interview.
Five O’Clock Somewhere Equine jewelry artist Tara Cornelius shares her goodies.
Read Tara’s interview.

Just Getting Started

That’s the art section covered for now. Feel free to add your blog info to the comments below if you are a horse artist, I’d love to see your work. You can find The Equinest’s interviews with many of these artists (& more) on our Artist page. And stay tuned because next week I’ll post a list of equine photography blogs worth following.