Horse Breeds From Australia

Australia FlagIt’s official, I’m going to list all of the horse breeds from every country I can find. The enormous breeds section has been a big help and today it’s all about breeds from Australia.

Interesting Fact

Horses aren’t native to the Australian continent, but were introduced during the pioneering days and heavily utilized to create civilization in this vast new world. Once their service was finished many of them were released, which later gave rise to the Brumbies…Australia’s mustangs.

Important Nonetheless

Whether or not the continent gave rise to them, horses have played a large part in Australian history. From their earliest arrival on the continent to the racing greats like Phar Lap, these animals have helped to create modern society and engaged a nation. There isn’t a huge variety, however almost all of the breeds are known for their toughness and adaptability.

Australian Stock Horse

Image from Cgoodwin

Australian Horse Breeds

Australian Brumby
Australian Draught
Australian Pony
Australian Stock Horse
Australian Warmblood
Coffin Bay Pony

Horses of the World

With these posts I’m embarking on a new series, sharing the different horse breeds of each different county. Please let me know in the comments below if I’m missing any horses of Australia & check back next week for the breeds of Austria.