Herbs n’ Pastures – Rosemary

Click to see VideoNot all plants are good for horses, which is crazy considering that is all they eat! Incredibly, there are a whole list of plants horses can’t eat. We don’t recommend you feed your horse rosemary directly (they probably wouldn’t eat it anyway), but it can do wonders for skin & hair ailments.

How do You Get Hair so Shiny?

This quick film shows some of the benefits of using rosemary for animal skin & hair. With quick tips for making it easy to distill the goodness of this lovely fragrant herb. It’s good for your hair & skin too!
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Plants Your Horse Can Eat – Mint

Click to see VideoFor grazers, there is an enormous list of green items that horses can’t eat. However, there are a few that they can graze (that are even good for them!) & mint is one of them.

Mojito Anyone?

Of course your horse can’t enjoy a mojito, but it can benefit from some of the same properties we do in the mint (Mentha) plant. Mint aids digestion, makes great tea & horses actually like the flavor of it (how can they not?). It’s refreshing to see a plant that horses don’t have to avoid.
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Feeding Upper-Level Event Horses

Click to see VideoLet’s just start by saying that it’s important to pay attention to your horse’s nutrition no matter what they do. However, athletes have different nutritional requirements no matter what kind of animal they are so it’s important to know what your athlete needs to stay strong & healthy.

What You Put In

Three-day event horses obviously have unique nutritional needs which need to be met to keep them in peak physical condition. Four-star eventer Buck Davidson describes what goes into feeding high-performance horses.
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Horses Jump Wheelie Bins

Click to see VideoShow course designers are always looking for interesting ways & materials to create jumps or course. This is a perfect example of that, as these teams have an interesting barrier in their path.

It’s All About Perspective

Our American readers will instantly be impressed or even horrified at the idea of using wheelie bins as jumps until they watch the video. Things (including trash receptacles) are much larger in the states & this was clearly not filmed there (it was filmed in the UK).
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