Horse Breeds From Belgium

Belgium FlagWe are heading yet further around the world to discover breeds from each different county as we go. I’ve researched a rather large list of horse breeds and it’s interesting to look at each one in the context of their origins. Today we take a look at the breeds of Belgium.

Interesting Fact

The Belgian Draft Horse is perhaps the draft breed that started it all. This breed is one of the strongest drafts, and the world record holder for tallest and largest horse is a Belgian Draft. Said to be the descendants of the ‘Great Horse’ of medieval times, the Belgian Draft’s ancestors carried knights into battle. Most modern draft breeds carry Belgian lineage in their bloodlines.

Bred For Show

Another interesting Belgian breed is the Zangersheide, a relatively new breed that was developed specifically for the show jumping. Essentially a warmblood, the Zangersheide is registered based on physical ability rather than bloodlines. This is, however a breed on springs, they have been bred in a highly scientific & selective manner.

Zangersheide Horse

Image from Lightmash

Belgian Horse Breeds

Belgian Ardennes
Belgian Draft
Belgian Sport Horse
Belgian Warmblood

Horses of the World

There is a whole worlds worth of countries to come to be sure to keep yourself updated. Please let me know in the comments below if I’m missing any horses of Belgium & check back next week for the breeds of Brazil.

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