Horse Breeds From Finland

Finland FlagIt’s Friday again and we are visiting another country of the world to see all of the fantastic horse breeds it’s given rise to. Looking at each breed in the context of their origins is absolutely an interesting ride. Today a look at the breeds from Finland.

Northern Star

Finland is the northernmost country in the European continent, with about a third of the country above the Arctic Circle. Much of the landscape was shaped by ancient glaciers which left behind a variety of interesting geography including an enormous lake district and vast forest lands. It stands to reason that there aren’t many breeds that come from this climate as it is largely inhospitable to the equine animal.

Unique & Speedy

There is only one breed native to Finland and that’s the Finnhorse which I have a particular fondness for based on the image below alone. The breed is actually prized throughout the world for their unique combination of warmblood and coldblood genetics. They are incredibly adaptable animals which were originally bred to meet agricultural needs for local Finns with a penchant for horse racing. Today the Finnhorse is among the fastest coldblooded trotters on the planet.


Image from Johanna_Rautio

Finland Horse Breeds

Finnish Warmblood

Horses of the World

There is a whole worlds worth of countries to visit, so be sure to keep yourself updated. Please let me know in the comments below if I’m missing any horses of the Finland & check back next week for the breeds of France.

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  1. Dundee

    He certainly is stunning. Finland is also a stunning country, had the pleasure to visit there a few years back but unfortunately the extreme winter weather prevented me from visiting the countryside to see these breeds for myself.

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