Horse Breeds From Germany

German FlagIt’s Friday and a great day to visit a new exotic location and learn about the amazing horse breeds it’s given rise to. Looking at each breed in the context of their origins is an interesting ride, today a look at the breeds from Germany.

Growing Them Strong

Germany is home to an incredible number of well-established breeds for the size of the country, each breed with their own story – many of which were changed forever by the events of the 20th century. Among the German breeds is my personal favorite & oldest of the German warmbloods, the Holsteiner. Descendant from marsh horses of the Elmshorn district of Holstein initially bred for war, this breed has gone on to become an incredibly versatile, athletic & level headed sport mount – on springs.

German Native

The Dülmen Pony is the only remaining breed of Germany that has lived without the intervention of mankind. This makes them unique in many ways as they’ve survived the modern sprawl without sacrificing their pure bloodlines. In the past they did this by occupying small pockets of wilderness, but today they are a protected breed. Interestingly enough, although they are almost always grulla colored, it is not actually due to the dun gene. They do not display the primitive characteristics (namely the dorsal stripe) associated with the dun dilution.

Horse in Georgie

Image from Missud

German Horse Breeds

Arenberg Nordkirchener
Bavarian Warmblood
Black Forest Horse
Dülmen Pony
East FriesianEast Friesian
East Friesian Warmblood
German Cold Blood
German Riding Pony
Hanoverian Horse
Hessen Horse
Lewitzer Pony
Mecklenburg Horse
Sachsen Warmblood
Saxon Turinga
Saxony Warmblood
Schleswiger Draft
Senne Horse
Lehmkuhlener Pony
South German Coldblood
Westfalen Pony

Horses of the World

There is a whole worlds worth of countries to visit, so be sure to keep yourself updated. Please let me know in the comments below if I’m missing any horses of the Germany & check back next week for the breeds of Greece.

3 Comments on “Horse Breeds From Germany

  1. Katje von Brandt-Rosenthal

    you are completely wrong on the Trakehner Horse. it is and has always been the national horse of the Prussian-German Empire, the Trakehner horse was breed under the guidelines set by the Kaiser of Prussia(Germany) in the town of Trakehnen now called Yasnaya Polyana, Kaliningrad Oblast-Russia,
    the Trakehner was almost completely lost when the russians invaded Prussia and killed many of these horses,, After the war, The German-Prussian population were sent on a death march to Allied controlled Germany with their East Prussian and Trakehner Horses, the russians would still bomb them as they fled to allied controlled germany. The Trakehner Stud Book was brought with them and some of the top Studs and mares made it to the West Germany where is it under state control of Germany and only the German verband of Trakehner horse can register and brand this breed. the russian-trakener horse is not breed to the original german standards set by the King/Kaiser of Germany-Prussia and can not be registered by them due to inferior breeding practices by the russians on this breed. Lithuania never had anything to due with the breed,, it has been german breed in germany in the province of East Prussia from the beginning when the King of Germany-Prussia bred local Schwaike horses with Polish-Arabians from the King of Poland and later Thoroughbreds from England.. for more correct information on the Trakehner go to the Official Trakehner Registry at although this breed of horse is in most countries, only those horses from the German Stud book can be branded with the Official Trakehner Brand and be registered.
    I know this because my family has bred this breed under the King of Prussia-Germany (King Friedrich Wilhelm I) but when the nazi takeover happen my family lost everything for not being supporters of the nazi party and fled to die Schweiz (Switzerland) with some of the family’s top studs and mares which under the new Federal Republic of West Germany we and many others with surviving Trakehner horses were asked to help save the breed and reopen the stud book in Germany once again. if you take the time and look you will see in every book that the Trakehner is a German Breed of Horse, Our homeland of Trakehnen-Ostpreussen (East Prussia) mabey gone and lost to the russians and Poland but our national horse The Trakehner survives! vielen dank und schalom,
    Katharina von Brandt-Rosenthal

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