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Asiatic Wild Ass

Country of Origin: Unknown

Asiatic Wild Ass

Image from Dinosoria


The most horse-like of the ass species, the Asiatic wild ass is now classified as an endangered species.

Asiatic Wild Ass

Image from Sballal


The ancestors of these animals go back more than 40,000 years and during the late Pleistocene era their range extended as far west as Germany. Currently they are found in vastly reduced territories.

There are five recognized subspecies of this ass.
1. Mongolian Wild Ass or Equus hemionus hemionus
2. Indian Wild Ass or Equus hemionus khur
3. Turkmen kulan or Equus hemionus kulan
4. Onager or Equus hemionus onager
5. Syrian Wild Ass or Equus hemionus hemippus

The Mongolian Wild Ass is the most abundant of the sub-species and accounts for almost 80% of the species entire population. The rest of the sub-species have numbers in the triple digits and are facing extinction.


Average height 11 – 11.8 hands


Large head with slender mouth
Ears are long and pointed
Limbs are powerful
Hooves are small and strong

Traditional Colors

Dun, often with a mealy gene


These are wild animals

Asiatic Wild Ass

Image from Matt.T

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