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Australian Teamster Donkey

Country of Origin: Australia

Australian Teamster Donkey


Well-suited for desert climates, Donkeys became an integral part of the transport in Australia up until the 1930’s. In fact, these animals do so well in the Australian climate that their feral numbers have grown to the point of becoming a nuisance.


Donkeys have been domestic livestock in Australia since late in the 18th century when they were brought over from Calcutta. Their usefulness quickly became evident and breeding programs were set into place, drawing on the large Spanish donkeys and some American Jack Stock. However bloodlines or pedigree was not a specific priority to all breeders, so donkeys from Africa, South America and Asia made their way into the mix.

In 2005 the term Australian Teamster was coined by the EIDSA All Breeds, Inc. keeping with the original type a registry was formed and they were recognized as a breed.

There are two types of Teamsters:

Type A
No known crosses with English, Irish or Miniature donkeys & has some evidence of bloodline origins.

Type B
No known crosses with English, Irish or Miniature donkeys & without evidence of bloodline origins (physical inspection required). Also allows for crosses with America, Spanish & French animals.

Traditional Colors

Brown with a mealy gene | chestnut | dun | roan | pinto


Willing and tough


Pleasure mounts

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Australian Teamster Donkey

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