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Lewitzer Pony

Country of Origin: Germany

Lewitzer Pony

Image from Bloodysunday


Also called the Lewitz, the Lewitzer Pony is a fairly recent breed that was developed late in the 20th century.


Breeding began in 1976 by crossing various pony breeds including Shetland & Fjord with Arabian, Trakehner & Thoroughbred animals. The goal was to produce a quality riding pony for children.

There are several different categories based on stature.

Category 1 – (10.3 – 12 hands) Smallest & most influenced by Shetland blood.

Category 2 – (12 – 13 hands) More robust and bred for field work

Category 3 – (13.1 – 14.1 hands) Larger in stature.


Average height 11 – 14.1 hands


There is a wide variety of confirmations based on their bloodlines.

Traditional Colors

Usually pinto but all colors are permitted


Good natured attitude is part of breeding criteria


Riding pony
Show pony

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Country of Origin: Germany | Colors:
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