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Member Since: September 23, 2012
Description: flipMYlip is dedicated to protecting the future of every horse, pony, donkey, mule, All Equines. Too easily our horses end up in the wrong hands, often we have to sell them, or we are separated in a Natural Disaster, our Right of 1st Refusal is ignored, Free Lease Agreements abandoned, and our horse is gone. Missing. Maybe you found a horse and want to know all you can about this horse. Some examples may be: Is it Lost or Stolen? Does it have a home? Or a horse is listed for sale somewhere, could be at a Rescue or Auction House and you would like to know - is this horse good with kids? Does he load? Love Water? Hate Dogs? Professionally Trained? Ever raced? Ever Injured? Perhaps this horse is Not a Beginners Horse. In every scenario you can imagine, flipMYlip can make a difference. Yes, there are many databases and registries today, but only flipMYlip offers a method of attaching any information to your horse permanently. State of the Art Technology married with a Time Proven Method, can assure your horse's future is protected, and not a game of chance. With flipMYlip you horse can be listed in as many registries as you desire. Breed, Color, Futurities. Only flipMYlip will connect them all to you, your horse, and its future, Permanently. Far too many good horses that had a home waiting, were murdered last year, not being sold at an auction. If by chance 1 day your horse is at an auction pen - Some one can simply FLIP MY LIP and see that someone loves this horse. They can then look up the number permanently attached to the horse in our EquineIDs database, read all the available information about the horse. Would you want your horse back? The listing will can state that you do, and how to reach you. All of your personal data and information is secure, never revealed. flipMYlip Happily accepts ALL Equines, we are not limited to horses and ponies. Donkeys, Mules, Zebras too! We encourage all Equines, Equids to register. Please visit flipMYlip. You will see how easy it is to Register and Protect Your Horse's Future. Join us as we: Connect Horses to the People that Love Them

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