Horse Buddies – Goats

Goat & horse running

Image from RTravis S.

Herd animals by nature, horses need to have buddies or they actually get lonely. Not everyone can afford one horse, much less a second to keep the first one company. So often horse owners have to come up with creative solutions to keep their equine from feeling sad.

Best Pals

I searched high and low to discover some of the different creatures people use as friends for their equine. In the process I found some fantastic images that I just had to share. In fact I found so many, I created several posts, one for each of the popular horse buddies. Today, it’s goats.

That’s A Funny Looking Little Horse…

Goat laying on a horse

Image from Wanna Smile

Goat riding horse

Image from clickclique

Goat & horse touching noses

Image from pmarkham

Goat & horse eating

Image from Lollipop_Head

Goat & horse eating

Image from hans s

Goat & horse eating

Goat & horse eating

Image from couleewinds

Goat & horse eating

Image from dmushrush

A Friend Indeed

Is it just me, or do the goats seem to get the best end of this deal? If you liked this post, you may also enjoy checking out horse loving cats and Dog – the horses best friend.

2 Comments on “Horse Buddies – Goats

  1. Tanya Nolte

    Thank you for your efforts with locating these precious pics!…I just adore these photos :))) I have had a goat very comfortable with my horses in the past too but sadly no pic to show for it.
    Kind Regz, TAN.

  2. Crystal Bialkowski

    We just lost our 26 year old rescued standardbred, our 16 year old rescued thoroughbred seems depressed, sad and calling constantly for his lost friend. Thank you for the pictures, we are researching goats as a new buddy and will rescue a couple in need. These have helped us in our decision.

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