Even Cats Love Horses

Cat & Horse

Image from Adam Arthur

Cats are a commonly employed in stables and barns as rodent patrol. It seems these working residents develop close relationships with the horses they live next door to.

Known for their independent spirit and their fickle nature, cats seem to take a real liking to horses, and it looks like horses return the favor.

Pictures of Unlikely Feline-Equine Friendships

Cat & Horse

Image from Zepfanman.com

Cat & Horse

Image from Oliver Bruchez

Cat & Horse

Image from SkyWideDesign

Cat & Horse

Image from henweb

Cat & Horse

Image from nikki_tate

Cat & Horse

Image from jtu

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10 Comments on “Even Cats Love Horses

  1. Dennis O'Scanlan

    Cats are magical and even horses love them. People should relish such harmony.

  2. Vivian

    My mini horse just loves to play with my dog. I have actually seen them play “tag”. The cats tolerate the horses, but they are still young. Maybe they will learn.

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  4. Eriponygurl

    Aww. Once my cat ran underneath my mustang and he flipped out, nearly crushing her. She got out just in time. But he was just scared. If he’d known it was the cat, he probably would’ve looked between his legs and been like “What are you doing down there, little horse?”

  5. barharhar

    Dennis – Cats are not magical. Somebody has grossly misinformed you as to the nature of cats, or possibly magic.

  6. Doug

    Our stables in Texas, housing my QH, had cats aplenty. In the winter, it was common to come in the stable and see each horse sleeping with a cat on their backs. The horses seemed to take care of the cats and would watch for them. They both are non-threatening to each other and I firmly believe the horses comprehend the cat’s nature to protect the horses’ feed from rodent infestation. It’s a symbiotic relationship for sure!

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