Horse Christmas Gifts – Something for The Guys

PresentFinding the perfect gift for the horse-crazy man in your life may not be easy, but The Equinest is here to help.

For The Guys

Part three of a series, this post will concentrate on horse gifts specifically for men.

Don’t Stop There

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Gifts for The Modern Horse Man

Horse First Butt Cover

Golf Club Cover

Give your man some laughs on the golf course with a horse butt golf club cover. High quality and durable, they are useful as well as funny.

Get just one, or if you want to give a more substantial gift there is a whole range of animal butts to choose from.

Horse Head Pillow

Horse Head Pillow

More of a gag gift than anything, the horse head pillow is sure to provide a good laugh and a clever conversation piece.

Know a movie buff (with a sense of humor) who loves horses? This gift is right up his alley.

Daddle Saddle

Daddle Saddle

Perfect for the horse loving father in your life, it’s the Daddle Saddle (if only they’d had these when I was a kid).

A stuffed fabric version of a western saddle, made to strap right on daddy’s (or mommy’s) back for a fun game of horsie with the kids. Dad will love it!

Horseman's English-Spanish Dictionary

Horseman’s English-Spanish Dictionary

A handy gift for any horse lover, the Horseman’s English-Spanish Dictionary comes in handy no matter where in the world you are.

This is a translation guide that specializes in equine-related terminology much of which won’t be found in regular translation dictionaries.

Remote Controlled Horse Racing Game

Remote Controlled Horse Racing Game

If your know a guy who enjoys a day at the races, he will love this remote controlled racing game.

Easy to use and charge, this game can provide hours of endless betting fun. It comes with two horses, (but you can buy more to race), two remote controls and the track set up.

Inflatable Horse & Cowboy Costume

Horse & Cowboy Costume

A great way to own any party, this inflatable horse costume is bound to make your horse man happy.

Perfect for halloween, costume parties or even the odd birthday party. The costume self-inflates using a built in fan, which means there is no fear of a costume mishap mid-party.

Equestrian Art - Anna Noelle Rockwell

Equestrian Art

A lot of equestrian art is geared towards women, and Anna Noelle Rockwell is a woman, however her work has universal appeal.

Her art is whimsical and fresh but it has a bit of a dark side which your horse loving man may appreciate in a world full of horses and flower art.

Horse Trailer Hitch Cover

Trailer Hitch Cover

If you know a man with horses, chances are he has a big pickup truck to haul his horse trailer.

This trailer hitch cover is a great way to hide his tow hitch (horse trailer or not).

Horse Wall Art

Wall Art

If your horseman appreciates art this three horse wall art is a great gift for him.

Each horse can be hung separately, allowing you to create endless design combinations. They are resin with a bronze finish, so they are light, easy to move and won’t rust outside.

Horse Cufflinks

Horse Cufflinks

By far the most handsome (and serious) gift for men who love horses.

Although these 14K gold horse cufflinks are pricey, they are well worth it. It is hard to find horse jewelry that retains an element of class, and this gift achieves that goal.

That’s All Folks

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