12 Horse Calendar Selections for 2009

Wrapped presentAlmost any horse lover will be excited to unwrap a lovely 2009 horse calendar on Christmas morning.

Horses in 2009

I did some homework to find the best horse calendars out there for the coming year. This is a gift that can be appreciated all year long.

Customize It

A calendar isn’t a particularly original gift, but if you spend a few bucks (or a little bit of time) you can make it a memorable one.

Quick (& Cheap) Ways to Personalize a Calendar

The 12 Best of 2009

Now that you know how to customize, here are some of the best to choose from.

2009 Equus Calendar

Equus Calendar

Definitely one of the most beautiful horse calendars out there, photographer Tim Flach does an amazing job of capturing the spirit of Equus.

2009 Endangered Horses Calendar

Rare Horse Breeds Calendar

A good way to spread the word about endangered horse breeds and celebrate the fragile beauty of rare animals.

2009 Romancing the Horse Calendar

Romancing the Horse Calendar

A romantic vision of horses through the lens of the award-winning photographer Mark J. Barrett.

2009 Wild Horses Calendar

Wild Horses Calendar

Every horse lover appreciates the noble spirit of wild horses. Out of all of the wild horse calendars out there, I think this one has the best images.

2009 What Horses Teach Us Calendar

What Horses Teach Us Calendar

Fun for horse lovers of all ages and levels, every month this calendar offers a charming life’s lesson straight from the horse’s mouth.

2009 Why Horses Do That Calendar

Why Horses Do That Calendar

Perfect for a beginner rider who is still learning. Every month this calendar offers a simple explanation for different horse behavior.

2009 Horse Women Calendar

Horse Women Calendar

The great thing about a calendar featuring horse women is that it is a universally pleasing idea. Men love the idea of beautiful women and their horses, and women like to celebrate fellow female horse lovers. Everyone’s happy.

2009 Just Ponies Calendar

Just Ponies Calendar

Great for the little ones (or even big pony lovers), this calendar focuses on the many beautiful ponies of the world.

2009 Barn Buddies Calendar

Barn Buddies Calendar

Horses seem to get along with almost everyone, anyone in the barn that is. A fun way to celebrate the friendship between horses and their (often remarkable) barn buddies.

2009 365 Days of Horses

365 Days of Horses Calendar

Give someone a horse a day, all year long with a different kind of calendar. It’s a little bigger, but that’s so they could fit more horse pictures on it.

2009 Horse Feathers Calendar

Horse Feathers Calendar

A tribute to some of the heavier breeds, (think Gypsy Vanner, Friesian and the Clydesdale) this calendar is perfect for those horse lovers who can’t get enough of horses with feathers.

2009 Colts & Fillies Calendar

Colts & Fillies Calendar

By nature baby animals are cute, but any horse person will tell you that colts and fillies are the cutest. This calendar features great shots of equine youngsters.

Start Shopping

Now that you are armed with some cool calendars and some easy ideas, get cracking, Christmas is just around the corner.

If you need more gift ideas for the horse lovers in your life, be sure to check out some essential horse gift ideas and something a little more fun too.

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