Horse Job – Stable Hand

A red stableA position usually found in small establishments with fewer horses and employees, the duties of a stable hand can encompass those of groom, handler, stall cleaner & schooling rider. This is an entry level position, good for those who want to begin a career in the equine industry.

What You Need

This is a position which benefits from a working knowledge of horses, general maintenance skills and solid communication skills. Smaller stables often rely heavily on each employee and everyone shares responsibility for the animals.

A firm belief in teamwork, physical strength and the ability to stay calm under pressure are all key ingredients to a successful stable hand.

Job Description

Usually answers to either the barn manager or the trainer and is responsible for overall maintenance and daily running of the facility, feeding, cleaning & administering of medication.


Adhering to feeding, cleaning & supplement schedules
Holding horses for vet & farrier
Daily exercise of animals
Administering of prescribed medication & general first aid
Facility maintenance and fixes
Keeping stable area tidy, sweeping, raking & watering
Grooming & bathing of animals
Monitoring horses for health and soundness
Help with breeding and foaling
Help with problem animals


Some employers will require a high school diploma for employment, but no formal education or training really exists for this position. Potential employers will be looking for someone with horse experience who is handy enough for routine maintenance.

The Right Job For You?

If this isn’t your dream horse job, try using the search below to find it. You can also find more horse job descriptions on our careers page.

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  1. lucy

    I’m looking for occasional help with horses and other animals in area of Palm Beach Gardens, South Florida.

    1. Chelsea K

      Hi my name is chelsea and I live about an hour away from palm beach gardens and im quite familiar with the area. I have been around horses ever since i was a little girl. Ive rode English and western and trained briefly as a jockey when i was younger but my passion for horses has never left me and im looking to pursue my dream of working with them. please contact me if you need a young and confident helping hand. I’m more then willing to learn and exceed expectations. Im willing to relocate and devote my time to a career of working with horses. please contact me at your convenience via email, it goes straight to my cell phone which is the best way to reach me at all times.

  2. Anna

    Hello everyone! My name’s Anna and I’ve been looking for a job working with horses and other animals since I moved to Gloucester, Va. I’ve had put together about 3 years experience caring for, riding and overall being around horses and farm animals, I’ve owned dogs and cats of all sizes all my life. I’m looking for an hourly paid position, which would be set by the employer of course. If you’re looking for some barn/farm help within 30 minutes of Gloucester, Va please email me at We can go over the details. Thanks. :)

  3. kayla vyse

    Hi im kayla and I was wondering if there was any think that i could do or help with your horses I have ridden since I was two and I am thirteen now I can muck out, tack up, clean, break them in, turn them out feed them and ride them I have got a lot of experience with horses and when I’m older I’m like to make my own business like yours I hope you say yes , thank you ,kayla

  4. Cindy Ofarrell

    I love horses & I have experience on a farm for over 6 + yrs. & I’m a hard worker who gets the job done & shows up on time…never late…I hope to talk & meet u soon & have a nice day.

  5. Crystal Cunninghan

    I really love horses , I mean I have an incredible love for horses and I believe this career would be perfect for me and I would be perfect for the job.

  6. Crystal

    Hi i am Crystal i am 16 years old and looking for an nice job showing my skills in Kansas city Missouri with working and training horses i am good with Animals and good at Handling them but i am still in High school its summertime though and i am wondering if anyone can hire an 16 year old teen girl working with horses it will be an good skill for me sense i am good with Dog’s cat’s Hamster’s and chicken’s please let me know

  7. michelle

    Hi, i am Michelle i am looking for a job exactly like this in Canada Brampton Ontario or around in the area maybe Mississauga or others and i am a young teen so i do not know for sure if i am good for the specific job but i am fully capable of everything i have to do i am very responsibly and can do exactly what i am told i hope i can be hired!and animals love me so i will not leave them under any harm too!

  8. John S.

    About 50 years experience, mostly thoroughbreds. Age 61. Non-drinker, non-smoker, drug-free. References. I’m looking for a live-in farm job near DELAWARE 19808. 42 years riding experience and very fit. Call John at 302-415-5017. Thanks.

  9. Grace

    I’m looking for some extra money, I’m saving up for my own horse! I have good horse experience can groom, ride, clean. Hope I’m the right person for you!!

  10. Hannah

    I’m looking to work with horses just to be around them and to make a little bit of money. I’m still in high school I live in the dayton area. I have worked with horses for over a year and I have ridden in the past. Hope I have what someone is looking for, I’m extreamly hard working.

  11. Steven Lewis

    I am from Augusta Georgia. I currently live in North Augusta, SC. I am currently working as a landscape tech ,basically I’m self-employed. I would absolutely love to get back into working with horses. I worked with a Horse first in high school at French Camp Academy, during my junior year of school in Ms. I have also done 2 summer session’s at FCA’s Camp of the Rising Son. It is a great Christian based school in Ms that really helps kids be better. I continued to work there thru my senior year of high school which paid for the majority of my tuition. From there, I went to Wood Jr College in Mathiston, Ms, where I majored in Equestrianism. The school hired me on as a student staff member, to manage the horses and facility. I was responsible for making sure we had plenty of Horse feed, hay and supplements. I made schedule’s for myself and others authorized to do feeding, grooming, and the Instructor would do riding lessons for us. From there, I got a job at Diamond M Quarter Horses in Clinton, Ms for a year. I left there and worked almost 2 years at GreenBrook Farm as a stable hand. After that, my then wife and I went to Devonshire Farm where we managed facility and horses and helped put on Horse shows. Other than what information I have have given, I have either been working in retail or self-employed doing landscape work. You can call me at home atv(803)426-8644, my cell number is (803)341-4994, or in evenings after 5 on my wife’s phone at (803)634-0907. Her name is Jennifer. I am 44 years old, she is 40. We have been married for 9 years as of Valentines Day in 2016. I would much appreciate any help or information you have. Thanks again.

  12. Jared Baxter

    I am 21 years old, located in Riverside, CA with a basic knowledge of ranch help duties and 2 years of experience performing those duties. I have reliable transportation and am willing to travel to Murrieta, Temecula, Sun City, Perris, Hemet, and Norco or surrounding cities. I am familiar with horse behaviors, standard routines and practices on a ranch, and how to follow the instructions given by Trainers and Managers. I am hard working and have great customer service and communication skills. I love working with animals, especially horses, so to me, it’s not hard work, it’s fulfilling and a love of mine. I own my own horses, so I know how to ride and do basic training or behavior adjustments. I wish to be able to progress within the ranch or company and increase my knowledge and experience in the field. I have open availability and can work full-time or part-time. If you are looking for someone who will show great work ethic, who has a great attitude and the yearning to grow please e-mail me and we can get in contact and discuss the opportunity further. Thank you for considering me!
    Jared Baxter.

  13. David

    Im 48 yrs old.. Raised on a horse farm.. Trail ride guide, Horse shows, cleaned stalls, grounds keeper, fed watered, all the things that go with working in a horse boarding stables.. Looking for a job in orf
    aROUND Illininois, but would travel farther for the right opportunity

  14. Shelby

    Hi, I’m Shelby. I’m 17 years old, married and have a 3 month old son. Before I was married, I lived and worked on a farm that I managed for my grandparents by myself with 9 personal horses and 5 or so training horses at a time (mostly western pleasure, reining or timed events although I did some dressage and hunter jumper with my own horses). I’ve been around horses and cattle since I can remember. I know basic first aid, plus some. I can administer shots, and give stitches, currently I’m learning how to put on shoes but I’ve been trimming my barefoot horses since I was 13. I can cut, rake and bale hay. My husband and I have no family left, just me my husband and son. Looking for a live-in position. I have a yearling horse and two service german shepherds. Looking for somewhere that will accommodate them as well. My email is I’m young but extremely hard working and determined, very good with animals. I didn’t get to finish highschool due to not having any way to get to school and taking care of my family but I don’t see where working with horses requires a high school education. What I’m looking for is a better home and life for me my husband and son

  15. Kasey

    Hi I’m Kasey I’m 15 years old and I love horses. I know how to ride and I also have been around horses a lot so I have experience. I’m from California too. Let me know if you have any jobs for me. Thanks Kasey

  16. Melissa

    I am trying to find a job just helping out with horses or any thing really with horses
    in or near goshen ny

  17. Darlene Johnson

    I would love to be working with horses. Its been a passion of mine since I was a little girl. I have horses of my own and love to take good care of them. I need a job that matches my passion and love for horses. I’ve rescued some horses in there worst conditions and brought them back to health. Im not a perfect person but I know what it takes to take care of them. I hope you give me a chance. Thanks, Darlene

  18. Stella Flannery

    I am a professional pet sitter with 8 years experience as owner and opperator of a network/cooperative sefvice in business since 1986. I recently obtained a certificate in professional pet sitting through PSI, and became a certified instructor of pet CPR through . I am a natural with horses, with basic care skills, basic western riding, and many satisfied clients. I am currently working part time as an assistant office/stable hand for Strain Equine and taking continuing education in ground and basic handling instruction with Terri at Starlight Stables. I am looking for a live-in horse care/stable hand position in Kansas City where I can still keep my daughters enrolled in crossroads academy charter school in downtown. I am also accepting both new clients, and qualified applicants with a proven work ethic and volunteer hours with local rescues. Please apply or contact me for pet sitting services via my website.

  19. Julia baker

    Hi, I have loved horses ever I was two and I have volunteered at a retirement farm for old and abused horses for over four years. I have handled semi-difficult horses before and I have assisted with farrier and vet visits. Willing to travel for live-in position, I am 19 years old I live in gilchrist Florida. I am currently attending college and I am very knowledgeable about horses. I have little riding experience but I want to learn. I groom, feed, clean stalls, and I am willing to learn how to train horses.

  20. Amy

    Hi. I live near Bakersfeild, California. I am a hard working, responsible,14 year old. I have loved horses all my life and have gotten good at handling. I do not own my own horse (yet), but take care of my neighbors’ horses more often than not. I have handled horses everywhere from a mareish 25 y/o QH, to a yearling mustang. I have handled Arabians, Gypsy Horses, Mustangs, Quarter Horses, etc. the only trouble I have with riding is I have a little trouble with trotting. If you are looking for a good stablehand, please leave a reply, or email me at . Thank you for reading this and considering me!

    1. Amy

      The only reason I am not as good at riding than handling is because my family cannot afford lessons or anything. I need horses!

  21. Miranda

    Hi my names Miranda and I’ve been around horses and large breed dogs all my life. I’ve been on horses since I could sit up and I’m 17 now. I’m looking for an opportunity to work with horses in Michigan, preferably in the southeastern part. I can clean stalls, feed, bring in, turn out, groom/wash, clean tack, ride, tack and I do have training skills both for riders and the horses. I am a well rounded rider (except jumping and saddle seat), and I do great ground work. I show my 13 year old mare in 4-h, and I also show at dog shows with my Borzoi (Russian Wolfhound). If I seem like a good worker for you, or if you know someone that’s looking to hire, I can be reached at , my e-mail account is linked to my phone so I will be able to get back to you pretty consistently and quickly.

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