Types of Horse Jobs and Careers

Horse JobsPeople who work in the horse world generally come from a horse background of some sort. Whether they always wanted one, grew up on a farm or just love horses enough to plan their life around them.

Feeding the Urge

In the weeks to come, The Equinest will feature each of the jobs on this list in detail. If you love horses, we are willing to be there is a perfect horse job out there for you. If you are looking for a horse job be sure to also visit our horse jobs section for listings from around the globe.

There are plenty of horse jobs out there for the adventurous horse lover, and here is a big, long list of them.

Careers At The Stable

Barn Manager
Barn Foreman
Horse Trainer
Assistant Trainer
Riding Instructor
Schooling Rider
Stall Cleaner
Stable / Barn Hand

Careers in Medical & Health

Vet Assistant
Vet Tech
Rehabilitation Therapist
Massage Therapist
Equine Nutrition Specialist
Equine dentist

Careers in Breeding and Management

Breeding Manager
Stallion Manager
Broodmare Manger
Foaling Attendant
Artificial Breeding Technician
Bloodstock Agent

Careers At the Track

Race Track Manger
Racetrack Vet
Racetrack Judge
Racetrack Trainer
Racing Driver
Jockey Valet
Exercise Rider
Hot Walker
Track Starter
Track Photographer
Track Blacksmith
Track Groom

Horse Competition Careers

Professional Rider
Horse Show Manager
Drug Inspector
Show Judge
Show Vet
Show Groom
Show Photographer
Course Designer
Jump Designer
Jump Builder

Rodeo Careers

Rodeo Crew
Rodeo Cowboy
Rodeo Clown
Rodeo Pick Up Rider

Recreation & Hospitality Careers

Mounted Guide
Horse Trail Engineer
Guest/ Dude Ranch Manager
Guest/ Dude Ranch Hand
Horse Camp Counselor
Carriage Driver

Horse Trade Careers

Horse Buyer

Misc Horse Careers

Therapeutic Riding Instructor
Horse Sitter
Transportation Specialist
College or University Professor
Stunt Rider or Double
Horse Identifier
Circus Performer
Web Designer
Graphic Designer
Social Media
Mounted Police
Writer/ Author
Horse Artist
Horse photographer

Have we missed anything? If you can think of one (or 10) that we’ve missed, be sure to let us know and we’ll add them to the list.

The Right Job For You?

If this isn’t your dream horse job, try using the search below to find it. You can also find more horse job descriptions on our careers page.

Please be aware that when you post your personal information in the comments it is public and can be used by anyone. Protect yourself and keep identifiable information (like last name, email, address and phone numbers) out of public online spaces.

211 Comments on “Types of Horse Jobs and Careers

  1. Kim Bartel

    Hi, I’m a major horse lover and have pet sitted for a horse farm consisting of 15 horses and absolutely loved it. Of course I am close to the owner. I would love to find a career with horses but my patience for taking a long time in school to get there is little. How can I make a living with a career in equine but without a lot of schooling? Do you have any advice?

    Kim Bartel

    1. skyler frisby

      hi kim

      my name is skyler im 11 and want to work with horses to. To work with horses it doesnt matter about school all that matters is how much you care about horses and some day if you just hold on to your dream and keep trying you almost always pull the thing off. So just keep trying and i hope acomplise your dream and never forget you can do anythig you set your mind on.

      1. Jess Tattersall

        Heey( :

        Im also looking for a horse career myself. i had two Quarter Horses. We had to put them both down recently though… I lease a connemar durring the summer And an other Quarter horse over the winter, i have been considering a theraputic instructer, but i also would like to be a horse photographer. i hope you find what you are looking for!

        PS im 12 ( :

        1. Meagan H


          Like you I have loved horses since I was little and have rodeoed and shown horses for many years. I can honestly say that I tried to become a Theraputic Riding instructor. I did all the tests, went to all the classes and did all my hours, but by the time it was time for me to be certified no one could pay me for the hard work that I put in, and that even though horse people do great with the horses, they don’t necessarily do good with the special needs kids.

          My best advise is to work hard in school, go to college and get a degree in equine science, and try to work with horses as much as possible.

      2. Skyler

        Hi Skyler, my name is Skyler as well and I just wanted to let you know that your advice was good. :)

      3. John

        Yeah just having a passion for horses and loving them isn’t actually “all you need”. you need to graduate school and study things to get a job people dont give you jobs because you love horses, keep dreaming

    2. Teri Anderson

      Hi Kim!
      I am in Exactly the same predicament! I have loved horses my entire life, done trail riding and recently been taking riding lessons. I know my current job is very precarious. I would love to change careers to include my love of horses, but I have to support myself & my family. Any advice or suggestions??
      Thank you & Happy Trails!


    3. Rouxve

      good day

      I’m looking for where I can go to college or to what place I can go after school to work with horses only horses.. more to the breeding side or more to the Rehablitation side.. I’m in SA and don’t know what to do or where to go after school and what subjects I have to have to do that jobs.. can someone please help me??

    1. Kaitlyn

      Megan, you usually don’t just start out as a mounted police officer. I looked into it and even asked my cop friend and you have to be a regular beat cop first for a minimum of two years. Then you have to make sure they have enough horses to supply you with one. You also have to take a course on how to ride in certain situations such as if you have someone handcuffed, or how to handle a riot. All of this varies from state to state but not by much. What I described is Texas. Take a look at your city’s police website and search there for more info.

  2. Alayah

    This is a great website with careers in the horse world, i know its a working progress but i would love to see links to more discriptions on all of the different jobs.

  3. Megan

    I once visited a ranch in Illinois that was absolutely huge. There were well over 200 employees. Therefore they had hired a barn cook. So I guess you can add that to the list, a barn cook.

  4. Georgie

    Im only 14 -live in Bristol and yet I really have no idea what I want to do when I have left school !!
    Please someone help me x

  5. Elaina

    I just wanted to say that this site is great! I am looking into future careers for myself and I am really considering horses being a large part of it! This site is so informational, thank you so much for sharing with us!

  6. Bailey

    Another good one is a chiropractor, cant forget about those. My horse had his back throne out really bad last year, one trip to the chiropractor, and he was all better.

    1. Emily

      Horse chiropractor is a great field but they do have to be a person chiropractor for (I wanna say 5 years ) before converting to a horse chiropractor, well thats what my doc told me.

  7. lauren bear

    hello, im 13 and would really start to think about my career in the equestrian world now. i have been around horses, for as long as i can remember. i love helping people riding and REALLY enjoy riding myself, i have 1 horse at the moment, but are getting another horse soon. i would love to help horses in life in many aspects and am i great lover of natural horsemanship. i do not belive in using any force in my riding and hope to make everyone feel that way. do you have any ideas of what i could do as my job?
    thanks :)

    1. Elite Hunter Jumper

      Well, you’re still very young. A good starting out idea is to go to a vocational school that offers an Equine program or general animal care program that focuses on the Equine field. Being in those types of prgrams really narrows down what you would like to do for your career when you graduate school.

      And remember, with Equine it’s both education and experience.

      I hope that was of help to you :)

  8. Brooke

    Hi im 14 and I know Im going to be a horse trainer when I grow up, but my grandfather says I have to have a college education. Im ok with that but what kind of college or what college??

    1. Meagan H


      You go through Dickinson State University I’m currently taking equine classes there. Bachelor’s Degree Business and Equine I will finish Dec. 2012, this degree will cover both the field and many more that you are considering.

  9. Suzanne says:

    Hi, I’m trying to find a career in the horse industry, but I am looking for an office to put my administrative support skills to work. I live in Southeastern Massachusetts, and was just wondering if anyone had any ideas about where I could look for such a job.

    Thanks so much!!

  10. Megan

    you have also missed out horse breaker, educator, pony person, jockey agent, rodeo professional, extension horse specialist, association executive, lab technician, harness drivers, you can also get jobs in retail relating to horses like saddlery stores or feed stored

    this website was alot of help to me thank you, Megan

  11. carolina

    hello, im only 13 years old and i have been around horses for a while. I love riding them and caring for them. I would love to become a horse trainer and also a riding instructor. is there a career that involves both of these or do i have to just choose one?

    1. Alissa

      There are ways to be able to do both. My trainer does mounted riding lessons and both trains horses. She had to school for both individually though. It is very possiible to be both!

    2. B. Wolf

      I am double majoring in Training and Riding Instruction. Doing both will give me a lot more options in my future equine career!

  12. Brianna

    I am only 13, too, I spend a good deal of time with horses as much as possible. Put it this way; if you set me up with Taylor Lautner or a trail ride, I would go on the trail ride! I don’t want to breed, only one close companion horse, but I don’t know what I want to do, but college is a few years away, I got time!

  13. bailey

    my name is bailey. i am 15 years old and have always wanted to b a vet but now the more i think about it i am starting to shy away fromt that idea i really want to work with animals im just not sure a vety is the way for me to go i was looking into this website and would like to look into rehabilitation therapy, massage therapy, and theraputic riding instructor but im not sure were to fint the information i need any ideas?????


  14. natalie111

    i am 10 going on to 11 and i love just to spend time with the horses alone or people horses znd i like kids but i don’t want to be a vet i need some answers

    1. Rboyd

      Have you ever thought about getting involve with a Theraputic Riding Center? I have volunteered with a local center for a year and absolutely love it. Look at the North american Handicap Riding Association (NAHRA) for a list of accredited centers in your area. It is a unique opportunity to work with both horses and children (or Adults) for a greater purpose.

      1. Jamie

        I’m actually volunteering at one, and I love it. The kids are great and sweet to the horses, the horses are absolutely friendly and enduring. This just might have to be my 2nd career choice.

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  16. Cynthia Innocenti

    My name is Cynthia Innocenti, I have ridden since i was 7 years old. I competed from about 11 till 16 years of age. I was reserved champion of CA in AAA gymkhana, Champion of southern CA in Low children and other categories for three years. Then Reserved of the city of Norco CA in gymkhana again. I absolutely love horses i have been called “crash dummy” and “horse whisperer” because there is usually no horse i won’t try to ride. I had to stop competing because i couldn’t afford it anymore and i am trying to find a way to ride again. Can you help me?

    1. Brooke

      I am 16 too and i live in ontario. We have organizations like OCTRA (www.octra.on.ca) where we trail ride for hours in endurance and competative trail riding. I ride english hunter/jumper/eventing and lessons but it was getting really expensive. so i looked into OCTRA from past volenteer experience and found an exciting way to ride for very low costs! Edurance/Competative trail riding is a great way to spend loads of time riding and you don’t really need coaching for the most part. its all about conditioning your horse and yourself. Its not all that expensive just a bit time consuming. Some horse owners have too many horses to condition but they still need them to be worked to STAY in condition. So these owners need other riders to help condition and compete their horses. Try finding an organization in your area where they have edurance or competative trail riding and ask around or put up ads in websites about your riding experience and looking for a horse in need of riding. Your bound to find someone who needs a rider for their horse and its so much fun!

      1. Dasanimylove

        Yes i Endurance/Comperative ride also as a Jr. and it is a lot of fun. You meet lots of great people.

  17. Leashae Blaisdell

    im 17 i already train horses and i love dong it better than anything in the world i wouldnt trade it for anything hope if you want to do the same keep working on it you will reach the goal of training hoses…….=)

    1. Teri Anderson

      Hi Leashae! I was just wondering if you went to school for horse training at all, or got the horse trainer job you have based on experience? I am 46 yrs old. I have ALWAYS loved horses and started trail riding at 16. (I live in the city) I have started riding lessons, LOVE riding & being around horses, and would love to switch careers NOW!! I want to work with horses, but I am getting a late start. Any recomendations?? Thank You for sharing!

      Happy Trails!!


  18. Paiige

    Hey my name is paiige and i am 13. i love horses they are my life. i Want a career that when i wake up every morning i am happy and excitied about it. i have my own horses.and i love getting on them and riding them, i work and train them. but i need some ideas abou what i could do or mabye even some tips.
    Thanks :)

    1. Lauren

      hi paiige!
      I’m 15 and my moms really pushing me into a wall about chiding a career right now but trust me you are going to change your mind. Four years ago my guidence councler asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up and I said “pshhh! how should I know!?” and out of my hate for my guidence councler, I decided I would simply never tell him since he constanly bugged me about how I had to decide then. well I didn’t. three years ago I wanted to be an artist, even though i can only draw horses (my favorite animal~imagine that. haha). two years ago, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. last year I wante to be a motivational speaker. this year, I am once again clueless as to what I wanna do. don’t worry about what job you want yet. it’s seriously not worth it. just think of some things you’re good at and enjoy doing and work off of that! :)

    2. Kaley

      Paiige, horse careers are the best, believe me! But then again so many horse people loose their love for the horse. To me, personally, having 1-3 horses is enough! You don’t need to be a world class horse breeder. As long as you love the horse, then your famous enough. I would love to become an Equine Vet, because I love to heal horses. Take Natural Horse Trimming into consideration. Look it up most people don’t know what it is, lol. Or Equine Chiropractor. Tell me more about what you like BESIDES horses and I will be able to help more(:

  19. Paiige

    Heey again, i am starting to think about the career i want, and i am not too sure but i deffanitaly want a career to do with horses. i love them. i would love to help horses in any way i can.

  20. Jenn

    Basicly born on a horse I have grown up with them , I can do stunt/trick riding, and take a green/unbreakable horse/pony into bombproof/lovable.
    I do english an western . I can drive a team ,I can train a thoroughbred into a reiner an a mustang into a dressage horse. I love it !!!!
    Every one disses me because im only 20 an it is a turn off I DO BOUNCE lol
    But I guess it is imbarrising to them or somthin idk
    I only want to help them learn what I learned to train there horse an make them become a good team an rider an understand each other…

    1. hellen

      I know how you feel! It is embarrassing! but i find wearing a supportive bra helps prevent some bounce! with less movement people pay less attention to you breasts.

  21. Anita

    hello everyone!
    22éves I am a woman!in Dublin 1 year of edges and I would love rider to work in a circle!
    my destiny:horse breeding and professional riding
    I deal with horses since 5 of my year ages/training,training,breeding,education/
    unfortunately the English only basis I speak it on a level.
    I ask you if somebody knows a casual labour even only please let him sound!
    they would like to be again between horses

    I ask you if you know work inform
    my email address: aninak@citromail.hu
    telephone : 087 144 3657

  22. Raymond

    I am 55 and I have worked as a groom for 40 years allover the world and Now I am looking for a job , can any one help me.
    I live in Norway but I will move

  23. Brianna

    Ok, scratch that last post.
    Does anyone know any good-paying careers where I can ride Western each day? College, take or give, no matter.

    1. Teri Anderson

      Hi Brianna!
      You could be a trail guide leader! There is a state park by my house with a riding stable (privately owned) and they have people that lead trail guides all day long!! Look into that!

      Best of Luck!


  24. Jamie

    I’m an 18 year old college student who absolutely loves horses. I plan on having a career that requires a degree, but I also plan to do something with horses, such as a groomer or a horse photographer. Though I don’t have much experience with horses (only a few years of riding and stable managment), I still need lots of practice. I prefer mucking stalls, but any career that has to do with the care of a horses is perfect with me.

  25. Tiffany

    Hi my name is Tiffany and I’m turning 22 on december 19th. I’ve been wanting a job working with horses all my life, mainly wanting a job on the track with racehorses as an exercise rider or something. Problem is I don’t have any experience with them (racehorses), I have basic knowlegde of riding, grooming, feeding, etc. I used to own some horses but had to sell them cause it was too expensive to keep them. I know most people are looking for someone with experience, but how is someone to gain experience if there is no one willing to give me a chance… Some people have told me to go to school, but I can’t afford it :/ I currently live in montrose colorado, but am willing to move if there is living space available. I’m willing to work for a small pay (so I can pay bills off) Im a really hard worker and very passionate about horses. you can contact me at zenyatta4ever@hotmail.com

    1. Lauren

      hey, my friend went to a training program somewhere in Colorado and she absolutely loved it. she’s a great riding instructor now and the program really helped her learn soo much about horses. i’m not sure how much it cost but I think it’s like 9 months long, although Im not sure. if you are interested search “John Lyons Training Program” that should take you to the website. hope this helps you! :)

  26. Conner

    don’t forget polo riding and jousting(spell check). And this isn’t actually around horses, but owning a tack shop?

  27. Rachel Stallings

    I am 19 years old dream is to be a horse veterinarian but, I have no experience with horses. How could i get this experience?

    1. Kelsey

      Find a stable near you! If you really are into this, experiance is key! Atleast research natural horsemanship, but you will never learn it unless you have been with a horse. Try taking some riding lessons, and ask a vet if you can atleast be an unpaid intern. I have, and I’m only 13! All you need is a stable thats willing. But remember you should have riding experiance too for a better knowledge of a few cases that you may run into. Hope I helped!

  28. Carenza

    Im just 13 and my mum and dad are pushing me to make a decision on what I want to do but all I know is that I want to work with horses. Ive got a horse and have been riding 8 years and have helped people alot. Im not that clever but im into any thing about horses!
    Any ideas?

    1. Christine

      Hi Carenza,
      I think that it is great the you are interested in a career with horses. Whatever you do, don’t let your parents change your mind about what you want to do. If that is your dream, pursue it no matter what. You will be greatly rewarded by working with horses!

  29. starhorsepax

    Don’t forget jobs for those with less stamina. Writing for horse magazines, graphic arts and the like may not get you in a barn every day. But it might get you in some really interesting barns doing research and talking to clients. I’m looking into going into web design and aiming at horse stables, since horses are what I love the best.

  30. Lauren

    Hi everyone,
    I am 15 and am wondering what kind of horse-related profession would be good for me. I have been around and riding horses about 11 or 12 years now. At most, I have had 6 years of riding lessons. I have learned to ride western and have a little knowledge on how to drive minis. I was in 4H for 4 years. I can barrel race, pole bend and I love to trail ride. I am great with little kids and am usually very patient. I have been briefly looking into several colleges that focus on horses, but haven’t found any that really interest me. I had a friend who went to the John Lyons Training Program in Colorado; she is now a certified horse trainer and she said the program was really great. I have been told about other programs but I’m not really sure about what I want to do later in my life. I live in PA and would enjoy staying in the area. Any suggestions?

  31. Rachael


    I am 14 and have been riding and working around horses my whole life. I am in 4h and show frequently. I am currently working on training a 2-year old miniature horse for in hand classes and later for driving. I use natural horsemanship techniques. I can ride and show both English and Western successfully and have an interest in hunter/jumper, dressage, cross country, reining, and most other disciplines. I am thinking of a career as a trainer and/or riding instructor. Does anyone know of any good programs in the area that would help me out? I also live in PA.

    I am patient when training horses and enjoy giving advice to other riders. I achieved the American Morgan Horse Association youth level 1 when I was eight and have also earned Parelli Level one. I have a very good knowledge of horses and tack. I am also good at writing and am thinking of being a freelance writer as well.

  32. pareli nutter

    Im 13 i have loved horses all of my life and have been riding for 7 years i realy need help i want to have a horse creer soooo bad help!
    P.S this site is the best and most informational so far

  33. Kelsey

    Hello! My name is Kelsey and I’m 13 years old. I’ve been riding horses for 5 years, and an instructor for a group of 10 girls, trained a beautiful colt named Kaiden and a filly named Hannah, have ponied and wrangled many trail rides, and am currently training in reining and Christian. The only thing is, I don’t know what to do with my future! I can’t do anything being a vet, I can’t handle it. I would really like some good suggestions that would make a good salary and deals with horses hands on! Thanks so much!

  34. Ally

    I love horses!! I take lessons for english and do shows in the summer. I absolutly LOVE it. I really wanted to do a job that included horses and this website is just the one I was looking for! Thanks a lot!!!

  35. laura

    hey i am 15….I own a 2 year old gelding that I have been training. I love horses and I want my career to be about horses! I have trained/broke 16 horses. I have been riding for ten years. I have 4 beginner students. I have lead trail rides, Parades and all sorts of events. I have done 4h for 2 years and have gone to nationals in barrel racing and poles. I reaaally want to do somthing with horse!! I would love to be a horse trainer/instructor….do you guys think i am good an-off to be a horse trainer?

  36. Aimee B.

    Well i have the opportunity to go stay with a friend of mine who is an exercise rider at a race track i would be staying at the barn with him during my stay. and im hoping i can get a job while im there.i have all ways wanted to be a jockey and when i go down there i plan on starting with a lower job at the track and getting to know the people while im there my only worry is that i wont be able to really do it, im a very small woman 99 pound to be exact and i have race horse history i have ran in the county fairs in the area and helped out at a thoroughbred barn that bred and trained race horses to be sent to the track i also helped a show barn grooming horses for shows. I just feel like i may have a problem handling the horses i can handle all the ones i have worked with but these are well bred horses and from what my friend told me they are definetly not a walk in the park to work with. So i would like to start as a hot walker my friend started as an exercise rider and what im best at is the riding but i cant decide which one would be best to start out with. I plan on getting my jockeys license some day i just have to find the right barn to get started at.

  37. Courtney

    you ALL are imauture! This website is for bays who THINK they know a deal about horses! Well I gotta tell ya all…..you all dont know WHAT your doing and should further NOT look into having horse careers!! help me! this really cracks me up! look you alll! SO oblivious and you guys dont know a THING about horses! and look at me! good looking…with MASSIVE rolly polly boobs and a Butt that makes you stare! AND with a horseman tallent SO true and genuon ya’all would slump and die with jealousy if any one of you saw me!…..if any are curious about ME and ma HORSEMANSHIP, please feel free to ask!! tata!

    1. LINDA


      1. Courtney

        Well EXCUSE me LINDA!! but, Last time i checked it is a FREEE country! gees! you just think you know EVERYTHING miss know it all! ha! and look who just opened their mouth dear!!! miss horses dont talk lady!! horses have LOTTS to say but there are a few who listen to what they have to say!LIKE YOU! but, for your information I am not a fake! I live on a 200 acre ranch in Texas. with 62 colts under the age of three that I am in charge of. I train them for roping, barrels and raining. I have been ridding since the age of four. I have done 5 years of 4h at the age of 6-11 in which every time i went to nationals in barrel racing, polls and showmanship. I was an instructor for three years at stonybrook..but then dropped it because I was too busy with my horses. I have attended multiple clinics of parelli and will become one of their instructors/trainers this summer. I attended a cowboy ranch all of last summer in where i learned how to train stallions and to improve my skills on herding cattle and roping. They offered me to be one of their instructors but, I had to turn them down because i have already accepted Mr. and Mrs, Parelli on their offer. will have to have to sell 40 of my colts)=….because I will be pretty maxed working for the parellis’s….my parents wont let keep all of my babys!! + will be busy with shows also….wont have as much time with them all……I know you all are not BAD people….you just crack me up! hahahaha i just have seen so much for my age!! I am 17….I graduated last year because I skipped 6th grade. I am very smart. hahahahaha you took my boob and butt seriously!?!?!? hahaha also kidding!! i am actually rather skinny (have to be for barrel racing) and am pretty flat chested. me glad I am!! I through and through a tom boy!! And EXCUSE me for BUTTING in on your precious sitEE!!! sorry!! it just REALLLLLLY cracks me up!!! hahahaha!! oh gotta go do some training!!!

        ps I have been truly blessed with such parents and friends to help me manage my horse ranch! without them I could never had done it!!

        pps anyone of you interested in purchasing a colt? $2000 per. completely broke. and beginners in raining, ropping and barrels! all of em are awsome horses! great for trails and any hard ridding! I am soooo proud of them all! (= sorry if i am boasting but…..I have trained every one of them VERY well! they are an accomplishment of the past 5 years!! (= oldest ones are 5 youngest 1 1/2…..

        1. Zach

          But please don’t say 200 acres like thats anything. The ranches I work for have single pastures twice that size.

        2. Kaley

          Courtney, have a little respect. Because some people don’t know as much about horses, doesn’t mean they’re not interested in learning. Just because you have more horses doesn’t mean your the “best”. Some Pro Horse Trainers only have 10! Haven’t you ever known what it was like to have a dream of owning your own horse? Or were you just given it too and born into it? And as along as you love horses means that you are holding the dream of owning one, one day.

        3. Amy

          Oohhh…. painful to picture a snob like you on a horse. I feel so bad for them. And your friends. Having to put up with you is hard even when we here can’t see you! Also, did you notice you went from brag brag brag brag brag brag brag, to, oh, I’m so grateful to my friends and parents for their support. Little fake, make up your mind about what personality you want.
          Ps. We can tell by your horrible spelling that you dropped out of school, you don’t have to tell us.
          -a REAL trainer

    2. Zach

      Heck ya that’s what I’m talking about. They need to come down here to Texas or some state with real cowpunchers and horsemanship. I’m a ranch kid, not farm kid, and I’ve ridden more buckin horseflesh than anybody on here.

      1. Adam

        Finally someone says it. Real horsemanship comes from people who ride them for work. I’ve already broken 5 colts and I’m 15. These kids who r like ” I live on a 1000 acres! It’s huge!” crack me up. Us cowboy kids have horse pasture three times that.

        1. Amy

          Horsemanship has absolutely nothing to do with how much land or how many horses you have. OK guys? I know some really great trainers who own only like 1-3 horses and keep them on only 4-5 acres. How do you “ranch kids” even find your horses on 1000+ acres, let alone train them?




  39. kelly

    Hi I am 13….I am really stressed. EVERYONE knows what kind of horse field they want to go in but me…i have a horse and i lovvve horses but dont know what I want to do….can anyone help me? I am very good at training and handling them. I lOve this website!! yikes! some of you on here have issues!

    1. Autumn

      i LOVE this site too i think i will become a lesson teacher or a school instructor to help kids on there work on horse back! just keep looking till ou feel your heart is in the right place

  40. Ava

    Hi There,I’m Ava and I’m 10. I’ve just had all my dreams crushed… I love horses with all my heart and REALLY want a job that’s horsey!I have no idea what to do, HELP!

    1. Elisha

      Hello love,
      My name is Elisha I started to ride when I was 3 and am now 21. You are 10 you do not need to make up your mind yet! I suggest if you ride learn more about horses and research jobs you find intresting. I started working when I was 12 I worked as a Racehorse excersiser and I did that for 6 years. Now I am currently competing in show jumping with a warmblood. Never give up but don’t feel pressured to choose just yet!

  41. Jamin

    Hey, I am 14 and i am about to start choosing what job i would like to have, and i have grown up with horses and i have a lot of love towards them, I have already chose an animal college for me to go to but i have been told the pay isnt great, I really wanted to go into mounted police but i have a bad eye sight and probably wouldn’t be accepted i was just wondering what job types i could look for :)

  42. emily

    I love horses, obviously, and am looking for a career with them. I am a science geek, live on a farm, and could possibly be a vet. I’m looking for other careers though which are more science oriented, yet still outdoors and hands on. Does anybody know of a certain area which would be my kinda thing? And courtney.. leave these poor people alone. It’s not their fault that they don’t have all the information and help you have. Good job with with your colts by the way. Parelli’s gonna be happy to have you.

  43. Luke

    Courtney, just let me get this clear, you have 62 young horses that you train? No wonder you are only selling them for $2000. Before I even finished reading your speal, I could tell two things you were a loud obnoxious yank, and 2 with lots of money and not much else. Local horse trainers in oz love it when Parelli comes over here. It means that two weeks after he comes here, does his little show and makes his money and leaves again. All the people that go to these shows thinking it will make them good horse people, get into trouble and then have to pay us to come and bale them out, and correct the horse. Next time you want to jump on a forum and rage, pull your head in and wait till someone asks you for you pathetic opinion. Your little speal was counter productive and pointless. If you want to tell the world how good you are, create your own blog so that if people actually want to know how much the sum shines out your ass, they can go there and look at it.

    1. Courtney

      well Luke, I did not ask for your opinion! and dont you dare judge me or my horses! You have no right to call me the things you did! you are just jealous dear! I am selling them for $2000 because they dont have a high blood line. Dont get me wrong under my care they are perfectly sturdy, healthy and good breed. they are just not high in the blood line. YOU obviously have no clue on horse prices! So dont you dare open your mouth! you have no idea what you are talking about. (not to be rude) Also dont you dare judge Parelli. You have not met, or been in their clinects so you have no idea what you are talking about!

      I dont have time for this, Horses are are Hungary. MAy take a ride after

      1. Beckii Park

        What the heck is your problem i thought this site was for people that want some advice to find a career with horses OBVIOUSLEY you only want to write about how much of a fake you are so might i suggest something GET A LIFE

  44. Megan

    So, I have been looking into horse careers because I am at the point in high school where I need to decide what college to go to and for what career. I have been riding since I was 2 (I am 15) and my mom has had horses her hole life so I grew up with them on the farm. I have degenerative joint disease, arthritus, enthasytis, and a bulging disc. I am in constant pain and sometimes I even have a hard time just riding my one horse a day. So I need a career in the horse industry that will not be hard physically…ideas???????????

    1. kat

      therapeutic ( i think thats how u spell it) haha, you could be a therapeutic , or a nutritionist?

  45. hellen

    hi everyone!
    I DEFINITELY want horse be my career! I am looking into being a breeder. I own a stallion and three mares. they all love each-other allot! but, i need help because i cant get them to breed, because none of the mares want to have sex with my stallion. do any of you have tips or know someone or a website that i can get information on getting mares sexually active and interested? thank you all!


  46. Kristin

    I am 18 years old and have grown up around horses almost my entire life. I have trained all different breeds and different training methods as well as done western and english competions. I have picked up alot of skills from vets, farriers, trainers, stable hands, barn managers, theraputic equine workers and, riders. my advice to those who are looking for a career involving horses is talk to people with in those fields and some alotof them are willing to help you andgive you a feel for what it is they do and it can help you decide whoch field would be a better fit for you before you make a big decision. i am still looking because i enjoy working in all of the different options involving horses andi wish you all the best.

  47. kaija

    i want to do something with horses when i go off to college. I’d love to do something with animals, period. But, i love horses. I thought about being a vet but that’s 8 years.
    Please help me with a list of jobs that would consist of college for under 4-5 years.
    Thanks! (:

  48. Jackie

    my name is Jackie and i am 17 years old. As you can imagine, i am in the process of figuring out a future career for myself. I would love to have a career focusing around horses. I love a riding instructor as an option but i also want to make sure i can support myself. Is there a career that combines both science and a career as riding instructor?
    I plan on getting a bachelors degree in equine science. i am not sure about a masters yet.

  49. Brandy

    Hi, my name is Brandy and i am also looking for something to go to school for horses. I have worked on a farm when i was 13-16 and have owned my own horse for 4 years, but had to give her away last year due to financial issues and different living situations. i had a dream of going to Colorado and becoming a horse trainer, but don’t know if that is really what i want to do, and i cannot find the college i was interested in. It was a four year degree entailing hands on experience training horses and was a live in facility where you could choose to bring your own horse or just teach one that they had at the school. I am 21 and need to get a move on and make my dreams a reality, i will do what it takes to achieve this. Any information pertaining to this would be greatly appreciated. thank you.

  50. Elly

    Hi, I’m 16 and live in the UK. I’m looking for a career to do with equine osteopathy or pysio or similar. I did want to be an equine vet but unfortunately don’t think I will make the grades – plus I’m looking for something that doesn’t take up 5 years of hardcore science lectures and training etc.
    I honestly would do anything with horses, I’d be a groom or farrier and be happy, but now a days everything is about the money, and my parents would never let me just be a groom.
    My question is, does anyone know a website or have any info about grades/a level (exam) choices/universities or collegs in the UK which has info about this type of career, or any other careers I would suit.

  51. Beckii Park

    Hey i am 15 and really want to be a dressage rider but can that be as a career. If not i would like to open up a horse sanctuay actually i dont know bu i defenitley want to be a dressage rider so HELP ME !!!

    1. Elisha

      You CAN be a dressage rider BUT being a rider alone will not give you enough money to live on. Your 15 so I suggest you train to be a dressage rider and go to as many events as you can. Become the best you can and hopefully someone will notice you! Another thing to think about is sponser’s if you have sponsers it will make your life easier. They help with costs because you advertise their company, My current sponsers are Horseland and Pegasus Sadderly. I hope this helps :)

  52. Kari

    I am 15 years old, and I have loved horses for as long as I can remember. I have never owned a horse, but I have been dreaming and working to get there for years…(I don’t have enough money and we don’t live in a place to keep a horse). I have always wanted to pursue a career having to do with horses, but I am not sure which to pick or which would be best for me. I don’t have a whole lot of experience with them (I have ridden at a friends and taken several lessons) but I would say that I am an intermediate rider. I want a career that I will be happy with the rest of my life but can also be successful in. I have a feeling that I will get my horse soon, (We may move to the county). I need help deciding what to do? Should I pursue a horse career, or is it already too late of a start?? (I don’t have too much experience with different horses and haven’t been exposed to the world of showing or anything) I KNOW that I love horses with all my heart and would be happy doing anything with them. How do I choose a good horse career and how do I get started? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks :)

    1. Autumn

      No its not to late go to college and find what career suits you then if you wish go through with it! good luck in life :)

  53. Sam

    Hey,Im a horse lover,but sadly dnt exactly own one.
    Im looking to see what my options are for a future career.I love jus going out n messin round with them.Im not exactly sure if “horses” are my future career or not but im searching more into my options.I jus wana be able to ride.Take care of them n jus enjoy every minute.Any ideas anyone? please let me know…i hve fb so u can message me there…my email is slynnshaw@hotmail.com
    My emails are different becuz i use the hotmail one for fb n i hve a yahoo account becuz i forgot the password for hotmail.
    Anyways,thanks guys.
    Help me decide..

  54. annoymous

    Unforunatly after talking to many professional horse crazy people in the equine industry have all said that the industry is at its worst… The economy sucks and nobody has the money, the time, or the commitment to horses as much as they used too… My trainer says that people are starting to treat horses as financial figures insead of animals… She also says that there is little to no money in making a career in the buisness…

  55. Shyanne

    Hey, I’m Shyanne, and I’m 14 years old. I’ve always loved horses, and I’ve always wanted one. I live in Jacksonville, Florida, so my house doesn’t have a huge area behind it. (My last one was about 2 acres, I think, but we moved.) My backyard is isn’t too big. So there isn’t really room to have one. If I was able to, I’d probably knock the porches down to make it bigger, but I don’t think it would be enough room for one. I really want to work with horses, maybe grooming them or cleaning out their stall. I’m very good with animals. I have/had Guinea Pigs, Cats, Fish, Birds, and Dogs. Also, since I’m 14, would I still need to wait till I’m in college to work with horses? I’m not saying to like, teach people to ride them, as I’ve never actually been on one. But I have been next to one.
    But would I be able to just groom them, water/feed them, and clean out their stall?
    I’m also going into high school, so I don’t think I could be there unless it was on weekends/days off.
    But I would definitely LOOVEE to work with horses. They are so beautiful, and cute, and amazing. (:

    1. Caitlyn

      I was in your situation a couple of years ago! I don’t own any horses, but take lessons. Every Saturday I come early and help feed, brush, and tack the lesson horses. It’s a great deal because I get to fit in few extra riding hrs while leading the lesson kids. I LOVE it! I am sure if you ask around, someone would love some extra pair of hands! Hope everything goes well!

  56. Lauren B

    Hi, I’m a junior in High School, and I’m really interested in a career working with horses. Particularly a Racetrack Vet, Rehabilitation Therapist or and Equine Nutrition Specialist. However, I live in an urban area, and have only ridden horses a couples times in my life. To accomplish my goal, what steps should I take? I’ve already thought about college and I am considering A&M or Texas Tech.

  57. Eternity

    Hey, I’m in high school, and I would love to get involved with horses, I am getting riding lessons right now, and am loving it! I live in the city unfortunately, but, I love everything about horses, but i do not want to be a vet, probably a horse breeder, or a groomer. What steps and classes should I take?

  58. holly

    hi im in year 10 and im shortly goin to be doin my work experiance and i was wandering if there was any horse work expriance i could do around surrey so if you could let me kow as soon as possible that would be grate thankyou
    holly brock

  59. Cheyanne

    Im 13 yrs old. I have 3 horses two of them are mares one of them are pregnant and the other one is a gelding. i want to become a horse trainer

  60. Anthony

    Hi I’m a carriage driver in NYC my father has been one for 30 years we are also owners of our own carriages and total of 11 horse mostly draft breed I’m just curious what can I do with my skill as a carriage driver other than giving tours to people in central park in manhattan I have 6 years of driving experience but I have experience in breaking horses to pull carriages I’ve been around them most of my life

  61. Penn

    Hi, im in secondy school and have owned horses all my life. I am having to start to look at lots of different jobs i want to do but i cant quite find one that appeals to me. I’m bright and need something to keep me interested so being something like a groom doesnt appeal to me. Also i need to be able to keep my own horse from the wages but i cant find a job in the horse industry anywhere that fits all of these requirements. I learn quickly and am a very good ‘people person’, could you suggest any jobs as im all out of ideas! Please help? Thanks

    1. B. Wolf

      If you have good people skills you can go far in the equine industry. You should consider a business related career. Taking up a foreign language could be useful in negotiating international sales. Show/rodeo announcers, positions within breed organizations, show orangizing/managing. It really depends on if you want a desk job or something a more mobile.

  62. mads

    hey i am 15 years old and i have been riding since i was about 9, but i learnt fast and i am just about to get my first horse, a 2 year old ex racer who i am planning to retrain to event with. i live in london but i am around horses every holiday and every weekend all day long (it just gets a bit too dark to ride at night, but otherwise i would!) i am happiest when with or around horses but i go to a really good school and my family are not horsey people at all, they hope i do something like economics at uni, but i can’t do a job i don’t love, so basicly it has to be horses. i can’t stand the sight of blood, so a vet is kind of out of the question, but i would love something involving lots of riding, and preferably with a high salary (so i am not the daughter of my family who gave up her education to have a pony) any help would be great!

  63. Zach

    Don’t forget an obvious one; cowboys. And I’m talking real cowboys not some wannabe farmhand. I am just sixteen years old and I am already breaking colts for other people for pay. I love horses and during branding we spend sometimes two weeks on the wagon riding a new horse everyday, and not tame kid horses either. And on these ranches of 200,000+ acres there is alot of country to ride.

  64. Caitlyn


  65. Kaley

    Kim, I am 12 and also look into horse careers. Well, believe it or not I have A LOT of experience for my age. But what you must ALWAYS take into consideration is what else you like to do. Horse careers are great, but you can’t just be a plain trainer, there are too many of those in this world. Like take me for example. I LOVE Reining & helping horses. Well, if once I graduated I could become and NRHA (National Reining Horse Association) Champion or an Equine Vet. I’m all for either! But many careers are overlooked. Like have you ever wondered where your saddle and tack came from? Or where your cowboy hat or showshirt came from? Do you like to compete or heal? So take it like this. What else BESIDES horses do you like to do. Tell me this and I would have a better idea of how to help you. Thanks. Write back -Kaley

  66. Hailey

    Hi my names Hailey Im 17 Im a jounor in high school, and I was wonderng what I wanted to do after this. I know I want to work with horses, but I dont want to have to go to school for a long time. Is there anywhere I could get my foot-in-the-door to help my career develope. Thanks!

    1. B. Wolf

      Try to find an internship or working student position for a summer. If there is a stable in your area ask about trading work (feeding, mucking, etc) for riding lessons. Any time spent around horses is time well spent.

  67. kayla

    hi im only 11 and i really want to take on a career with horses the feeling used to be just a small one but now i feel really into horses
    i dont really have experience because i dont think my parents think its safe to ride a horse any advice

    1. B. Wolf

      Before I came to college, had my own horse, or had my first riding lesson I read everything I could find about horses. By reading anything from horse encyclopedias to The Saddle Club series, I learned a vast amount of information that I have found to be valuable through the years.

  68. Sammy

    Hi I’m only 14 and I absolutely love horses! I have Ben riding ever since I was 8. Although I’ve never owned my own horse I’ve dreamed of having one since the first time I started riding one. I’m a freshmen in highschool and I’ve ben thinking alot lately about what career I am wanting to pursue. I decided It had to bensomething involving horses. Maybe something involving horses medical health? And of course a good paying career would be nice too.:) what are your suggestions?

  69. Ava Hickey

    Hi, I have always loved horses. I have never owned one, but I have worked with a couple. My father raised me telling me “back in my day” stories. I always loved the horse stories. A few months ago my dad committed to his friend “if she could she’d live in a barn with them” and this is probly true. I just turned 16, I will soon be getting a horse of my own. Lately in school they ask me what I want to do when I graduate. Well I was hoping you could answer a few questions. Is there schooling for jobs with horses, and I refuses to be a vet, ware is the most abundant jobs with horses right now. Thank you.

  70. Pritam

    Hi i am pritam , my age is 23. I have done MBA in marketing and i am looking for bright career in Horse industry because i am very passionate about horses and i want to work in Horse industry . Please tell How can i make my career in Horse industry as per my MBA qualification ? I am from India . Is it possible that i could get a good career in india or i have to go to some other country to get the good job and make a bright career in horse industry .

  71. Caitlyn

    I am 13 and every Saturday I am at the barn for at least 4 hrs helping with lessons and tacking up. I don’t own a horse, though. I am very certain I want a horse career. My mom thinks that I should have horses on the side. She thinks that it is too risky of a career. I have a passion for horses and Jesus. I would love to train a horse and see what it is like. Need help! What career?!?

  72. Morgan

    Hi I am 16 years old and I love horses. I want to somehow pursuit a math/science career that would also have to deal with horses, but I cannot stand the sight of blood. I really wanted to be a vet, but obviously that will not work. Are there any other jobs where I can frequently spend time with horses but still combine my love for math and science?

  73. Kara

    My name is Kara and I’m 15. Everyone knows what they want to do after high school and college and all I know is that I want it to involve horses. I am around them every day and couldn’t picture my life without them. I want to have my own rescue and do horse photography but I’m not sure if that would financially support me. Help please!

    1. B. Wolf

      If you have other interests outside of horses you could always go to school for that and do horses on the side (or minor in equine).
      It is not easy to be financially wealthy in the horse world (“The best way to make a small fortune in horses is to start with a large fortune”), but if you know how to be thrifty, innovative, and a hard worker than you should definitely think about going into the horse industry.
      A college degree is not always a must have when it comes to horses, but it will give you a running start!

  74. Shannan

    im a 15 year old girl looking for a workplace for my school and im looking for a job involving horses but i cant think of a place to go to, do i go to a racecourse or some stable?
    i live in perth.
    so if you have an idea please reply :)

  75. Lolly

    im just about about that choose options for my GCSE and have loved horses ever since i can remember…is there any jobs for maybe hair and beauty?
    please help choosing them soon, thanks!: )

  76. Staz

    Hi I’m 14 near 15, I’m starting to sort out my college choices and I like most the people on here LOVE horses , I’m not overly academic but I’m not stupid I get around Bs in every subject . I would love to work with horses but like most parents an equine college is just something they don’t want me to go to ever. I want to work with horses so much and I just can’t think of anything worse than being stuck in an office all day doing math work !!! I love to train green horses , I’ve loaned a few horses but obv never owned my own as my parents dislike horses, I need help with what to do .. Anyone got any suggestions please in what I could do in the future horse related that my parents might approve of?!

  77. Jim Bateman

    You are still very young to think that you can train green horses.
    Working with horses takes years and maybe your whole life time to accomplish. You must have a good trainer for at least ten years to do what you would like to do with horses. If you have the wrong training, you can make a horse useless.
    I wanted what you wanted also, but it took 25 years.
    Today I teach horse ownership at Lane Community College in Cottage Grove, Oregon. I am a Dressage Rider and enjoy every moment but without training, you are only hurting your self.
    feelfree to write me

  78. Tess

    You need to add careers about driving horses. I do that and there are plenty of them. You can be a professional driver. You can go to shows and drive for people who need it or just to fill a class. You can be a groom or harness’er. You can braid or groom the horses,you can also work in horse show offices, lets c what am i forgetting . . . i don’t know but i am sure i will think of it later.

    Also i am 14 years old and love horses. i have been riding horses since i was 2 months old. i have 2 right now and really enjoy working at barns and just being around them but i have a job at stables and i doesn’t leave me much time with my horse. What do you suggest i look into?

  79. Robyn

    Hi , I’m 13 , 14 this year and I am a huge horse lover ! Since I was about 5 , I wanted to start riding lessons , but my family don’t have any money , so I have never been able to go to them , which actually upsets me so much . My aunt has a horse and I’ve ridden him a few times , but she doesn’t ask me to go up and see him anymore.
    I would give anything to be around horses , I can’t explain it , and I know I want to work with them but I don’t think I’ll have enough experience when I’m older to do anything with them . It literally kills me inside . Out of all the families , I’m one of the girls who can’t even be close to horses because of how much it costs ! It’s around £30 a lesson here in Scotland , and I know I couldn’t afford it .
    Any advice on how I could start to get around them ? (I don’t haver a car either …) Or if this will affect me having a career with them when I’m older ?

    1. katie

      hi i know how you feel i use to go to a riding school i like it but i just wanted my own horse so i start looking for a share and ive now got bramles i found him on a website. his own wanted a bigger horse but didnt want to sell him. i pay £20 a week and i take him all over the place to show

  80. dalbir

    sir i want to job of handler. because of i am working with ngo brooke india. so please reply me how i taking this job

  81. anfifi

    Hello my name is Anfisa,

    I am thinking about my future job as im already finishing year 9. I know that it has to be something around animals for sure. i restarted going horse riding lessons and i REALLY enjoy it. i really want to go to competitions. so i though of my job to be a horse riding coach. i am a quite extreme and sports person and i loved horses all my life. will it be a good idea for me to become a horse riding trainer?

  82. katie

    im leaving school next year and i still dont know what i want to do or were i want to go, if you know of any horse collage please could you give me some names
    thank you

  83. Morgan Friesen

    Hello, My name is Morgan, and I’m 16 years old. I graduate next year as was wondering what good jobs there are that involves working with horses? I grew up with them m whole entire life , and own a horse. I just wanted to know what good careers there are that involve working with horses and pay good.

  84. rebekah

    hello im rebekah im 14 years old and im in love with horses i think there the most beautful animal ever and i think i want to be a horse trainer but ive been thinking and in 2/1 years im geting my own horse eeee i cant wait and if i cant br a horse trainer a vet :)

  85. Haley

    Hi! I’m Haley:) I’m 13, but I would love to work in the horse field. I love teaching too. Is there a job were I can have a class in my backyard, on my ranch?;)

  86. holly

    im 17 and recently decided to change my career plan so that it would work well with my boyfrirend and my future. he’s a calf roper. im considering becoming a equine rehabilitation therapist, i;ve looked into all the things necessary for it i’d just love to have an opinion from someone who is either considering the same thing or works in the field.

  87. Kia Burns

    Hi I am Kia, I am 13, and I want to work with horses. I have worked with horses since i was 2, My Aunt has helped me through the years to help me become what i am today. I have trained, and Exercised horses since i was 8 years old. I know alot about horses and how to maintain them.

  88. Kristin

    Hi Kim,
    Great website! I have been riding horses since I was 5 and I have had my horse for 6 years. I also have shown up to 1st level dressage. A huge part of my life is horses it would be cool if I could make it a career and do what I love. I am going to collage and I am very interested in business. What are some jobs with horses that are more on the business side of things? Thank you so much!

  89. Desira

    Hello my name is Desira,
    Im 18 years old. Ive had many different ideas of what i have wanted to be inlife. But i think ive really found what im interested in. My boyfriend, my mom and her boyfriend tell me i shouldnt do it that i should look into something different, something that wont take along time for schooling.
    Im going to go to college but i dont know what classes to take or where to really even start.

    I want to go to school to become a horse trainer, but i really need some info and advice.

    Can anyone help me? Please!!

    thank you

  90. Rachel Marinos


    My name is Rachel. I am 21 years old, love working with people and horses, both together and separately. I have nearly 9 years of Equestrian care, including some work experience during the breeding season. This is actually the first site I have found that really had ANYthing to do with the horse’s care, rather than the company or individual’s wants. I particularly enjoy the job posting/listings. I am really glad about finding this site, and would like to thank you, Ms. Kim. ^-^ ~<3

    1. horseluvr

      Hey! My name is taylor Im15 & would love to be a enqine veternarin nothing would make me more happier than to safe or. Help the life of a horse I love horses & I think this would be the job for me!(:

  91. Moriah Nau

    I love horses, but we don’t have enough money to own them, and my neighbors have three, but I’m not allowed to ride them. I want to become an equiine practitioner, but I’m woried my lack in horse skills won’t help me get in college. I mean maybe it’s not what God wants me to do, but I can’t help but wonder if there is any way to get more equiped to get in college so I can do something I’ll love. Can you help me?

    Ps, I’ve still got high school years left. and any information would give me great joy!

  92. katie

    im 15, and been riding now since i was 3 years old, i ride anything! im currently bringing a 15.1 palomino back to work after no work for nearly 2 years so as you can see very green! i was wondering if there are ANY courses i could kickstart if you like my career with at my age? thanks!

    1. Leoni:)

      Hey Katie:) depending on where you live+what you wanna do this may or may not help 😛 but theres exams such as BHS riding+road safety, BHS stage 1, 2 etc..and they can get you on the road to being an instructor or the like:) http://www.bhsireland.com/ check out this website if your interested

  93. Kaylin

    Hello, I absolutely love horses! Im only going in to my sophmore year of high school but I know for sure I want a career dealing with horses. I get riding lessons everyweek and volunteer at the farm I ride at. Someday I want to own my own horse farm. But I have know idea how to get there or what to go to school for. I thought about being I vet but I think it be hard to put a horse down. I need some help with schooling ideas. I want a job where I can make money but still ahve that amazing passion for horses. Help!

  94. rosie

    i am rosie and i am 13 years old. a year ago i got my first horse.i do not do riding lessons but go riding at my cousins yard and know alot about them. i have loved horses ALL my life and i want good ideas on good jobs which include horses which i could think about doing.

  95. kimberley

    hey there,
    My whole life ive lived on a farm and as a kid I loved horses. I never had one just had cattle but loved horse treaking with a passion in my spear time. I am 20 years of age and everyday Ive always drempt of being able to get up close and work with horses.I love animals had many pets. Can someone point me in the right direction on what I have to do to get a step in the door way? or point me in the right direction? Its my dream job and the life style ive always dreamed of please help me, it will be very much apreciated.
    thank you
    kim xx

  96. Josey

    Hi!! Im 16 and looking for ANY type of horse related job around me (East Texas) I have horses of my own and ride all the time i know a lot about horses but not everything lol! if anyone knows of where i can get a job close PLEASE!! LET ME KNOW!!!!!! Thanks!!:D

  97. morgan

    hello my name is morgan!! im 14 and i have been all around horses sence i could sit in a saddle!! i am looking for a job around horses probley like most of you!! i do contesting with my appyaloosa/ quarter horse and i love it!! thanks for all the ideas it was helpfull!!!!

  98. Aubree

    Hi I just turned 14 and I am looking to find a job or volunteer at a ranch. I will need some training in stable cleaning bu I catch on quick. My biggest worry is that I will do something wrong…isnt that everyones worry? 😉

  99. Hannah.M

    hi i just turned 16 this month and i have been riding horses all my life.
    i have ridden in many places (beaches,farms ect) and i was trying to figure out what i want to do when i grow up and i have always wanted to work with horses.
    i have done many crazy things with horses and taught them to do stuff and i was wondering if i was to get into training horses and riding horses for films and shows, how would i go about getting my name out there into the business and get started on this?.
    thanks for reading.

  100. Rhy

    Hi I 18 years old and really want to be able to be in the horse business. I have been riding since I was 3 and have always seen myself doing something with horses. I know the horse industry is shaky and know I won’t be rich any time soon but I want to have a secure job that has descent pay without having to Rodeo, go to vet school, or ride other people’s colts (medical reasons) but I still want to get out and not be trapped in an office. If anyone has ideas or is currently in a carrier that you think is for me, please let me know I am opening minded to anything.

  101. Jamie

    I own a horse of my own. The only problem is I’m 15 and my horse is 28, but we do horse shows and trail rides all the time. Right now i have a job on my farm as a farm hand with my horse and other animals, so in time i will have a job where its full time.

  102. Claire

    Hi, I am 17 years old and almost finished year 12. I have had horses since I was 11 and love being around them every day.
    I would like to get a job in the equine industry but I am not sure where to start. I would love a job where I can work with horses or even farm work. Could you point me in the right direction?

  103. Hailee

    I’m Hailee. I have loved horses for as long as I can remember. I was looking at all of the careers listed up there and these are what I found most interesting and most fitting to me: Groom, vet assistant, foaling attendant, professional rider, and a horse sitter. Could you tell me what schooling is need for these? I am thirteen and going into the 10th grade. My mom is pestering me and is putting me in Geometry and all the really hard things, and I don’t want to do all this if I am going to be doing something else in my life that doesn’t involve these subjects.

  104. Cat

    Hi my name is Cat and I love horses they have such an impact on me and I have grown up with them. I started riding when I was 6 and I have wanted to work with horse I want a job that I can ride a horse and take care of them but I want a good paying job so i can have my own horses to care for. I conclusion this website really did help me Thank You.

  105. Hannah

    Hey don’t say horse butcher if you love horses like i do. for goodness sakes you think you would have common sense these days juan

  106. Lexi

    I’m Lexi, and I’m seventeen. For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to be an equine veterinarian. However, the more I get closer to college the more I realize how, one, almost impossible it is to get in, and two: how much money it would cost once you’re there.
    Plus, I know it also takes a lot of your time, and I do want a family. Not saying it’s impossible, but it is rough. I looked into being a farrier (going to a school in the Spring of ’14), but it’s awful on your back. I’d only want to be mostly part-time farrier. Any advice on jobs with horses that you could make a living, but not be at your job more than you are home?
    — Lexi

  107. Abby Botdorf

    Hi my name is Abby, Im starting to look into colleges for after i graduate and i really want to to something that has to do with horses. I have had horses my whole life, ive broken many, trained, and showed. I have done everythin on my own with my horses since i was 15 (before i started working my parents helped pay for stuff but i still took care of my horses and other peoples as well). I got a job when i was 16 and started paying for vet bills, vacs., and shows. i have given riding lessons as well….. I guess what im trying to say is that i dont want to do anything when i graduate but deal with horses. Can someone help me figure out what is needed to make this work or has an understanding on how to start from scratch. Any advise would be awesome! Thanks! :)

  108. Jacinta

    Are you looking for a business in the Horse Industry?

    Are you looking for a business to work around your family and other commitments that can be set up in a home office?

    Do you want a business with low overheads?

    Do you love helping people achieve their goals?

    Would you like a business that continually supports and guides you?

    Then an Equine Staff Business Opportunities is for you to achieve your goals and build a business in the horse industry.
    Available in New Zealand, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, Belgium, Italy, Denmark or France.

    Email jacinta_thomas@equinestaff.com.au

  109. savannah

    Hi! I am a huge horse lover and I want a job that involves horses. I know how to wash,tack up, and I also know how to turn out a horse and all that stuff. The only thing I don’t really know how to do is to is ride and instead of the job paying me with money they can pay me with lessons. I need some advise. Do you have any advice?

  110. Laura

    Hi there! I am 16 years old and have always loved horses. Making money is not my target in life, because I want to work for the love of it. So what I am trying to ask is what equestrian career should I aim for? I love to work hands-on with horses, I love to help people, and I love to teach people about horses. I am working at a Therapeutic Riding center right now, because I think it might be a good fit for me, but I have heard it is hard to support yourself with that job. Any advice of where I should go to college and what I should go to college for?

  111. bethany

    Hi everyone I really would love to be a profesional rider 3 day eventing etc. I have Been riding since I was 7 and I’ve admired horse all my life I have 2 horses and 1 pony but I have always been a bit chubby and my thighs a beasts

  112. Milly

    I’ve been wanting a horse job for a while, I’m only 14
    And I’ve only ridden horses 10 times(so I don’t have much experience).
    I would love to get a horse job but it’s really hard to find one, I really want a horse job but all the advertisements say experience needed. Can anyone please help me?

  113. Allison Marie Heart


    I am trying to find a job that will let me be around horses for the summer such as grooming or just helping tack the horses. I am trying to also find a way to get riding lessons from helping around the barn, horses mean the world to me and if anyone could give me suggestions on where to look would be amazing! I live in Massachusetts, I am 18 years young and I love horses, so if someone could help me with finding a job in my location would be amazing!


  114. jayj

    hello I my name is jayj I love horses and I am trying to find a job that will let me be around horses for the summer such as grooming or just helping tack the horses. I am trying to also find a way to get , I love horses I think this would be a good aupertunaty for also I need a bite of some money
    Thank you so much
    love jayj

  115. surendra kumar

    I’h wanting horse job. I interested in horse’s .I have five horse.i find knowledge in Indian horse and the great British horse. Thank you

  116. Amy

    I am looking for a job as a working student. I am 14 years old and good at handling and okay at riding (my family cannot afford lessons). Advice? Also, if you are interested in hiring me, please leave a reply!!

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