Horse Jobs – Assistant Trainer

Assistant trainer sitting on a fence eating an appleOften an ambitious trainer-in-training, the assistant trainer position can be found at larger establishments where trainers have high numbers of animals in their charge.

What You Need

This is a position which benefits from a strong teamwork ethic, the ability to follow instruction and a firm knowledge of horses. Understanding training methods and the ability to learn in a situational atmosphere are key ingredients to a successful assistant trainer.

Job Description

The assistant trainer is responsible for implementing the exercise and training routines set in place by the trainer. Often they provide initial training contact with a young or troublesome animal and they are instrumental in creating a foundation of general etiquette and manners.


Implementing exercise routines developed by the trainer
Following supplement schedules
Basic under saddle work
Ground work
Preparing trainer lessons
Lessons for more advanced riders
Training in general manners
Correcting behavioral issues
Duties can be interchangeable with barn foreman & groom duties


This is a position which can rely more on experience than formal schooling. Generally a high school diploma is required and previous experience working with horses is highly valued.

The Right Job For You?

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    I would love have a jobs working with horses.I am 22 years old I am just trying to find a job working with horse. I enjoy it so much .

    1. Orazio

      Hi my name is Orazio and I have a sport center in Italy. The sport centre has also a stable with six boxes and three horses at the moment to become 6 very shortly. I am looking for a person that love horses and is well trained to deal with the horse and bring persons for horse riding.
      I live in Dublin and I would be very interested in discussing with you and maybe meet and see if you could be interested in the offer to work in Italy.
      I look forward to hearing from you.
      With kind regards,

      1. Nikki

        Hello Orazio,
        are you eligable for the position if you live in the US?
        Is there an age requirement?
        Is the position still open?
        thank you,

  2. Charley Lowe

    i am currently in year 9 at high school. i have the pleasure of having a loan pony. i am in the middle of chosing my options and i was just wondering if anyone knows what i should take at school to work with horses in my later job ?

    1. nickie

      hey charley
      if i was you i would pick triple science as you do need science to work with horses there are loads of gcses in it but it is worth it at the end of the day if you really wanted to have a job with horses and gcse pe would help as well


  3. marusyaceb

    I am 9 years styding dressage at horse school, & now i need work.Someone can help me? I’m member of maldavian national dressage team.

  4. nichola

    To whom it may concern,

    my name is nichola,

    i am a 21year old student looking for a job, would love to have a job with horses we own a farm with 16 horses and am very experienced i am really patient with people young and old would love to pursue this dream of mine please let me know.

    yours sincerely

  5. Vishwadeep Dahiya

    I am looking for a job anywhere across the world.i have a experience of 12 years of riding.i have worked in both show jumping as well as race horses.i hane won 6 gold medals in jumping.i have also handled a stud farm.

    looking forward to hear from you.

    vishwadeep dahiya,

  6. Jessica

    I’m looking for a job that deals with horses, obviously, I have been around horses for close to 15yrs and I have been working at a Girl Scout horse camp for over 3yrs. I would love to learn more on how to train horses and myself in the field. Interested?

  7. George Alimpinisis

    I”m horses trainer in Greece.i’m 38 years old and i’m intersting to found job in Europe i havn’t problem to work like assistant trainer.

  8. Tena


    My name is Tena and I am 24. Horses have been my life for 15+ years. I have owned 3 and trained 6. I also gave small one on one lessons. My dream is to be a horse trainer for pleasure show horses. Also halter, showmanship and cow horses. Its been a long lasting dream of mine. I have been away from horses for a few years now and I tell ya its killing me! I would do anything for the farm life again and the show career. I would love to be an apprentice for a western horse trainer. I have been looking for a long time now, but with no luck. I live in Holland Michigan and I am very willing to travel/live on the property just to ride and learn more ways of training these fantastic animals. Please email me if anyone would be interested in my help!

  9. bianca

    To whom it may concern,

    my name is bianca,

    i am a 21year old student looking for a job, would love to have a job with horses. I have done showjumping for 16 year and am very experienced i am really patient with people young and old would love to pursue this dream of mine please let me know.

    yours sincerely

  10. Tyler

    To whom it may concern,

    My name is Tyler and yes I am a girl, anyways I have been riding since I was 10yrs old. I am 22. and is very experienced with English riding and showjumping. Horses are my passion. Currently my horse is hurt and I still would like to pursue this. I live in Orange County. Let me know if you have any questions or are interested.

    Thank you,

  11. im teri

    i would love a job that involves horses i have a 13 year experience i am 13 and i will be 14 next month i have full experience of being around them.

  12. samantha mcquiston

    i am a high school student that loves horses but is having troubles finding a job with them if anyone has anything they can help me with plz let me no thnx

    Samantha McQuiston

  13. Karan Sunderji

    I am 18yrs of age. I have grown up with a passion to become a trainer just like my father Trainer S K Sunderji working at the RWITC INDIA
    if there is a job there for me as i have a good knowlege about horses kindly drop a reply 4 me which i will answer at the earliest

  14. kris

    good day im kris from philippines, im a race horse trainer i am looking for a job.i have 6yrs experience in training race horse… if there’s any interested in my service you can send your response to my email. thank’s!

    1. ali

      hi Kris
      i am Ali from libya i just found your post, as i am looking for a horse trainer. please response to my email if you are interested


  15. javeria javed

    To whom it may concern,
    i am probably the youngest applicant since i am only 12 turning 13, but i love and adore horses and live in London. Even if you put me as a horse helper with younger kids to start with i will be fine because i need the experience even though i am small i love horses and have a lot of knowledge about them i am ready for any duty accept barn cleaning when the horse is in the stable.

    thank-you for your time
    please contact me on my email

  16. Tiffany

    MY name is tiffany ( tiff ) Im studing animal care level 2 at bitcon college i have study a level one in animal care last year, i have taken a subject called horse care, i really would like to work with horses! trying to find a job what i want is difficult!..i have volunteerd at hoofbeats equine rehabiltion santruy working with diffacult horses, scince i was 9 now im 17!, worked up their everday,really want to work with horses mostly jumping and nautarl horsemanship,really confident with young and old horses! mostly on the ground, good with any type of horse, just havnt ridden scince my horse died last year, but is getting back into it at college and riding with my friends. would really like someone to give a job and a chance, im hard working and listen carefully..
    thank you

  17. massimo

    I am 36 years I have lived in Italy I have 15 horses trotting in activity ‘, and drive train. trsmesso grandparents have a passion for horses, horse racing in Italy and ‘almost dead, I want to move, I evaluate the proposals as a driver or trainer, for further information contact me via email, waiting for thank you in advance.

  18. Katie

    My name is Katie, I’m 28 and moving to Canada from Australia in late March/early April.

    I’ve had horses for almost 25 years and am currently am Assistant Trainer for my Dad’s harness racing stable. We currently have 18 horses in full work and in total, about 65 standardbreds which are a mix of broodmares, foals, yearlings and ones in work or spelling. As a breeding/racing stable, I’ve been involved with horses from the time their dams are sent to stud to the time they pass away: this includes foaling, handling weanlings/yearlings, breaking, looking after in-foal and foal-at-foot broodmares, feeding including supplement management, injury management as well as jogging through to driving fast work.

    I’m looking to work for a successful stable to increase my knowledge of harness racing training because pacing is my number one passion. I’m keen, a quick learner and am kind to my horses educating them to be sensible and easy to handle.

    For any further information, please email me on
    I look forward to hearing about any relevant opportunities that may arise.

    Regards, Katie

  19. Riss

    I recently just graduated from college, and am looking to further my career with horses. I have been riding since I was 12 and am currently 23. I have been mainly showing in the hunters and equitation all over the US. I love working with young horses and bringing them along in their show careers. I have bought a couple off the track TB’s and just love bringing them along to either suite me or someone else. I currently am working in FL for a family grooming and exercising horses but I eventually really want to work up to training horses, and even working with training students. I am open to moving or living anywhere if the right job opportunity came along. Please if anyone has any job opportunity’s available please email me at

  20. Francisco

    Hi, Im arriving to Australia in the end of the year and Im looking for jobs with horses, I like them and I use to work in Argentina, I have been riding since I was 5 years old;

    Im availabel if you want to email me,

    Thank you,

  21. Kali

    Hi, my name is Kali I’m 21 and am looking to find a job working with horses, as a trainer, assistant trainer or riding instructor. I have been riding since I was 7 and own 5 horses. I know a little about huntseat but western is my specialty. Ive showed in western pleasure, working western and cattle sorting. I am currently getting into barrel racing and reining. Im in North Carolina but am open to relocating if it’s a good job offer. You can contact me at
    Thank you,

  22. Deirdre

    Hello, my name is Deirdre. I am 18 years old and currently still attending high school. I will be graduating in May 2013 and will attend St. Andrews University in fall 2013 to study equine business management and ride for their equestrian team. I am looking for a job as a trainer or groom. I will be in North Carolina. I have been riding for 13 years now. I have experience in Western, Dressage, Hunter Jumpers, and Saddle Seat. My specialty is hunter jumpers. If anyone has anything available, please contact me at
    Thank You,


    My name´s Mauricio Merch, I come from a very solid base of work. I am 28 years old, I speak English, Spanish, Portuguese..

    I started in 2004 as an assistant trainer of the largest trainers, During these years I accumulated experience and knowledge in the midst of high performance horse.
    I’m looking for a place where we can have results together, I believe in a serious work not only in the maneuvers, but in the mind. I have experience in training horses for high performance REINING AND COW HORSE.
    MY RESUME: here is just the bigest shows with American Judges

    2007 Won CupQuerencia Cow Horse OPEN reining
    AGCR ProFuturity
    ABCCC ProFuturity
    Creoles Breedens NationalChampion Open Cup
    Querencia 2008 CupChampion Colts
    Querencia snaffle Cup Champion
    Open Futurity ChampionAGCR

    Res Champion Derby AGCR
    ABQM Futurity Champion
    ABQM National Open Champion AQHA
    ABCCC Futurity Champion OPEN
    2012 Europian Champion NRHA-Hungary ( Ebony Orima )
    I did clinics with Craig Schmersal, Shawn Flarida, Todd Bergen, Todd Crawford 2 times, Jay Holmes, Les Volget 4 times, Bob Loomins, Brent Wright, Joe Hayes

    Mauricio Merch

  24. Natalia

    Im looking for job with horses in France.
    actually my experience is minimal because i used to do horse riding when i was a child (now im 20) but i learn very fast :)

  25. Nicole Louise

    Hello everyone,
    For the summer of 2015 I would love to work somewhere with horses. I’m a 21 year old Dutch girl, at the moment a student at the VU University in Amsterdam where I major in Communication and Information. My hobby has always been doing things with horses, whatever it may be! I have over 7 years of riding experience in both English and Western style and jumping and dressage is nothing new to me. I also have experience in grooming. Unfortunately, I do not have experience in hands on training, but I am willing to learn! If you have tips or a place for me to work this summer, please notify me.
    I am looking for a place to work in Europe. I am independent, though love working in teams. I am eager to learn more and love to work outdoors. I never stress, but I give it all I can. Do you know a place or need a hand on your facility, let me know!
    Best regards, Nicole Louise de Groot,

  26. Katie Trezza

    Hello everyone, my name is Katie. I am almost 18 years old and I have been riding horses since I was 8. I have always had a passion for horses, and I’m positive I want to make a career out of it. I am graduating high school this year and my intentions are to do an internship for the summer and attend community college start fall. I am extremely dedicated and very excited to be thinking about the rest of my life as a potential horse trainer. I’m open to any position, and I am a reliable hard-working person. Thank you.

  27. nat

    hi i love horses and im looking for a job working with horses and want to become a show jumper I have had experience with horses before and learned how to trot on both sides but still need to learn to canter I also need a place to ride but first I need a job around jumpers to


  28. Madison

    I live in Seattle, Washington, USA. I train horses for trail, reining, and all round pleasure. All of the horses I train are responsive and quiet. I have trained many different kinds of horses with many different attitudes. Some have had bolting, rearing, kicking, spooking, and handling problems. I have worked with geldings, mares, stallions, and foals. I also have experience with wild, unhandled, mustangs.

    My training methods come from Australian horseman Warwick Schiller. I have gone to his clinics and gotten lots of advice from him. I also have a little Clinton Anderson, Ray Hunt, and Buck Brannaman under my belt. I have read and studied under other various trainers.

    I speak Korean and English, learning French and Spanish. I lived in Korea for year and have travelled back and forth numerous times.

    Please leave me an email if you are interested!

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