Incredible Photoshop Horses

Mixing photoshop and horses can create some pretty incredible images.

Horse in Living Room Photoshop Image

Pardon me, would you have any Grey Poupon?
Image From Mundo

Zebra Rhino Photoshop Image

Image From Photoshop Talent

Tiger Horse Photoshop Image

Tigers, enhancing their bloodlines to avoid extinction since 1969
Image From Freaking News

Centaur Photoshop Image

Shunned from the olympic equestrian games, the centaur takes up archery in the hopes of competing in 2012
Image From Louie Cocchiola

Laughing Horse Photoshop Image

I told you to stay away from dentists in the city, yo
Image From Photoshop Talent

Horse Duck Photoshop Image

Like being an ugly duckling wasn’t bad enough…
Image From Oskar N

Thoroughbred Groupers - Photoshop Image

I used to eat fresh seafood, now I eat grass. Whoopee my dream came true…
Image From Joey Bootz


Sarah rocks the competition on her favorite mount Rusty Old Toy
Image From mmbk

Huge Dog and Horse Photoshop Image

How to terrify a woman on the first date…
Image From Urban Legends

Two Headed Horse Photoshop Image

One horse + two attitudes = no fun to ride
Image From Photoshop Talent

Professional Running Horse Photoshop Image

The new spokes model for Nike Airabian shoes
Image From Photoshop Talent

Centaur Photoshop Image

Centaur Carl makes an ass of himself on the topless beach
Image From Photoshop Talent

Horse Photoshop Image

Texas Limo, getting your kids to the square dance safely since 1975

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33 Comments on “Incredible Photoshop Horses

  1. sam

    so stubid but funny and the dog is bigger ps whoever reads this gets the honor to give me a 100 $$$$$ dollors not cense$$

    1. Bella

      the only one i likes was the horse in you living room, that was cool but the rest was retarded and STUPID.

  2. Andy Juell

    Hi there;
    Some of these images are right up on my ‘needs’ list. Not any of these, but a variation. Might need three or four total. Looking for the principles that produced these. Book project — b/w to specs.
    Can you point me to someone. Some head amputations, horse in a bathroom mirror, etc.

    1. pamela

      Andy Juell? Use to be Andy Glen? Is this possibly you? Sure would be nice if it was. Seems you have dissappeared would love to hear from you

      Merry Christmas


  3. Andee

    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha I loved all of these! Especially the “I used to eat fresh seafood, now I eat grass” one. LOVE IT!

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