The Coolest Photoshop Horse Pictures

No doubt some people have way too much time on their hands, but it works to our benefit when boredom creates unique digital horse art for all to enjoy.

Here, some of photoshop’s tricksters show off their finest equestrian work.

HorsePower Photoshop image

The reality of horsepower
Image from Imagarth

Horse-Bird Photoshop image

All I said was I wished I could fly…that Genie had a sick sense of humor
Image from aklipk

High Horse Photoshop image

Yeah, I rode the Elle Mcpherson of the horse world
Image from TeflonMike

Horse Bike Photoshop image

More horsepower = better tricks
Image from Marlbro

Sea Horse Photoshop image

Psssst…I can’t swim
Image from Lubia

Blue Horse Crane Photoshop image

If I can fly, why am I eating soggy food again?
Image from Mayfae

Fat Horse Photoshop image

High fructose horse
Image from Derek Burns

Horse Chestnut Photoshop image

Something tells me Edward Scissorhands has been here.
Image from Sugarcane

Horse Bug Photoshop image

For the last time, quit calling me a horsefly!
Image from Steevo

Surfing Horse Photoshop image

Trigger on vaction
Image from Koosricardo

Horse Cloud Photoshop image

Sometimes it gets old, pulling this cloud around the sky with me
Image from frankenstijn

Horse See Photoshop image

They say my eyes are my best feature…

Horse Picnic Photoshop image

So um, do you get sore when you sit like that?
Image from Penbender

Sea Horse Photoshop image

So thirsty…
Image from Sugarcane

Horse Photoshop image

I’m a broom!
Image from Donnie7

Horse Photoshop image

No seriously, I’m a prince and I was cursed…
Image from Kaezar

Horse playing guitar Photoshop image

Riding through the desert on a horse with no name…
Image from James Marzy

Horse Photoshop image

The surgeon promised that women love horses, so I went for it
Image from George55

Pegasus Photoshop image

It’s the landing I have problems with…
Image from Lunarsun

Horse Hair Photoshop image

Hey you guys, is there something in my hair?
Image from Los Cuatro Ojos

Creepy, But Strangely Intriguing…

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49 Comments on “The Coolest Photoshop Horse Pictures

    1. nikole

      You can’t it’s not real but sorry to burst your bubble but you just can’t it’s all fake can’t you tell?

  1. Haven

    wow…u ppl must hav a lot of time on yer hands to b creating stupid pictures such as this…i mean get real. get a life and a real job, move outta yer mom’s house and grab a gf/bf fer Christ’s Sake.

    1. Layna

      Hey yeah that was kind of rude. Some people actually enjoy doing these things, and so do it for a living! You need to shut you little mouth and get over YOURself. Thanks :)

    2. Laura horses

      Okay Haven you need to chill. Oh, and by the way you said the person who made this must be wasting their time and need to get a life, well you’re the one who took the damn time to comment on it so leave her alone. Maybe she wants us all just to have a laugh and get away for a while, I know this has helped with my writers block. So just shut up and stop hating.



  3. Kimica

    LAUREN, was that “U need a poo” or “I need a poo”? And why do your call your mother “The My Mum”? Maybe you should get her to come change your diaper for you; you sound a little cranky.

  4. Sam

    To all of you “Haters” stop being so mean its something most ppl enjoy and if you dont like it no one really cares…at all so if you have nothing nice to say shut up

  5. Ashley

    You guys are ridiculous and overreacting. Not to mention incredibly rude. Someone put a lot of time and work into photoshopping these pictures for us to admire and giggle at. Why would you threaten to report it? I’m a horse owner, rider, and lover and it doesn’t offend me at all. I think these people did an awesome job. Love the white horse in the clouds. Great job

  6. Kaitlyn!

    I loved these! i adore photoshop,i can’t believe some of these comments. some are really rude. i plan on going to collage for photography and graphic design and hope i can do stuff like this soon

    1. Hailey

      yeah there cool but they shouldnt be put like that cuz people are gonna make fun of them especially the fat horse photos and its not there falt its there owners!!!!!! :-(

  7. Frankenstijn

    I was just browsing around the internet when I found this page. Love to see one of my favorites work back here.
    More photoshop work of me can be found on

  8. Palomina

    Well you poeple have some interesting things to say there my peeps. Thats for damn sure. Well I certenly have to agree with some of you, these are pretty stupid. Like that broom horse or the guitar mare, prety wasted. But then theres the horsey hair and that mountain horse. But for those of you who are dudging these poeple who don’t get the time wasting on this photoshop, i think yo rong. Let them speak there hot headed language. Unless you’re just posting for time use. Because that is damn sad.

    BYE=:P ie

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