The Largest Collection of Horse Graffiti Ever Pt. 1

Horse Graffiti

Image from Duncan Cumming

Regardless of your stance on graffiti, you have to admit that some of the artwork is amazing. I’ve always enjoyed street art and I love horses, so I thought I’d look into the street art scene and see if they liked horses too.

It Turns Out Street Artists Like Horses

Initially it seemed that the horse is not a popular graffiti subject, however as I started to intensify my search I was able to find interesting horse graffiti from around the globe.

In fact, I found so much of it I had to break them down into several posts.

Horse Graffiti

Image from Sam3

Horse Graffiti

Image from Salkiwi

Horse Graffiti

Image from Banksy

Horse Graffiti

Image from Probek

Horse Graffiti

Image from Podoboq

Horse Graffiti

Horse Graffiti

Image from Fifi LePew

Horse Graffiti

Horse Graffiti

Image Copyright © Andrew Pettigrew 2007 (All Rights Reserved), Harry Halibut’s Flickr Photos

Horse Graffiti

Image from Indie Ink

Horse Graffiti

Image from Itchy Pixel

Horse Graffiti

Image from Live Nature

Horse Graffiti

Image from Jamie CA

Horse Graffiti

Image from Hradcanska

Horse Graffiti

Image from Thom Wisdom

Horse Graffiti

Image from Dev Null

Horse Graffiti

Image from Dev Null

Horse Graffiti

Image from Simpologist

Horse Graffiti

Image from p0ps

If you’ve seen more and have pictures of them, send them to me. I’ll post them and share them with everyone.

Be sure to check out the rest of the series Pt. 2 | Pt. 3.

17 Comments on “The Largest Collection of Horse Graffiti Ever Pt. 1

  1. lauren

    most of these pictures technically are not graffiti. Graffiti is illegal drawing,painting, or scribbling on public surfaces where a lot of these pictures appear to be mural work.

    1. Lynda W

      Someone failed to even look in the dictionary when they posted that graffiti was illegal…etc. This is the correct definition of graffiti:

      plural noun sing. graffito -·fi?to (-?)

      inscriptions, slogans, drawings, etc. scratched, scribbled, or drawn, often crudely, on a wall or other public surface
      Etymology: It, scribblings < graffio, a scratch < L graphium: see graft

      There is nothing illegal about maybe on trespasses or defaces public property and that is illegal…but graffiti in and of itself is not. In fact, I consider the subject as sending a message, or the picture as art. Someone needs to not be so close-minded…and accept graffiti for the message it is sending.

      Great photos. All I usually see are train cars that have been tagged by the gangs…although at some of our parks they have some of the cement electricity casings and the outside walls of the public restrooms painted. And…some of the artists were paid to paint the graffiti for the publics enjoyment.

      So…put that in your pipe and smoke it and do refer to a dictionary before you give a definition!

  2. Paige Filler

    Hi Lauren,

    Even if these artists did have permission to spray paint their work onto public (or private) walls, it is all still considered graffiti.
    Not all of these pieces would be classified as murals within graffiti circles. Really, graffiti is a blanket term used to cover many forms of urban street art and it does not necessarily indicate illegal activity.

    1. Marty

      actually graffiti is a recognized form of art and whatever these are I enjoyed them……….

  3. Alice

    wow these are so cool!! I rly like the realistic ones and the one with the pic of the guy cleaning it off

    1. Judith deRancourt

      Just viewed Part 1. What marvelous creations! I was really touched by the barn doors with horses on bricks. Also, I was strangely moved by the man power-washing the wall just below. Thank you for all of these
      images….they made my day.

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  5. Zach

    You are correct Paige Filler, it is a blanket term whether it is illegal or not, but most of those pics are not legal. For instance, Bansky the 4th down is a stencil/graff artist and are not legal and he lives in europe and actually has a book of all his work and it is quite amazing! Take a look at some of his other work:

    Just because it is not legal doesn’t mean it is not true art!

  6. Abracadaver

    Hehehe… This is rare – I spot my home town while killing time on the internet? And here I thought we were too far from interesting things to be all that noteworthy out here in the big scary internet. XD

    But yeah… that second one from the top is along the train line I have to take if I want to go, well, pretty much anywhere in this city… I always kinda absent-mindedly looked up from my book or whatever to see it as I went past. <3

  7. Sarah

    And i too agree that not all of this work is graffiti. These paintings are absoulutely spectacular. ITs just sad that these children would use their beautiful and talented art skills on public property. And I being an artist can see talent. And lots of it.

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