A List of Equine Magazine Blogs Worth Following

Horse Publication BlogsThere are a wide variety of horse blogs out there in cyberspace and just when it seems like I’m following them a good %, I find still more. It’s impossible to catalogue them all, but I’m trying.

The Magazine List

Over the past few weeks I have shared a horse art and photography blogs this week I want to share some of the equine publications & magazine blogs. Some are their main blog and others are staff members or writers.

I have tried to limit it to more active blogs and if I’m forgetting anyone my apologies – do speak up in the comments if I should be following your blog & I will!

Magazines & Publications
America’s Horse Daily An educational resource that posts articles about health, genetics, training tips and answer reader questions.
Bloodhorse A frequently posting racing magazine with a constant stream of events, field listings, results and recent news.
Dressage Daily Everything dressage, including events, results, news, human interest stories, and informative articles.
Equine Journal They post a variety of horse event and equestrian information. They have blogs in a variety of subjects & this is their news feed.
Horse and Country TV They post a variety of advice, news, contests and information from the horse world.
Horse and Country Celebrities Has a huge list of equine celebrities with blogs you can follow.
Horse and Country News Or you can follow their main news feed which keeps you up to date with the latest.
Hooked on Horses A horse mag from Essex that posts a variety of UK equestrian news.
Horse & Hound They post a variety of helpful tips, contests, news and information about the equestrian industry in the UK.
Horse Family Magazine Less formal than some of the others, they post fun & informative horse articles.
Horsetalk NZ They post horse news from around the globe – they post a lot, but it’s a good place for news.
On Staff at Horse&Rider Two of the H&R editors blog about their experience with the magazine.
The Horse They post a variety of horse health and general news articles daily.
The Chronicle of the Horse Mainly a dressage based site, they post results, events and news.
Western Horse Review Focused on the western discipline, they post advice, news, anecdotes and a variety of general info.
Horse Magazine An Australian horse magazine that offers a variety of blogs, this one is their general news blog.

What’s Next?

Don’t worry, I know that there are tons of Natural Horse mags out there and I’ve dedicated a post specifically to them. Be sure to check out my lists of horse artists and photographer blogs if you haven’t already, and stay tuned because next week I’ll post a list of horse association blogs worth following.

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  1. Lynn Scott

    With 4 writers regularly contributing to the Northernhorse blog, it is a current source of news, information and stories about horses. Please check us out!

  2. Emma Wilson

    Hi! I have recently set up ‘Tack and Tail’… a new, light hearted, Australian horse blog that explores the trials and tribulations found when breaking-in and training horses for the first time.

    Tack and Tail gives honest experiences about breaking in and training young horses with a bit of horse talk intertwined!

    Please join us at http://www.tackandtail.com

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