Horses of the Artistic Masters

Horses of the Artistic MastersOver the years I have been writing this website I have formed a much greater appreciation for art. Although I must confess a special love for equine art, I enjoy other subjects as well.

To combine two of my favorite things has been a lot of fun as I’ve searched the web for horses in art as painted by the masters. I started with some of the most recognized artists on the planet and as I added them I kept running across more.

Not all of them are recognized masters, but they were or are all masterful artists & their horses are worth a look.

Horses of the Masters

I’ve listed them in alphabetical order for easier viewing & all links open in a new window.

Peter Nicolai Arbo
Ivan Bilibin
Willy Bosschem
Asmus Carstens
Salvador Dali
Francisco de Goya
Alfred Dedreux
Eugene Delacroix
Albrecht Dürer
Otto Eerelman
Henry Farny | Pt. 2
Rudolf Koller
Juliusz Kossak
Leonardo da Vinci
Evariste Vital Luminais
Franz Marc
Anton Mauve
Pablo Picasso
Frederic Remington
Peter Paul Rubens
Valentin Serov
George Stubbs
Vincent Van Gogh
Diego Velazquez
Carle Vernet
James Ward

Just Can’t Get Enough

Be sure to check back because there are more posts in the works & I’ll continue to add them here as they post.

4 Comments on “Horses of the Artistic Masters

  1. BAT

    hello Equine. I am very interested and enjoyed your site. recently i found ur website and keep reading ur post. i m looking forward your next post. i m also running the blog which is also about horse. but you do not understand (language) my blog that’s bad. In the future i will post english news about Mongolian horse. then see you. Good luck and all the best. From Mongolian Horseman BAT. My blog (you may see)

  2. enlightenedhorsemanship

    When did you change your tagline? 100% Horse Crap is hilarious!
    There is no way on earth I could ever choose a favorite artist, though you have certainly made an exhaustive list of them to choose from.
    Whoever made the White Horse of Uffington (though not technically an artist(??) would get my vote.

  3. kata

    This is a wonderful project you’ve produced for all of us who love horses and art. Don’t forget the Itailian painters of the 1400s – like Uccello and Piero della Francesca and Bennozo Gozzoli and Pisanello. Also, Jan Van Eyck painted a beautiful group of mounted knights in his Ghent Altarpeice.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Richard Bradshaw

    A good website for anyone interested in depictions of horses in art. I am particulaly interested in those which depict heavy-horses that are decorated and display the early use of english harness decorations. The best of these is J.F Herring (Snr) The Quarry (1858) and his slightly earlier, The Harvest (1857) which both depict early horse brasses in use.

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