Equine Medical and Health Apps for iPhone

Medical & Health Horse iPhone AppsAs handy as all of the apps I’ve posted are, today’s subject may just be the most useful of them all. Medical & health issues are a regular occurrence for horse owners so these may just be the best reason to have your iPhone!

Horse Medicine & Health At Your Fingertips

They are accident prone animals and that’s just part of life with a animal of prey. While these apps won’t save your horse’s skin in an emergency, they do provide practical information and med dosages useful in daily horse care. For each app I’ve provided a brief description and a link to them on the iTunes app store.

Equine AcuPoints

Equine AcuPointsA working or study tool which allows users to leave their books & charts at home. This app provides clear images, point classifications & common acupoints for specific conditions.

Equine AcuPoints - Tallgrass Publishers, LLC
Created by Tallgrass Publishers, LLC

Equine Drugs

Equine DrugsDeveloped by a vet this handy app covers 535 dose regiments for 358 different horse drugs. Features keyword search, dose calculator & notes for each entry.

Equine Drugs - Equine Advances Ltd
Created by Equine Advances Ltd

FEI CleanSport Equine Prohibited Substances

FEI CleanSport Equine Prohibited SubstancesAccess the FEI Prohibited Substances Database from the palm of your hand. It should be noted that the app list is not exhaustive but contains the most popular trade names in certain countries.

FEI CleanSport Equine Prohibited Substances Database - EquiApps.com
Created by EquiApps.com

Horse Medicine

Horse MedicineThis is a flashcard app that helps teach users about equine ailments and how to treat them with the appropriate medications.

Horse Medicine - simpaddico llc
Created by simpaddico llc

VetMed EQ

VetMed EQCreated for equine veterinarians, this application provides current drug information and dosing calendar. Should be used under the discretion of a vet.

VetMed EQ - FES Solutions
Created by FES Solutions

VetPDA Calcs

VetPDA CalcsCreated by the University of California, Davis this app contains 21 useful calculators for veterinary students and professionals.

VetPDA Calcs - University of California, Davis
Created by University of California, Davis

Happy Shopping

Don’t worry, there are plenty more horsey apps to come, check back often because next time I’m working my way to horse movies on iTunes. Until then, be sure to check out some informative and useful apps.

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