Informative Equine iPhone Apps on iTunes

Informative Horse iPhone AppsThe search for iPhone apps has been a blast, there are some seriously creative people embracing the mobile horse industry. So far I’ve covered everything from fun apps to useful apps to training apps & today’s is a good list too.

Horse Information At Your Fingertips

Let’s face it, you will never know everything there is to know about horses…no one can. While that is part of their charm, it can also be a source of frustration to horse owners. These apps are designed to help people in find answers about horses on the go. For each listing I’ve provided a brief description and a link to them on the iTunes app store.

Encyclopedia of Horses

Encyclopedia of HorsesThis app contains a variety of general horse information including anatomy, colors, reproduction as well as other basics.

Encyclopedia of Horses - fionazul
Created by fionazul


GoHorseShowThe official iPhone app for dedicated to show & event news for AQHA, APHA, ApHC, NSBA & WCHA.

GoHorseShow - appmii
Created by appmii

Horse Breeds

Horse BreedsGives you access to horse breed info on the go. Utilizes the wikipedia database to bring you information about the breeds of the world.

Horse Breeds -
Created by

Horse Breeds

Horse BreedsA comprehensive guide to all major breeds of horse including images, interesting facts, identifying characteristics and historical info about each one.

Horse Breeds - Stroika
Created by Stroika

Horse Glossary

Horse GlossaryA mobile glossary of horse terms that covers most aspects of life with horses including colors & markings. Features an easy-to-use layout, a keyword search, definitions and illustrations.

Horse Glossary - Deep Powder Software
Created by Deep Powder Software

Horses Flip: Breed Flashcards

Horses Flip: Breed FlashcardsA great way to learn the horse breeds of the world, this breed flashcard app features over 100 horse breeds with large images, history and facts about each one.

Horses Flip: Flashcards of Horse Breeds - Proffitt Ink
Created by Proffitt Ink

Quarter Horse News

Quarter Horse NewsThe official iPhone app for which offers the latest in the world of performance horses, event results, sale info and news.

Quarter Horse News - appmii
Created by appmii


StallionBookThe world’s first and only global stallion register right at your fingertips. Features stallions from around the world with an overview, racing record, pedigree and more.

StallionBook - Weatherbys Ltd.
Created by Weatherbys Ltd.

The Equestrian Guide

The Equestrian GuideProvides a variety of equine terminology, definitions, informative articles and health info. Easy to use, powerful search and glossary based interface allow you to find what you need.

The Equestrian Guide - Deep Powder Software
Created by Deep Powder Software

And The List Goes On…

There is more to come so be sure to check back for some handy horse medical & health iPhone apps. Until then be sure to check out some more useful equine apps.

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    Has anybody Seen Horse 360 on Itunes. Now that is an App that i have learnt something from

  2. Lucy

    I got the lite versiom of Horse 360. its pretty cool. But I would reccomend the full version. But I really like it. :)

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