A Collection of Photoshop Horses – Pt 4

Fourth in the horse photoshop collection series, more freaky horses coming right up.

Photoshopped sumo wrestler and horse jumping

An unlikely combo indeed
Image from Solipse1

Photoshopped two headed horse

But where does it all go?
Image from jcamilo

Photoshopped smoke horse

Waaay better than smoke rings
Image from escala

Photoshopped woman centaur

Where does she keep her arrows?
Image from molf

Photoshopped Nose eye

Don’t worry, they only flare up when I’m angry
Image from eDorie

Photoshopped rider carrying horse

A change of pace
Image from psdreamer

Photoshopped horse rubiks cube

Because the picture wasn’t twisted enough to begin with
Image from Twister

Photoshopped man feeding tiny horse

Every horse lover secretly wishes for one of these
Image from Keb

Photoshopped Horse rock

Have you ever made it to the top of horse mountain?
Image from jefdriesen

Photoshopped horse racing

What’s the handicap on that horse?
Image from Lsgenie

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