A Collection of Photoshop Horses – Pt 5

The final installment in the horse photoshop collection, until I find more of course. I saved some of the best for last.

Photoshopped horse lizard

This one is just creepy
Image from fcuetoq

Photoshopped Horse woman

Plastic surgery has gone too far in Hollywood
Image from msNicole

Photoshopped Paris Hilton holding tiny horse

Wow, rich people really can buy anything
Image from Registered

Photoshopped Horse grasshopper

Now I win every jumping class I enter
Image from scorpio777

Photoshopped Horse riding lizard

Any relation to the Geiko Gecko?
Image from tushie

Photoshopped Horse with battery

The plot to put the energizer bunny out of business
Image from SuperPimp

Photoshopped horse gorilla

The gorse stands silent guard over her gorselings
Image from szandor

Photoshopped female centaur

Is there such a thing as a sexy horse?
Image from Pitinhas

Photoshopped jumping horse skeleton

He’s feeling really heavy on the forehand today…
Image from steveRS

Photoshopped girl horse

If horses were drag queens
Image from kahuahua

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20 Comments on “A Collection of Photoshop Horses – Pt 5

    1. shannon

      Umm… ever thought of the effort this person put into this? I thought it was funny… and you’re a jerk! :(

    2. Grimm

      Tanner. you must make your momma so proud. Retard is, as retard does. M-o-o-n, that spells moon.

      We have people like you in the UK, they’re called morons, or perhaps, mornons without the slightest inkling of what it takes to dream and be human.

      In the US I think you may be known as a complete A-hole.

      Hope you finish 3rd grade sometime before you’re fifty five (though I doubt it)

      compliments on the amusing photoshop work, great stuff and great imagination.



      1. victoria

        um one more thing i find you retarded GRIMM.i dont care what you say and also there is more then one way to say asshole then a-hole watch an example.GRIMM=ASSHOLE

    1. Abbie

      Look….victoria use your imagination because obviously it’s not very good i mean you have no sense of humor get a life and grow up :L

  1. Casey

    This is SO gay i mean it is FUCKING insane with you guys but the lady with the mare bottom is TOTALLY hot. I agree with Tanner he is like the awesomest person cuz i my university is alot of people like that.

    GRIMM…..I hope you FINISH your nursery…. imma really sry did i hurt your feelings? Oh….go run to your momma!!! Go get a life than calling people Jerks and your in Nursery!!! Hope you finish it before you die….( I doubt it though )

  2. Snoo

    Awesome. If you people don’t like it then don’t, because if you appreciate the time spent in these you might just understand. This is art and if you don’t like it, go find a different type of art.

    1. foreman

      I can definitely tell you put a lot of hard work into these pictures. I think they’re very creative and well done, definitely don’t let people like that get you down :)

  3. justhero

    Very nice! Great imagination. Indeed, it took great effort to do these stuff. I liked the Sea horse and the Horse fly! you should add a horseshoe crab lol!!

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