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UnicornMost debates about the existence of the mighty unicorn are passionate ones. An innocent post about the existence of unicorns turned into a grand discussion about mythical creatures of all types.

So, for all of you unicorn lovers out there, (and I know there is a lot of you) I put together a list of some of the best unicorn books I could find.

Whether you want to find your inner unicorn, learn about their lore or read about unicorn adventures, I’ve got you covered.

Black Unicorn

Black Unicorn

A coming of age story set in a mythical land where a young girl brings a unicorn skeleton come to life. In doing so unwittingly becomes part of an adventure that leads to an ancient prophecy.


If I Found a Wistful Unicorn: A Gift of Love

If I Found a Wistful Unicorn

First released in 1978, this is a simple book of love and relationships. The language is poetic and inspiring and the illustrations are whimsical and sweet.


Into The Land of The Unicorns

Into The Land of The Unicorns

About a young girl who follows the cryptic advice of her grandmother and ends up in the land of unicorns. Not recommended reading for young children, some of the creatures she encounters are too real.

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The Lady and the Unicorn

The Lady and the Unicorn

Inspired by the 6 unicorn tapestries that hang in the Museum of the Middle Ages in Paris. It is a tale of forbidden love and the purifying powers of a unicorn horn.

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The Last Unicorn

The Last Unicorn

A unicorn lives alone in the forest until one day she decides to go find her kind. She learns she is the last one and goes on a fantastic journey to free her kinsmen from King Haggard & his red bull.

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The Natural History of Unicorns

The Natural History of Unicorns

Following the trail of the unicorn throughout history, this book discusses the possibility of their actual existence. Although ruled out in the scientific world, these magical beasts live on in the hearts of many walks of life.

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The Secret World of Unicorns

The Secret World of Unicorns

A beautifully illustrated book that will teach folks everything they need to know about unicorns. Whether you want to know where to find them or what they eat.

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The Unicornis Manuscripts: On the History and Truth of the Unicorn

The Unicornis Manuscripts

Long considered one of the prominent books on the subject, the Manuscripts explain the lore of the unicorn. Filled with beautiful illustrations by the author which provide masterful examples to go along with his research.

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The Wonder of Unicorns

The Wonder of Unicorns

A more spiritual look at the unicorn as a personal totem or a guide. Delves into meditations, rituals and ceremonies that can help you find your inner unicorn.

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Unicorns of Balinor Series

The Road to Balinor

The Road to Balinor

The first of the series setting the scene for 8 epic tales about a girl and her unicorn. Ari learns she isn’t from our world, but the troubled world of Balinor.

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Sunchaser’s Quest

The Road to Balinor

Book number two, Ari continues to learn more about her true identity. A big part of her past is her unicorn Sunchaser and an adventure ensues to find the missing part of his horn.

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Valley Of Fear

Valley Of Fear

Book three finds Sunchaser with his horn & powers back. On to their next adventure Sunchaser & Ari are on the trail of Ari’s parents, the King & Queen.

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By Fire, By Moonlight

By Fire, By Moonlight

In the fourth book we meet new characters as Ari and her unicorn Chase continue on their adventures. The plot thickens as their enemies become more & more sinister.

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Search For The Star

Search For The Star

In the fifth book the celestial unicorns are at great risk. Ari & Chaser must find the jewel stolen by the Evil Shifter to save the unicorn herd.

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The Secrets Of The Scepter

The Secrets Of The Scepter

The sixth book finds Ari & Chaser on a dangerous voyage to Crystal Arch. They need to visit the Dreamspeaker & learn how to control the magic scepter.

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Night Of The Sifter’s Moon

Night Of The Sifter's Moon

In the seventh book we find Ari & her unicorn Sunchaser armed with the royal scepter. Together they must battle Shifter during the Shifter’s moon to reclaim the throne.

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Shadows Over Balinor

Shadows Over Balinor

The last book of the series and Ari learns the whole truth about the past. She discovers how the fallen unicorns have become evil shadow unicorns through magic.

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Unicorns Forever

For the die hard fans, you may want to check out my list of Robert Vavra’s horse books, he has several pretty amazing unicorn picture books too.

156 Comments on “Unicorn Books

  1. ayla lookenburg

    i think unicorns are out there just hidden from us humans because they’re afraid if we se them we’ll kill them.

    1. LoverOfUnicorns

      I disagree. I believe unicorns exist. They are only too wise. The only time should they let a human come into contact with them is if they are unarmed, without a camera or such to give proof, and if they are gentle beings. Unicorns are wise, never afraid.

  2. Sharon

    I can’t remember the name of my favorite Unicorn book and it’s killing me that I can’t find it. It’s a children’s book and the rough premise of the story is that this young horse is jealous of the unicorns because of their pretty horns and wants to become one. But in order to do that he/she needs to find a specific special crystal (I think in a land covered in them) and when they touch their forehead to that crystal, their own horn will grow.

    Can anyone help me track down the name and author??

    1. Shadow-Kitty-001

      I’m looking for this too. I was beggining to think I’d made it up. Only I thought it was about a unicorn born without a horn that had to go to a land of crystals to find it. I think it was called the hornelss unicorn, but I can’t remember. I read it eight or ten years ago when I was a little girl.

  3. Kathy

    Totally found it! “The Unicorn Who Had No Horn” by Margaret Holland and Craig McKee. I loved that book too.

    Also used to love “The Baby Unicorn” and its sequel, “Baby Unicorn and Baby Dragon.” (I didn’t like the sequel as much because they used a different illustrator and I thought the pictures were UG-LY!)

    1. Cori

      Oh my god, thank you SOOOO much! I’ve been trying to find this book too, but I haven’t heard the name since I was a really little kid. I thought it was a movie forever; asked my parents, and they thought it was a movie too! YAYAYAYA! (i’m excited. can you tell?)

  4. Kathy

    There was also a sequel to “Had No Horn” by the same authors: “Alexandra and the Vanishing Unicorns.” Have not read the sequel so I don’t know if its any good.

    1. Sharon

      Thank you so much! I’ve just ordered both books for my sister. She’s having a baby and I’d really like to share them =D

  5. Paige

    Okay. There was this one unicorn book I read in elementary school and i can’t remember the name. And it’s been bothering me for years! The book is about I think a princess has a device around her ankle and when humans are around she turns into a human (she is a unicorn princess) and then she gets stuck. And this other girl has to go and find some way to help her get back so she goes off with this other unicorn and they go on an adventure. The book is a series and at some point in one of the books, the main character (the human that’s not a unicorn) is in a church running from someone with a friend and they jump off the bell tower when the 12th chime rings and this transports them to the other world with unicorns.

    I know it’s confusing but if anyone can tell me what the name of the books/series are I would appreciate it very much. By the way, it’s a chapter book. Not like a children book with pictures. And they’re pretty thick books. Just sayin. Thanks guys!

  6. Keely

    Oh! I’ve read those! aren’t they by someone like Bruce Coville? eek! Now it’s plaguing me!

  7. Paige

    Ahah! Yup! That’s the book. Thanks so much. It’s such a relief to know what the book is called now.

    Thanks again! :)

  8. keylinn

    i think they do exzest but not around us ppl yu kno how ppl can get a crazii if they even see a little pink bird or so but i think they exzist in dark places like forrests nd stuff like dat but lol bye (:

  9. Janet

    Just so you know, those books *are* by Bruce Coville, and the series is called The Unicorn Chronicles. The fourth and last book is finally coming out in about a month or so.

  10. sophie watson

    Hi i am 12 years old and live in clide valley and i hate unicorns they r mythacle creachers o and for all u unicorn lovers u r all stupid freaks with a big maginery

    1. Kaitlynn

      And in reality you’re a teenage boy who’s just jealous because you love unicorns but can’t express your love because you’re too afraid to get made fun of.

    2. Francis

      Poor ‘Sophie’, maybe you should learn to spell and then your small and sad little world will open up to how much love is in the air, because a knowledge of literature and how to use it is the gateway to the world. To hate unicorns is like saying you hate fresh air, waterfalls, tall trees and furry animals. I hope you open your heart one day… but soon, because life is short, and rebellion is just another way of showing your fear for the spirit within you and the gift of life. Good luck with finding your own inner unicorn.

  11. Melinda

    Can anyone tell me the name of this book?
    It’s like about this girl who went into a world with unicorns and she can here what the unicorns say.

  12. Leah

    I read a book called Rampant recently. It’s about a girl going to Europe to train as a unicorn hunter because they are man-eating monsters. But only vigins can do it. I can believe this! The author doesn’t really get into the action until the end, but she supports her theory very well.

  13. Lynn

    In the 1980’s I used to have a book with the same theme as the “Unicorn with No Horn” but it was about unicorns deleivering crystals to children so they could have nice dreams of fantasy and I remember bubbles showing what the dreams were.
    The book was smaller than “The Unicorn with no horn” and square shaped.
    Uniocrns would deliever the crystals flying with no wings and would lightly kick them, which would make the dreamcrystals land next to the children sleeping.
    The unicorns were all white with a silver horn no pink ones which was diffrent than “The unicorn with no Horn”.
    It also had a tree with a face in it in the land the unicorns came from.
    The illustrations nicely beatifully illustrated.
    What is the title of that book?
    I’d apperciate anyones help.

  14. Sarah

    For YEARS i’ve been wondering the name of that same book! Alexandra and the Vanishing Unicorns. I LOVED it when I was younger, but couldn’t remember the name of the book. I found it on Amazon and instantly remembered the cover! Thank you SO MUCH for helping me solve this mystery!! :)

  15. Uni-Mom

    My four year old (who has been horse mad since she could say “pony”) has asked me to find unicorn books. Does anyone have a list of picture books on unicorns?

    1. Carmel Prasad

      Hi Uni-Mon,
      Are you still looking for unicorn books for your little girl?
      I am author of “Ursula the Flying Unicorn” a picture book ideal for ages 3-8.
      I can give you more information if you would like to email me.
      Cheers, Carmel

  16. sarah

    i’ve been looking for a book its a bout a family that moved to house like castle and there were two kids, a boy and a girl, and up in the attick the found a tapestry with a unicorn on it. and the unicorn comes out of the picture and plays with the kids.

    anybody know the name?!?!

  17. Joanna Adams

    I think unicorns are simply a wonderful creature! Same with dragons!! I study dragonology and unicornology

  18. Samantha

    For best one the most lovely unicorn books out there is “Unicorn Races” – beautiful book that is absolutely magical!

  19. Rosemary Bowyer

    My sister is asking for a book about unicorns that she saw last year. She only can tell me that it was a small book and had a white cover, with writing on for the title and author, and she thinks it was called “Unicorn”. Any ideas, anyone?

  20. Cara

    My favourite book when I was younger was “The Princess and the Unicorn” but not the one by Carol Hughes.

    The story was about a wise and beautiful princess who saves a unicorn from the royal hunters who wish to sever it’s horn, so that the King could use it as a purifying goblet. The princess persuades them to allow her to keep the unicorn and every night she leads it to the dining hall, where it dips it’s horn into the King’s goblet and it purifies the contents. She loves the unicorn and the unicorn loves her, but one day she falls in love with a prince and sadly the unicorn is neglected. On the eve of the royal wedding, while the unicorn is left alone, a jealous page breaks into the Princess’ room and cuts the unicorns horn off. The Princess finds her beloved Unicorn and cradles his head in her lap, crying herself to sleep. At daybreak, she discovers a new and even more beautiful horn (of course!) has replaced the old one. Now that the King has the severed horn, she returns her unicorn to the forest and every year on her wedding anniversary, they meet at sunrise.

    I read it a gazillion times. The illustrations were so rich and beautiful. Unfortunately, I lost the book several years ago and can’t find another one for my own children. Please help me if you are familiar with the book and know the author’s name or where I might find it. Thanks!

    1. Rain

      Wow, I can’t believe it, but I’m looking for the same exact book as the one you’re describing!

      It was one of my favorite books as a child. The illustrations were breathtaking… so full of detail and texture. I remember the illustrations so well. I’ve been searching for it everywhere. I hope we find it.

      Ps. were you sure that the title was “The Princess and the Unicorn”?

      1. Lisa

        WOW! I was searching the internet for the same exact book. I had it as a child and of course have no idea where it ended up in moves and such but I want it back. I don’t think that’s the right title as nothing comes up with that but if anyone knows what we’re talking about, help locating it would be much appreciated.

    2. fiona

      FOUND IT!!! it is called the Princess and the Unicorn, and its written by Marika Hanbury Tenison.
      I found her on amazon and its the original book that we all were looking for!
      hope you can all find it now! xxxx

      1. pgar

        I think this is the book that I’m looking for but can’t find a photo of the cover. Will someone tell me what the cover looks like?

    3. Dana

      I had a book as a child that sounds like this one. I remember the young girl pricks her finger on a rose and a tear drops on the same rose to form a unicorn that grows inside the tear on the rose. As she grows up she weaves stains of pearls and ribbons and gems in the mane of the unicorn. The Young lady then is to be wed and she still weaves the gifts from the future husband in the mane of the unicorn. As I remember at first the girl did not want to wed and spent more time away with the unicorn. The father made her spend time with her soon to be husband. And how at first the unicorn told the girl neve lie to him or he would die. Which as the story goes she did. The unicorn heartbroken lay near death when the hunters found him. The girl hears about the easy hunt and runs to the dying unicorn. As she hold the head of the unicorn in her lap and cries the unicorns asks why she had stopped coming to visit. She tells the dying unicorn she did not mean to neglect him. If only the unicorn would forgive her would she forgive herself for not being there to protect him. She tells the unicorn how she fell in love and how betrade she felt that her unicorn was hurt at all. And how sorry she was to have lied to the unicorn about how busy she was after falling in love with her beloved husband to be. As she cries and talks to the unicorn, the wounds are healed.

  21. Bronwyn Wright

    Hi, I am looking for a book i read in the 80’s it has a unicorn rearing up on a blue cover and something about 2 boys and 2 girls going under a hedge by this old house and come out the other side in another land. Please help i have been trying for years to remember more but thats all i can.

    1. Kristia

      I think it is called something like Unicorn Crossing, but I am not 100% sure sorry, hopefully this might help.

    2. E. E. D. Cyttonn

      I think you’re thinking of The Secret County by Pamela Dean. The original cover illustration had about thirty unicorns on it, but it was reissued without any unicorns on the cover. The only named unicorn in the book is named Chryse; that might help see if it’s the right book.

  22. Paula

    To Cara:

    My grandmother bought me that book for my birthday as a young girl. i am searching for it too. Cant remember the author, either.

  23. Jenn

    Everyone seems to be having luck finding their long lost unicorn book so I thought I might give it a shot! lol. I don’t know how old this book is, I read it about 15 years ago. It’s a children’s book. The only thing I remember is that it starts out as a young colt(horse, not unicorn) wanting to be a unicorn. Eventually he falls down a waterfall and is badly injured. He is then offered life as a unicorn. The illustrations were beautiful and it is driving me batty not knowing this book. I so badly want to find it again. If anyone has any idea, I’d appreciate it. :)

    1. AEC

      I have a friend who has been looking for a book that sounds very similar except she swears there is this cat with green eyes in the book as well. If anyone finds this book, please let me know!!!

  24. Maureen

    The book I am looking for is also a children’s book. It is about a young unicorn and it’s mother. The mother turns herself into a house to protect the young unicorn from danger. There are dragons. The young unicorn later discovers that there are more unicorns but they are being kept prisoner inside of a cave behind a waterfall that’s guarded by dragons. Anyone know the title of this book?

    1. Pepper


      Please if you find this book let me know! I didn’t see you’re post prior to making mine, but I’m looking for the SAME book!!

  25. Sarah

    When I was little, my sister gave me this book called ‘The Unicorn.’ It’s got a yellow cover and a white unicorn standing in a garden on the front. I believe there are pictures throughout the book. It’s about a girl who rides horses and a secret place, I think like a parallel world. I honestly don’t remember that much about it because I was so young.

    I have lost the book and cannot find it anywhere. I don’t remember who wrote it but it is really, really bugging me that I lost it when we moved house. Does anyone know what book I’m tlaking about?

  26. bella

    With every child that is born a Unicorn comes to life.. As we grow up are Unicorn grows with us.. But at the moment we stop believing.. The Unicorn dies.. So just to say not because we do not see that it does not exist.. Believing is Seeing..

    Keep your Unicorn alive :)

  27. Pepper


    I have been searching for a specific book that I read in elementary school, and would love to find it so I can share it with my daughter. I swear upside down (as does my mother who had to read it a million plus times) that the book was called “The Last Unicorns”, though it is not anywhere similar to Peter Beagle’s “The Last Unicorn”.

    From what I remember, it was a story of a Mother Unicorn and her daughter, in a forest that was overthrown by dragons. The Mother used her magic to turn herself into a cabin in which her daughter could safely live.

    That’s about all I have, but if anyone could please help me out with this I would be incredibly grateful!

    1. Sam

      OMG!!! Yesss!!!! I have been trying to figure out what that book is called!!!! I still don’t know but I am trying to figure it out!!!!!

      It was my favorite book as a child, and I want to get it for my daughter. Good luck to you, please post if you figure it out!!!

    2. Sasha

      I have that book upstairs. Don’t ask me exactly where upstairs, but I know the general area. At the end, there is a baby dragon with a moon shaped star on it’s forehead, right?

      I will look tomorrow– 1:24 in the morning is WAY too late/early to dig through the attic. I hope I remember to… wait I am 100% sure now (since I looked it up on whim) that it is called “The Baby Unicorn” by Jean Marzollo Here is Amazon’s site.


      I loved this book when I was little. I am 13 and still love em’. I don’t know what is wrong with kids “nowaday” (why am I saying THAT?) that they think believing or even liking unicorns is weird or wrong and anything else you can think of. (Some kids are better than that though) That is just a matter of opinion though.

      1:31– Ugh! I better go to sleep>>I AM NOT TIRED!.. if anything… i am hyper….zzzzzz.(Don’t pay any attention to this part)<:)

      There is a sequel called "Baby Unicorn and Baby Dragon" (JUST found that out XD)
      (Good luck and thank you all for some suggestions!)

  28. Katie James

    I read a unicorn book last year that was so wonderful I couldn’t put it down. I bought it off the net for a sick friend and ended up reading it to her while she stayed in hospital. By the time I’d finished, at least 6 other people were waiting for me to read it each day. It isn’t a huge book but just amazing… it’s a bout a girl who meets unicorns… shes lost and only has her dog as a friend but its not anything like you think it will end… It’s called WISH.
    I just found out this week that there are another 2 books in the series so I’ll be ordering them when they get released by the publisher.
    It is a must read if you love unicorns and if you’ve ever been afraid of unhappy and need to read something that’ll leave you feeling like your book is your best friend.
    The lady who wrote the series (got this from the website) is Deby Adair, she
    is from Australia and i wrote to get my friends copy signed by her, thats how much I loved this book!!
    The site is http://www.unicornkisses.com

    1. Joel

      Hey, I’VE read Wish!!! Loved it… loaned it to my sister, she lent it a kid at school and now the teacher’s reading it!!!!! Am going for the whole three when they come out… there’s a blog too at the site coming up, maybe we can catch up there

      CHEERS, unicorns

  29. Deanna

    All I did was type into the search engine “unicorn crystals book” and was trying to find the name of a book when I was a kid. And I found it thanks to this page. It was “The Unicorn Who Had No Horn” THANKS!

  30. Jessica

    i do not remember much about this book, but it is a teen book with no pictures. the cover has a golden tree and a unicorn, i do not remember the title.
    about a young girl who finds a passage through a stone to another realm of fairytale creatures, there is another part i sort of remember. this young girl was at a store with her mother and she would find all this shimmery yellow wrappers everywhere that only she could see laid down by a troll who wanted to test if she was a witch, or maybe a princess. thats all i remember, if you could help i would really appreciate it. i cant find it anywhere, and harder when you dont know the title. :/

  31. Faye

    I’m looking for the book I had as a child for my daughter. I cannot remember the title. I believe I got it from a book fair or through the Scholastic book ordering through school. It is about a young unicorn without a horn who is concerned his horn will not grow. In the final portion of the book he has a showdown with a dragon at a cave with the other unicorns which caused his horn to grow full length. It was beautifully illustrated and would so love for my daughter to have it. Would anyone know the title?

    Thank you!

    1. jami

      Faye, did you ever find the answer to your inquiry? I think we may be looking for the same book. Was that unicorn pink?

  32. Kristia

    I’m hoping someone can help. When I was in elementary school I read a book about a young princess who wasn’t ever aloud outside. I think she sneaks out and while she is outside she finds a rose that she pricks her finger on. This is where I get a little hazy. I think she starts crying because she has never felt pain and in her tear a unicorn starts to grow. She keeps him a secret. She goes out and I believe rides him at night. Eventually there are hunters and she has to try to protect him… I can’t remember the book in great detail. Does anyone have any idea of the book I am talking about?
    I have been searching for a long time

    1. Jamie


      I am searching for the name of that book as well. The King didn’t want the princess to ever experience pain…

      I’m still looking….

      1. Kristia

        Oh thank goodness! I thought maybe I had dreamed the book! Well, I hope one of us finds it! : ) If I find it I’ll make sure to let you know!

        1. Jackie

          Oh my gosh, thank you! I have been looking for this book since I was 9. You guys are my heroes. <3

  33. Nessa

    I am looking for a book that had a young woman as the main character, i think she was a witch. She had a talking black cat companion. I have a hard time remembering it, but I think she was at a castle, serving the king, I forget why. One day she goes in the forest and meets a unicorn. I’m really hazy on the details, that’s all I can remember and I’m sure there is more. help!

  34. Tracker

    The Unicorn is real. Unicorn is a spiritual creature, thats why videos showing a physical Horse with a horn are fake. Below I’ll show an actual Picture of one and let you know how you can start seeing them.

    I first got the book “the Quest: In search of the dragon tooth” by Michael green, same one who wrote Unicornis Manuscripts, In the quest he tells the whole history from manuscripts that where discovered hidden behind a wall that was from the 1600s

    Like the book says, the unicorn is a spiritual creature bound to us in love and service and in the time of great purification will return to seed our minds of a brighter age to come. It go’s on to say that many will hunger to see him but being a spiritual creature the unicorn must conform himself to the images held in the hearts of those who call him forth.

    Magnalusious first saw the unicorn in the flush of springtime when he was caught up in natures beauty, then it dissapear when he speculated on what creature he beheld. Then he saw it a second time later when he sat in revere and prayer for 3 days.

    He also saw the dragon peering at him through a rock, etc. I’ve seen the dragon, unicorn, an Indian fishing with a spear at a stream, countless types of people such as Egyptian types, Indians holding baby’s, and people dressed in clothes from like the early 1900’s. All these things I see looking at my carpet, my walls, dust on cabinets, looking at nature when outside, and looking at images and videos on the net and at home, etc. I see so many things just watching movies!

    No one is going to see unicorns unless you become highly spiritual, like the book says… The unicorn is not drawn to philosophers and schollars but rather to the youthful and innocent. Those few fated to meet the magical beast whore marvously emptied of there bothersome learning and ever after dissinklined to speak of there magical encounter, for the memory of the unicorn is like a tapered sword that words would only dim. It also says “helpfull to the few and troubling to the many” I think mostly since your thoughts won’t be of this world any more and harder to cope, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything, like Jesus said “these things have I kept hidden up because of unbelief.

    If you want to learn to see the unicorn and god, become spiritual or else you won’t see the unicorn or god. Would help to get the book “quest: in search of the dragontooth”. Also learn splatter vision or wide angle vision, that means take everything in at once, don’t focus on one thing in line of vision. Become one with surroundings when gazing, its kind of like looking at them magic eye images, but do it with nature, etc.

    Ok and the proof to show you i’m not nuts, Here is the picture of the unicorn “bearing the spiral horn of light which is the sign of galgiliam, the guide” that I saw and found in a well known movie called “the hunted” starring “Tommy Lee Jones”.

    Tommy Lee Ducks and the unicorn is behind him laying down.


  35. Tracker

    But Like the book says…

    All my friends and fellow students of old all try to surpass one another and profess mastery of things of which they dwell in utter ignorance, to think the beauty of there frail work can concur death, and at the end of there ceaseless activity lies a discontent so profound that it grieves my heart.

    To none of them did I mention the unicorn and his subtle ways, for there proud minds would have either considered him a myth or a scientific curiosity.

    Although I have caused them great amusement, for to there eyes I have become a child again, a superstitious rustic clinging to dim fables in an age of changing ways and bold discovery’s.

    But let others mold the world, at last I go into my retreat.

  36. Tracker

    “This can’t be… Be what, be real? If your talking about what you can see, what you can feel, what you can touch, then real is simply electrical impulses interpreted by your mind”

  37. Katherine

    Hello, I hope you can help me. I read a book when in elementary school from the library at that school and I need to know the name of the book for my sanity’s sake. It was about a race between three Unicorns and the Unicorn who won would be the kings. I’m not sure what they would be of the kings. I know that the two Unicorns ahead of the Third had no time to help people that they came across in their racing but the third stopped to help everyone and that is why he came in last. That is also why he became the kings because he help all those in need along the way. I hope someone can help me.

    1. drel

      PLEASE HELP ME FIND THIS BOOK! I was highly influenced by this story in kindergarten. Sometimes I think it evoked to help others before thinking about myself, which is not always a great thing. Its never a bad thing either. In my kingdom, however, there seems to be no reward nor reciprocity. Find me on facebook @ thedondrel

  38. jessie the unicorn lover

    is it wierd to dream of unicors at 12? or of dragons to believe both are hiding in plain sight?

  39. Nicole

    I am in love with unicorns! unfortunately, none of those books are at my library. I did buy a few books from amazon, though. They are great and i appreciate it!

  40. Missi

    Ok im hoping someone can help me, the book im lookin for is like a collection of stories of where the unicorn came from, one of the last stories in the book tells how noah left the unicorn and thats why their gone, its an old book 70’s or early 80’s……please if anyone can help?

  41. rex

    hey unicorn lovers!

    here’s another kids book request. : ) i’ve been looking for this book for years and i read it in grammar school in the early 80s.

    anyway, the book is about a boy reading a book in a library he falls asleep and wakes in a wood to see a real unicorn. He then goes on a quest and teams up with a manticore, cockatrice, griffon, phoenix and nearly fall foul of a singing mermaid.

    please tell me someone recognizes this.

    fingers crossed!

    1. rex

      hey all,

      i ended up finding the book i was looking for. its called The Land of Forgotten Beasts by barbara wersba.

      its a great read and there is a unicorn in it but its not exclusively about unicorns.

      cheers! : )

  42. Deirdre

    I love Unicorns!!! they are my very favorite mythical creature EVER!!
    I’ve been doing research on them for years and this site really helped!!! THANKS!!!!!

  43. Deirdre

    HELP!!!I need 2 find a book called “The Lore of The Unicorns” BY:Odell Shepard. Does ANYBODY know where I can find it!?!? HELP!!!

  44. Iris

    Dear Tracker:

    I totally think your right on being spiritual to see a unicorn. I will try it as soon as I can. And I’m totally going to get that search for the dragon tooth. PEACE OUT HOME DOGS!!!


  45. Marianne

    Katherine: I know exactly the story you are talking about. Unfortunately, I also have no idea what the name of the story or book is. I’ve been driving myself mad. One of the unicorns had a curved horn, so the other unicorns shunned him. I wish someone could help us out.

    1. Stephanie

      The story is “The King’s New Pet” by Mary Lou Alsin. I found it in a collection of children’s stories that looks like it was made for use in schools. The book as a whole is titled Cloveleaf. ISBN 0-395-20407-0.

      1. Marianne

        Thank you so much! I’ve been searching for this book for a very long time. It turns out it’s part of a reading program from Houghton- Mifflin. I owned one more of them. Again. Thanks a lot. =)

        1. Angela

          I went to the library and they were able to find a copy of this book in South Carolina. I had to do an inter-library loan–or something like that. I had this reader when I was in 1st grade–it brought back some memories.

  46. Marsha McPherson

    My daughter read a book in the late 1980’s about a girl named Gretchen and a unicorn. Does anyone know this book? She loved it and wants to share it with her children.

  47. Sarah

    As it turns out I’m not the only one wondering about a book I read years ago and can’t remember the name of it. Actually I never got to finish it. I borrowed this book from the library at my elementary school, and only read the beginning of it. For some reason I ran out of time and had to return it before I could finish it. But I have been wondering about it ever since, and could never find it again. From what I can remember it starts out with a girl that for some reason has to hide in the attic of a store, goes out the window and ends up in a forest. She lands on a bed of moss and a unicorn aproaches her, and he could talk. That’s all I could remember of it but I would really love to find it and read the whole book. If this sounds familiar to anyone please let me know! If you know the title please let me know! Thanks so much!

  48. Amanda

    I’m looking for a unicorn book, possibly a trilogy, and of course I can’t remember the title or author. All I remember is that the unicorn somehow lost his horn and it was broken into 3 pieces and there’s a girl that comes to the land and she helps the unicorn find the horn pieces. At the end I clearly remember there being a pit and ‘bad guy’s castle’ (with a bad guy camp that they had to get through, disguised or sneaky or something). They had to get into the castle to get the last piece of the unicorn’s horn. Then when they put the horn back together they pretty much saved the world with his powerful unicorn magic. I’ve ben searching for this book forever and I would REALLY appreciate if someone had any idea what the title and author are.

  49. Freeman

    please guys .. i see you talking about unicorns like they were peaceful creatures and stuff , who know ?! , they could be some sort of monsters feed on humans flesh ! , they could be some sort of dinosaur like T-Rex! ,

    what you know !

  50. Jenn O

    Another lost unicorn book I loved in the 80’s. The girl finds a unicorn, in the woods, it lets her ride it and is a special friend. Always it reminds her she can find him if she never speaks a lie to him. Eventually a handsome prince shows up to court and while before she had ignored them, this one is interesting to her. She misses her usual meeting with her unicorn and her happiest moments of her life are meeting up with her friend unicorn. When he asks her where she was she chooses out of shame of forgetting him to lie about where she was. The unicorn then dies in her arms repeating his phrase about “sadness, sadness, heartfelt pain, as if all my love was in vain, if my dear should you ever speak a lie…. or something like that.” Can’t remember title of the book if anyone out there can help me with my lost unicorn book….Hope there is!

    1. Marianne

      Jenn O…. The answer is in a response above you. That line is from “One Unicorn” by Gale Cooper. Hope that helps. =)

      “Sadness, sadness, heartfelt pain
      If all the love has been in vain.
      If you ever speak a lie,
      Then, my friend, I will die.”

  51. Heather

    When I was 4 or 5 my Mom used to read me a picture book about a unicorn and a princess. The princess never had time for the unicorn. The main themes of the book were time, unicorn, princess, and mist. If anyone has any ideas, please help. I plan to have children one day and would love to read this to them. Oh by the way, it would have been published early 1980’s.

    1. MAZ2009

      Heather, I’m looking fot eh same book. The unicorn gets really sad and leaves the castle while the princess continues her chores. A beautiful story. Have you found it yet?

      1. LipstickAndFangs

        Hi, I know this answer comes years later, but the story you’re looking for is called “Misty Morgan”. It’s part of the beautifully illustrated “Serendipity” book series. I loved those books so much as a kid!

  52. RaChel

    Hoping someone can help me. I use to read a book as a little girl about a young unicorn and a seed. The others wanted to destroy the seed because it was evil and this unicorn hid it and it turned into a plant..can’t remember it all. Beautiful pictures. Had some sort of little dragons in it too if I remember right. Help….

  53. Maria

    I am the author of a unicorn book called Elizabeth and Unicorn Rose. It is an fantasy adventure that has been wonderfully illustrated by Marleen Visser.
    The main characters are Elizabeth and her caring friend Unicorn Rose. On their adventure they met three dogs Rock, Solid and The Pugister, three cats Madame Puss, Tom Ginger and Madeline, a duck named Bill Waddle.
    Elizabeth and Unicorn Rose engage with roses, butterflies and chat with houses. A little squirrel although never mentioned shares their adventure.
    Everyone benefits from having a little love and joy in their life. The experience of love and joy is shared in this magically once upon a time… URA Storytime…

    I invite you to have a look at the website and pass comment on facebook http://www.facebook.com/urastorytime

  54. Emma

    Looking for a series of books I read when I was little, probably sometime in the early 2000’s. I can’t remember the name of the books for the life of me, all I can remember is that the main character is a young, poor girl who somehow manages to befriend a unicorn. I know the unicorn has a baby at some point, and I remember something about the girl having to go to the market to sell cloth or food or something like that. I also feel like, in one of the last books, they end up going to a castle of some sort…anybody have any idea what I’m talking about? I loved the illustrations, and would love to be able to find those books again. Thanks :)

    1. Ali

      Emma, I think we’re looking for the same book! Was the baby born without a horn? Then her forehead started bleeding and a horn started gowing? (or something to that effect)

      1. Emma

        It’s quite possible, I don’t remember that much about it, just that it had very detailed black and white illustrations, and I know there were multiple books, I just can’t remember how many.

  55. Carmel Prasad

    I too am an author of a children’s book called “Ursula the Flying Unicorn”.
    This little book, illustrated by local artist, Alana Horak is suitable for ages 3-8.
    Ursula has magical wings that fly the main characters, George and Annastasia to many of their activities. Ursula even helps with the chores around the house.
    I don’t have a website as yet, but have pages you can view on ebay. If you would like more details, my email address is alprasad@bigpond.com

  56. Brittany

    Hi, I’m trying to find a beautiful book that I had as a child in the ’80s. I really can’t remember there being any kind of story – it might have just been illustrations of unicorns from around the world? It was definitely a children’s book and quite slim but the illustrations were exquisite and very unique. This is so vague but I would love to be able to find this book again. Any suggestions for what it might be would be so appreciated.

  57. jami

    Does anyone know of a childrens book with a young pink unicorn named Rose? She was the only pink unicorn in the land and the other white unicorns made fun of her bc she was pink.. i can remember there being some crystals in the ground and i think their horns were crystal as well. I don’t know the name or the author and it has been driving me nuts. If anyone knows I would appreciate the information. Thanks!

    1. Ash

      Jami, I just found the book we were looking for that has the pink baby unicorn. The Special Unicorn by Margaret Holland!

      1. jami

        Oh bless you, that’s it!!!!! I completely forgot about this site and while looking for the book (again) came across your reply. THANK YOU!!! I have been looking for this book for such a ridiculously LONG time!

  58. Kimberly

    Listen to the sounds of the leaves
    as the wind whispers by
    Birds fly high as they sing their tunes
    it sounds like a lullaby
    Look to the rivers and creeks as they flow
    and find the sky with its rainbow
    Its natures calling of the Unicorn
    It’s telling you…”Yet Another has been born”

  59. Wes

    I’m looking for a unicorn book that I read a loooooong time ago. It was probably published in the late 80’s or 90’s. It’s a children’s picture book and all I can remember is that there were several different colored unicorns in the plot line and one was all golden colored and I’m pretty sure there was a rainbow one. But I’m also pretty sure there weren’t any princess or girls riding the unicorns, just unicorns, no humans haha. I’m sorry this is so vague, I’m just so desperate to find it!

  60. Jen

    Hi everyone I have been searching for years for a book I got from the library in elementary school about a unicorn in the mid-80’s It had a black and white color or grey…it was thick and had no words and I’m pretty sure there was no color in the book. Any ideas on what the book was called?

    1. Marianne

      Hi Jen. A few questions…

      Are you saying you read the book in the mid-80’s, or is that when the book was set? Also, when you say “…black, white or grey” are you talking about the book cover, or the color of the horse?

  61. Cinnie-Rose

    There’s a book I read in middle school, something about a Hart a boy and girl beleive in it and succeed in finding it, but people in the town try to hunt it so the send it away, and the place it lived in becomes ordinary, the magic leaving with the unicorn. or white deer.

    Any idea of the what the book is called or who wrote it?

  62. Francis

    The best modern unicorn books you can buy are the Wish trilogy by Deby Adair. Amazing read, stunning unicorns but also about a good and her dog who meets them and then her whole life is changed forever. This trilogy is just brilliant and if you really really love unicorn stories that jump out of the pages at you, then these novels will take your breath away!!!
    I found mine at http://www.unicornkisses.com after a friend put me on to them this Christmas. Brilliant trilogy!!

  63. ashley

    I read a book in 97 or 98 about a girl with a crystal who goes through a (door?) and finds herself on the top of a tower that she falls off of but is protected by the crystal necklace and she meets a unicorn and has to do something …..the cover was either blue or purple with only the unicorn i think……it was nearly 14 years ago……..there was some connection between the one crystal and the unicorn and i think the crystal was one of a kind given to her by her mom or grandma…..

    1. Jade

      Sounds like ‘Into the Land of Unicorns’, there’s a description of it in the article above =]

  64. PJ Lucas

    Hi, I am obsessed to find a childhood book of mine. The front cover had a lovely detailed garden with a girl and unicorn, I think. I remember reading a piece about her arriving in a house where bonbons magically appear and it details her arrival to her new room with a fireplace etc.. The bonbon part has always stuck with me for some reason.

    It was a printed paperback around 1978 or so. I would love to have this mystery solved. i thought is was called the last Princess, but, i just cant remember anymore..

  65. Michele

    I am looking for a series of books that was published back in the early 80’s I believe. It sounds like the series by Mary Stanton. What I remember from the series is that this girl ends up going through this portal to another world. The portal is either made by or in this older mans house. Anyway, this girl travels to the other world, and befriends these unicorns. She was able to go back to her world several times throughout the series. I am looking for a title and/or author if anyone can help me, I would greatly appreciate it. I read the series when I was in elementary school, and would like to share them with my daughter. Please let me know if you have any ideas. Thank you!!!!

      1. Mandy

        This is so awesome!!! I have been remembering about this book for years!! I remember buying it at a book fair when I was in elementary school!! I am so so glad I found this website!

  66. LadyBrindle

    My mother use to read a book to me every night about a unicorn race. There were 3 unicorns in the race; the winner was to live with the princess/king. Throughout the race there where many animals that needed help but only one of the unicorns stopped to help them out. Due to the kind heart of the unicorn that stopped to help the animals he was picked as the winner.
    I think one unicorn had a beautiful horn, the second had a beautiful coat and the third had no physical beautiful traits this was the kind unicorn. If ANYBODY knows what book this is PLEASE let me know. Thanks =^.^=

  67. cyndi

    Hi. I had a book I think it came out I’m the 80s or 90s it has a unicorn or Pegasus rearing on the cover and a bluish purple sky split by lighting in the background. It had stories in it one was about Noah and the last unicorn and he couldn’t take the unicorn because.there needed to be 2 of every animal. Another was about a horse statue came to life twice and saved a girls life. She then made money somehow and bought the statue and repaired it and it came to life after it saved her the 3rd time. It jad many stories and I vaguely remember some of them please help me find this book I’m going nuts.

  68. anni

    Can someone help me find a book I read a few years ago…Can’t remember the story line but the end was about the main character after many years was about to die of old age, and she(maybe her soul?) became a child again and saw a unicorn that came to take her away. I think she had a brother but I’m not sure.
    If anyone finds this familiar please tell me!

  69. Robyn

    I am also looking for a book that I read in elementary school,in the late 70’s. I thought it was called secret of the unicorn, but I can’t seem to find it. I think it had something to do with tapestries and the cloisters. It’s been bugging me for ages!

  70. Nikki

    Wow, so much here. Hmm, can’t say as I read much on Unicorns, but I do draw them. I always thought they lived in the center of hurricanes and tornados. Not sure why…

    I think the only book I’ve read with a unicorn in it was when I was MUCH younger. It was about a flying unicorn (I think) that came down to live with a horse herd and got stuck there somehow. It was really short (kids book, of course), but I read it all the time!

    I can’t say as I really believe in them anymore, though. It would be the greatest thing ever if their world existed, with magic and adventure.

  71. Paula L

    I found the book i have been searching for! The Little White Horse! We watched the movie my son picked out on Netflix called The Secret of Moonacre. It seemed familiar. I looked up the book after watching the movie. It is the one my grandmother bought me by Elizabeth Goudge published in 1978. It had the mysteriously appearing cookies(bonbons in the book). I hope this helps someone else looking for the book about Maria Merriweather who went to live with a distant Uncle. Thanks! “)

  72. Cat

    Looking for a book about coloured unicorns that play music through their horns. Main character is a plain uncoloured unicorn (white) that seeks his music …. Read it years ago & cant remember the author or name of the book – frustrating!!!

  73. megan

    i read a book in high school and can not remeber the name to save my life. it was about unicorns and griffins and they were always fighting eachother and the griffins would eat the unicorns. the unicorns had like an army and the main character of the book is the kings son but he has to wait longer than all the others to try out for this army… i cant really remeber much more please help me i would really love to finish the book!!

  74. Lynne Copeland

    My book on space unicorns “Mistral’s Race into Time” (ISBN-10: 1903490685) was published by Pegasus in October 2011 and they have just had it released on Amazon in Kindle in the US and UK. I’m told by reviewers that it is a magical book and I certainly enjoyed writing it. It concerns the adventures of a teenager called Chloé who is kidnapped to another planet and saved by Mistral, a true space unicorn who flies.

  75. Rose

    I am trying to find a book that I used to be in love with when I was a little girl. From what I remember it had no story line but was full of the most beautiful illustrations of really life-like unicorns with flowers in their manes, similar to Robert Vavra’s work. The only words that I can remember is the Shakespear quote “a horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse. I think it may have had occassional windows cut out of the pages and flaps to open such as stable doors. I have been searching for this book for years and am beginning to think that I only imagined it. Any help that anyone could give me would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

  76. Ash

    I’m looking for the same book Jami was.. It’s about a pink baby unicorn that doesn’t have her horn yet and all the other unicorns make fun of her. I thought that when the pink unicorn cried, crystals grew, but I could be wrong about that. The pink unicorn gets a horn by the end and I think that it’s made of crystal… I have been looking everywhere for this book. Anyone remember it?

  77. amy

    hi, i am trying to remember the name of a book me and my mom used to read together. there was a mother unicorn and a baby unicorn. the mom wanted to keep her baby safe so she turned into a house with the baby inside of it. the baby didnt want to stay in the house so she broke through either the door or the wall and escaped. she meets a baby dragon and they play. the art was really pretty and unicorn inspired. please help if you can. thanks!

  78. Soul dancer

    I enjoyed reading the books when I was younger. Baby Unicorn and Baby Dragon by Jean Marzollo and Claudio Marzollo and The baby unicorn by Jean Marzollo and Claudio Marzollo. The baby unicorn was in the unicorn house.

    Baby unicorn and baby dragon battled a wicked elf who used ground up rubies for its spells. The unicorn isn’t pink. It is the dragon that is teased by its friends for not having wings. The dragon wants to do something brave to get its horn. He rescues Old Greenie’s tooth. He cries at the end to fool the Wicked elf into letting the unicorn go who has been turned into a pink frog.
    Good memories!

  79. casey

    Hi. I’m 18 and I’m trying to remember the name of a book I got in first grade about a unicorn who learns she is the last of her kind because the children stopped believing in unicorns and she has to go off and find crystals to put them under their pillows as they sleep to make them believe again. It came with an audio cassette and It was one of my favorite childhood books. Please help me find it! I want to give copies to my nieces.

  80. Jade

    Hey guys! I’m also looking for the title of a Unicorn book I used to love as a kid. It’s not a chapter book, it’s an illustrated children’s book, if imagine it was published sometime between late 80’s and early 90’s. I don’t remember a lot about the story line, but I know the illustrations included a sparkly element (like foil detail on the pages or something), and if I’m remembering correctly there was a unicorn obsessed with his looks, he had a sparkly coat etc, but he was vain and I think pissed off a witch or something, and she turned him into something else, or tricked him somehow- I remember he lost his sparkle. I think the other animals banded together to help him, and possibly in the end the witch got turned into a water Lilly?
    Does this sound familiar to anyone?

  81. Dawn

    Hi everyone!

    I’ve been looking for this book for a long time. I read it when I was in school,but haven’t seen it again since.

    From what I remember it was about a kingdom getting ready for winter. They had heard about a unicorn that lived in the forest, but when they tried to capture it, it ran away. So they took a woman (or princess can’t remember) and the unicorn comes to her. The unicorn’s horn has powers like identifying poison in wine. One night a man cut’s off the unicorns horn but the unicorn grows a new one. I can’t remember if she let it go or not.

    Does that sound familiar to anyone?

  82. Isabelle

    The book you are looking for is Alexandra and the Vanishing Unicorns, by Margaret Holland and Craig B. McKee. You can find lots of copies of the books on Amazon. My daughter loved that book and would listen to the audio cassette over and over again. I have a copy of the book, but if anyone knows where I could find a copy of the audio cassette, I would appreciate your assistance immensely!

  83. burto54e

    I remember reading a book in middle school that had different colored unicorns. I don’t remember much about the story line but it was a series and would love if anyone could maybe give me title suggestions. cute books…not as good as the last unicorn or unicorn chronicles though.

  84. Theresa

    Hi! I’m part of a group on Goodreads.com that helps members find books they vaguely remember, but can’t find by title or author. One of the group members is looking for a unicorn book. This is what she remembers –
    “I read this 15-20 yrs ago I believe it was fairly new then. I remember the girl lived on a farm and overheard her parents talking about money problem. She had a huge unicorn collection (glass, porcelain or ceramic) that’s she decides to sell to help her parents. She had some kind of protectors (fairy or something) that pretend to be from a movie studio and they buy her collection for $1000. At the end of the book the unicorns are returned to her. I also remember that at one point she noticed her nail polish had chipped so she completely redid them. ”
    If you have any ideas I’d really appreciate hearing them! Please email me (I don’t know how often I’ll remember to check back here!) booktag@aol.com

    Thanks very much for your help and enthusiasm!

  85. Dana

    I am looking for a short story that I read as a kid that was in a book of a collection of stories (not all about unicorns). Anyway, the story involved a race of three unicorns (who I think belonged to a king?). One of the unicorns had a curved horn and the other two were proud and had straight horns. When the race was underway, the three unicorns encountered situations where someone needed help. The unicorn with the curved horn was the only one to stop and help them. In the end, the curved horn unicorn came in last, but the judge of the race (the king?) named the curved horn unicorn as the winner – because of his willingness to help those that were in need. Please help me find the name of this short story – or the book that contains it!

  86. Anamis

    Im looking for a childrens book I read in middle school know its In a series iv seen the cover online I have a link down below one scene in the book has unicorns and griffins come together at a bonfire at night one unicorn steps up and dances while singing about their history and then says that the griffins must do it to for it is custom to start a meeting I don’t know what they were meeting for anyway thanks and here is the link to the cover http://prepsmustdie16.deviantart.com/art/black-unicorn-54513864
    I hope someone can help

  87. Nicki

    Hi, I don’t remember the name of this unicorn book. I’ve been trying to find it for years, as this was my favorite book when I was in middle school. It had a black unicorn on the front. I think that his father is a king or something? Anyway, I remember that he turns white by the end of the book.

  88. LipstickAndFangs

    Hi there… so I’ve been going crazy for years trying to find this book I loved as a littlr kid, it was probably published in the 80s or possibly very early 90s, but it was about this prissy girl unicorn who I think was white with either a rainbow horn or a rainbow mane and tail… anyways she’s best friends with this reddish brown boy unicorn. One day when she goes to play with him he shows up with another girl unicorn, tan I think, and tries to introduce his new friend but she gets jealous and angry and is rude to the new unicorn so they leave together, and she gets so upset that she runs away and rams her head into a tree, getting her horn stuck. Aftet she cries for a while the new unicorn comes and rescues her and she learns to be accepting of new friends. It was hand drawn with colored pencils I think, very colorful and pretty illustrations. I cant for the life of me remember the title ot author though, someone please help!!

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