Does the Mythical Unicorn Exist or Not?


Pretty much everyone wants to believe in the magnificent unicorn. They are one of the mythical creatures that seem to be loved on the collective whole. Robert Vavra did a great job of convincing us all that they just might exist.

Worldwide Love Affair

There is unicorn mythology from all corners of the world, however, everyone has to make that call for themselves, even though most of us will continue to believe somewhere deep in our hearts. Perhaps that’s how they do exist, because so many people wish it to be true.

A Real Unicorn Skeleton?

*Sadly the images originally used in this discussion are no longer available :( sorry about that!

This is convincing, although I doubt it’s validity. I was able to find news of a unicorn skeleton exhibition, but it was difficult to tell if it was this that was displayed.

It’s probably just a goat skeleton, but that doesn’t dull it’s cool factor.

Just like a Tiffany’s box, the packaging really sells it. Put a goat skeleton in a box with unicorns on the lid and viola you have unearthed a mythical being.

I’m not a total skeptic, but you’d think if someone found a real live unicorn skeleton there would be news about it somewhere.

The horn on the nose is really what looks fishy, however if it isn’t real it is a well done fake.

A Scientific Letdown

This guy doesn’t buy it, he’s a man of science and the scientific method has no time for magical horse beings, no matter how beautiful they are.

Proof For the Believers

If the above has made you skeptical, never fear, I left the best for last. Even if only a little part of you believes, this video is testimony enough.

If you like unicorns, read more about them. Check out the list of unicorn books I put together just for the unicorn lover in you.

1,174 Comments on “Does the Mythical Unicorn Exist or Not?

      1. marcela

        unicorn are real theres just no skeletons to show they exist because the horn isnt a bone its a material kinda like the one your ears are made of and

    1. blue unicorn

      trust me, they’re real. if you don’t believe in them then keep it to yourself

    2. Assandra Lewis

      I don’t think that unicorns exist either. People could be just putting a cone on a horse’s/goat’s head.

    3. Assandra Lewis

      I am sorry that I made an un-needed comment. I just wanted to stick to what I believed in. I believe that unicorns are not real and I don’t need anybody changing my opinion.

    4. Bethan Moore

      I agree with the first comment. Unicorns are obviously not real. This is just a website I have to use for school. Everything contradicts the information…. So i would personally say that that is BS

  1. UnicornPrincess

    Alright, now listen people.
    I read through all the comments, and the non believers are wrong.

    Unicorns are real. Just because scientist hasn’t proved that Unicorns are real doesn’t mean anything. They just haven’t found them yet. And Unicorns are in the Bible. Just because other Versions of Bibles doesn’t say anything about Unicorns is probably because they have different type of religion or some sort.
    Different versions me different things.

    I research about Unicorns because people continue to say that they’re fake, but they’re real.

    1. Makayla

      Umm ? No. I know that We havent seen unicorns before. But i mean come on ? Unicorns dont have powers. and yes i do know they are in the bible dumbass. But who knows ? You cant tell a person wrong for doing something like that . they WERE GOATS NOT UNICORNS. (not prefering to the bible or anything) BUT I AM A NON BELIEVERR . SO IDC . REPLY A BAD COMMENT BUT THAT WONT STOP ME. NOW BYE

      1. John Richard

        My dear frnd,
        I will not reply a bad comment b’coz i’m a believer & what’s the difference between u & me.U hav called the bible dumbass.
        I tell u try Jesus. He’ll answer ur every question. Give him a chance & see hw he changes u.

      2. jade

        Unicorns are so REAL,your a big fat liar who wants people to think unicorns aren’t real but they are so whoever is reading say to all your friends and family “UNICORNS ARE REAL IF YOU DON’T THINK I’M RIGHT YOU ARE A LIAR!!!!!”

        posted by unicorn lover

        1. jade

          unicorns are the most real thing on earth if u don’t think unicorns are real your a BIG FAT LIAR last right a big fat liar but, if you think unicorns are real good for u!!! if u think unicorns are real right now yell “UNICORNS ARE SO REAL AND TOTALLY AWESOME AND RAD ALL OF YOU MUST THINK THAT TOO!!!!”

          posted by,unicorn lover


        You go girl! And unicorns aren’t even that freaking pretty so get over yourselves losers!!!!! Your just dreaming and I’m waking you up!!!!! STOP SAYING THEY ARE REAL YOUR JUST LYING TO YOURSELVES!!!!!! Peace out LOSERS!!!!!!

        1. Twilightunicorn

          OMFG unicorn hater loosen up dont u believe in anything that’s not gonna get u far in life ya know let haters hate and someday ull be left out in ur own world of non – believer. And one day people could wake up with unicorns flying around thier windows that would be heaven.
          So everyone shout “I BELIEVE IN UNICORNS IF U DON’T UR JUST A BIG FAT UGLY SPASTICATED LIAR!!!!!” And make sure u spit it In the ugly face of unicorn hater too!

      4. Anstacia

        SHE HAD A BABY WITH HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        I decided to name the momma Rainbow Dash and the baby Pegasus because I just guessed it was a boy, so.

        Also I hope people don’t kill the poor inecent creatures for their horns! I mean really, that is just plain bull s….!!

        1. arar6*hgjsagarab


          Lol and I saw Elvis walking hand in hand with Micheal Jackson in India riding on the back of a seahorse

        2. Twilightunicorn

          Anstacia u speak the truth I have seen unicorns with my own eyes too who thinks they’re not real just cos they haven’t seen em yet it’s like not seeing a tiger yet and saying “I don’t believe in it”

          1. lmao

            omg are you serious? there is scientific proof of tigers.. its proven that the unicorn can’t and would not exist. The unicorn the bible speaks of is most likely the Urus. Either way this is like saying dragons are real.. but they just never were…. lmao

        3. honey

          i belive them and i just think there trying to hide from us because the people keep hurting them and i think there is a whole other side so thats how i think unicorns are real

      5. unicorns5ever

        How about, before you argue the existence of unicorns, you learn some grammar. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
        but really.
        peace out,

        1. Twilightunicorn

          Unicorns5ever, sheesh.
          You talk about bad grammar, but you can’t even spell your name right! I think you will find it is Unicorns4Ever.
          Oh, and by the way, I am much more mature now and don’t use “u” anymore.
          I still believe in unicorns now, and will forever :3

    2. Damian Robins

      have you seen one before? unless you have seen one in the flesh then dont go spouting your false facts on here

      1. James

        Damian, the lack of evidence of a thing is not proof of it’s absence. This is axiomatic lest one be asked to prove one’s intelligence, or the existence of things before theorizing they exist.

        Statistics is a much better indicator of what is likely, than simple observation. To much rests on the human interpretation. Too many scoffed at flight, or rockets, or a free press, or women as equals.

        Please. Be biased if you will, that is fine and healthy. But derisive, uncouth and using just plain old bad logic is not helpful to yourself young man.

    3. James

      I watched the video. Very small. It would appear that the “horn” is part of the back alcove at first.

      However the reflected light index indicates it is more likely a twig attached to the tree. In any event, video analysis shows conclusively that it is NOT part of the alcove.

      Whether it is part of the tree I have yet to ascertain given the change in zoom as the animal bolts. But I’m workin’ on the math to refocus and unzoom to get a mathematically static view from say about 840 or so to it disappearing into the woods on the far end of it’s leap.

      Whatever it is, it’s real, the tree it eats from is real. The “horn” is not a lens aberration, nor a lens flare, nor part of the alcove.

      I won’t say it’s a Unicorn. But Math is a far better arbiter than scoffing.

      1. Twilightunicorn

        James why did u just post a massive paragraph there about mathematical rubbish some people ain’t gonna know this stuff like “arbiter” I’d say your trying to say ” I don’t believe in unicorns” but saying it more formally and mathematically makes it too long so think before you post indecipherable crap.

    4. Jim

      The bible aka book of fiction also depicts of a talking snake. I bet scientists haven’t found those yet either?

      1. Woman of the BIBLE

        To Jim i am trying not to cuss ur ass out cuz first the bible is a book of nonfiction just for saying that u are going to burn in hell face the facts nigga UNICORNS ARE REAL!!!!!!!!! If u disagree then lets just agree to disagree dont go hatin on the bible HATER! Cuz the devil gonna come after your ass!!
        -God Bless

          1. Twilightunicorn

            Sheesh u can’t hate unicorns just cos u don’t believe in em hey unicorn hater I bet if they revealed that unicorns were coming back u would be the dumba$$ on this website who didn’t believe a sh!t in the first place.
            HA SUCKA

      1. LoveIt!

        Yes!!!! Lol. Unicorns is what I picked for a topic to research and write about! Yeah Buddy!!!

    5. jeff bash

      i belive in unicorns and im a boy. i think that humans see unicorns as hourses. it might make sence right?

      1. Cookiekiwi24

        Unicorns could be an extint relative of the hose with a singk hirn growing from their head, or a extremely endangered species. But than, it could be someones mind going form a goat to a horse. Who knows?

        1. Cookiekiwi24

          *Single horn.

          Also, The guy that said that humans don’t see “unicorns” …may be right. If you strongly don’t believe in something, consously or subconiously, your brain may not accept part of the fact even though your eyes are seeing it.

    6. Kennedy Kaiser

      thank you cause i belive in them doesn’t mean that no one found a unicorn doesn’t mean they don’t exist it’s just no one found one yet and when someone does it will prove that their real

    7. AyeRaeee

      Aye alright, just because you believe in the existence in unicorns, doesn’t mean others can’t believe in the nonexistence. Just because we have some myths claiming unicorn to be a horse like creature with a horn, only to be tamed by a virgin; doesn’t mean, its true. Think about it. Is there actually ANY solid proof, enough to convince someone, of their existence?
      The point of this, don’t act like a little b.itch, just because someone finds it hard to believe that a creature from myths and stories actually romes the same planet we live on.

  2. Lily

    oh my god…..that insect was creepy…at first i thought it was a dragon fly but then it wasnt so i was like ‘O MY GOD THAT IS SO CREEPY!’ then i hugged my pillow and stuff o.o

  3. Munchlax

    Hmmm…. The scientist didn’t really prove anything, but that video was too blurry to make any thing out. If you freeze it at [] you can see something. The big problem is that it’s so out of focus that it could be a wild horse. The problem with what appears to be the horn is that it curves toward the nose, and a “traditional” unicorn horn is supposed to be straight. I’m open to the existence of unicorns, just as I am open to the existence of Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster.

  4. Alitza

    I sort of believe in unicorns because Ive seen videos but heard they are just mythical. I want to SEE one to believe it. Its just like the Loch Ness Monster. Some people claim to see it and some people say tourists made it up.

  5. Alitza

    Ive talked with my friend and she says they don’t exist. But remember if you happen to see a REAL one let me know. ( Don’t be faking when you say it.)

  6. Alitza

    Hey Stupid Fairytales I got news for you bastard. If people believe in certain things let them and don’t call them gay. You don’t want to see me cursing you in front of little girls. So jackass why don’t you leave other peoples beliefs alone!!!!!!!!!! You B*****!!!!!!

  7. Alitza

    I’m sorry about the swearing everyone but remember this any people who don’t respect others beliefs are stupid. How would YOU like it if people called your beliefs stupid? WHAT YOU GONNA DO NOW GIRL DOGS?!?!?!?! Your lucky I didn’t call you you know what!!!!!

  8. I am a boy

    I agree with Alitza. People should respect others beliefs. Like I’m part Jewish and part Armenian. But I still respect others beliefs. Some may be stupid but I don’t insult their religion

    1. Twilightunicorn

      Same, I agree with Alitza too.
      Well I only believe in unicorns, to tell the truth, but that’s what I believe so people can’t start teasing others about thier religions.

  9. Alitza

    John Richard and all you unicorn believers on this website I think stupid fairy tales would call you all gay. Hear that stupid?! I’m saying bad things about you!!!!!!

  10. Karl B

    Why on earth, would there not at some point in history have been a unicorn ? Please tell me one logical reason ? There are Rhinos..everybody agrees…..Why not a wild zebra like horse with a central tusk/horn/antler ? They still hunt Rhinos for their horn, for its magical powers. Makes obvious sense that the ancients hunted the Unicorn to extinction for similar reasons !?

  11. Ron

    Unicorns kick ass. They ain’t real. The last video shows what looks like a unicorn, but it is not a unicorn, in fact, it looked as if the unicorn horn is actually a rock in the back.

    1. James

      Yeah. I thought so too.

      Took the video and unrolled all the frames.

      Definitely not part of the rock alcove.
      If you look at the alleged “horn” at frame 861 and compare to frame 885, even accounting for the relative motion it is most assuredly not part of the alcove. :(

      So I looked at the light backscatter. Whatever it is, it is out of the shadow of the hill, so it’s part of the tree, or the equine, or some other unidentified object. But nope. Not part of the alcove.

      1. Cookiekiwi24

        I half wanna facepalm. The “Unicorn” Looked too… Well, it didn’t really look like a horse, to was too clean even though it was in a forst/jungle. I think that it’s been edited in. Sorry.

  12. trinity

    i beleave that they do so all you people that think unucorns arnt rael sarry im not on your side PS: ya ya ๐Ÿ˜‰


      Oh my god my little pony is a bunch of stupid princesses that are preppy and think they’re pretty and all that crap but their not!!!! They can burn with the rest of the fake unicorns!!!!

      1. Camilla


        1. Kennedy Kaiser

          i agree, doesn’t mean you don’t believe in unicorns doesn’t mean you should make people not believe in unicorns AND I’M SAYING THE OTHER THINKS BESIDES I AGREE PART AND ONE LAST THING TO YOU UNICORN HATER YOU ARE A……….. BITCH!!!!!! MOTHER FUCKING BITCH HAHA WHAT R YOU GOING TO DO NOW UNICORN HATER!!!

      2. Twilightunicorn

        Unicorn hater, don’t you learn? My Little Pony is an epic cartoon, without all the corny stuff you would find in a kids cartoon. I bet you’d actually like it if you tried it. But of course, obnoxious people like you would not admit to anything.
        Everybody else, like me, who loves and believes in unicorns, LET HATERS HATE! Cause one day they’re gonna regret this!

  13. yamilet

    according to bible stories yes if you watch arabian night at orlando,fl then you can really see them so if you want to see one then go to arabian nights

  14. im a unicorn (not really but they exist!!)

    I know this sounds crazy but my friend is a unicorn!!!! Actually she’s a secret magical ninja unicorn, dont call me crazy!!!!! i admit i don’t 100% believe her but i trust my friend!!! she wouldnt completely lie.

  15. josh50052

    Ok heres the deal i dont beleive in mythical crap until its cold hard facts but i will give credit that in some parts of the deep rain forests around the world they find new places and tribes etc… that no one has ever found that not even thermal or satalite scans can pick up so maybe …. just mayby they might of

  16. unicornlover101

    unicorns are so real and if you dont think that thats ok but if you post a totally rude comment about unicorns then why are you on this website if you dont think unicorns are real!!! ps i totally think unicorns are real and i don care if you post a bad comment that wont STOP meh!!! i will keep on writing that unicorns are real and i will never stop who cares if someone says “like unicorns are so not real there so like fake…” that wont stop us unicorns lovers wont it reply if you think im right and keep on fighting that unicorns are real!!! ya!!!!! UNICORNS ARE SO REAL PEOPLE WHO DONT THINK UNICORNS ARE REAL ARE JUST LYING!!!!

  17. unicornlover89018509


  18. unicornlover89018509


  19. unicornlover89018509

    IM A UNICORN THAT IS COMING TO HAUNT U……………………….DUN DUN DUN……………………………………..FOREVER………………….HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA……………………THATS THE END………FOR U………………DUN DUN DUN…………………………HERE I COME………………………..? HAVE A GOOD SLEEP TONIGHT……………..I WILL BE IN YOUR NIGHTMARES…………………………………………………………..DUN DUN DUN……………………………..?

  20. unicornlovhfhqjklgh

    okay everyone who is on this website get off its not very good to sit around the computer all day and say “unicorns are real!!” or “unicorns suck and are totz not real!” so plz just get off this website :) thanks for listening

  21. unicornHATER

    okay peeps i have somethin to tell u, UNICORNS ARE………………..REAL……………………………………………….WELL IF U DONT BEILIVE IN UNICORNS U R WRONG AND U WILL PAY THE PRICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUN DUN DUN……………………………………………………………….HERE…..I………..COME……………………… >:(


    1. unicornLOVER/HATER

      i think unicornHATER sounds a little creepy but unicorns are real so plz beilive me plz plz plz!!!!! So plz dont come on this website to make little children not beilive just let the kids beilive and wonder and plz dont ruin a little kids imagintion plz dont plz plz plz dont i will be really mad if u do. NOW IM UNICORN HATER AGAIN OK NOW WE GET TO BUSISNESS
      IM MAD AT U UNICORN HATERS WHY DO U HAVE TO COME ON THIS WEBSITE ANY WAY ITS JUST A WASTE OF UR TIME SO GET OFF OF THIS WEBSITE RIGHT NOW AND NEVER COME AGAIN A BAD POST WONT STOP ME OR UNICORNLOVER. ok im back to unicorn LOVER and unicorn hater is right so plz dont post any bad stuff plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz dont plz……….. ok so i will get mad like unicorn hater if u come on this website if u dont beilive in unicorns so plz stay off this website thanks for listening! :) and for the unicorn lovers thanks for beiliveing!!! :)

      1. Twilightunicorn

        UnicornHater… You hypocritical bรฎtรงh! You go around saying nasty stuff about unicorn believers, yet you’re telling us not to?
        Seriously, this is my last comment on this website ever and I quit. I’m never coming back on again, because I just think it’s pointless, we won’t achieve anything by debating if unicorns are real (they are).
        Lets all just stay off this website, and believe what we believe. Then there will be no arguments!! Bai Everybody ๐Ÿ˜€

  22. unicornLOVER/HATER

    ok so now im going to teach bad kids a lesson if a kid trys to beat u up here is wht u want to do

    step 1. u want to say stop nicely
    step 2.if that dosent work u say stop nicely again
    step 3. if that still dosent work and he/she keeps on hurting or bullying u, u will have 2 tell a trusted adult
    step 4. if the kid says ur lying just say he/she is not saying the truth that trusted adult will understand and help u stop the problem
    step 5.listen to my advice! :)

  23. destiney

    unicorn means a animal with only one horn therefore they are real and dont have to be a horse with only one horn.

  24. elena sanchez

    thanks for your video, i really think it was very………….. werid but informative. :) thanks again but something u can work on is not showing us your teeth. ummm someone with a teacher behide her (me) will not like. (eww) lol well peace out

  25. Camilla

    This is a quoteI have, “Justbecuase u haven’t seen one a.k.a fairies, elves. Unicorns tec doesn’t mean there’s nothing out there!!” I AM A HUGE FANTASY LOVER and psst NO JOKE Ive seen them along with faires!! If u don’t believe me that’s u r problem so what r’s peace!!! <3

  26. uni

    why will our ancesters randomly make up such thing as a unicorn unless they’ve seen one. so they must have seen one, or mistaken a horse standing under some shadow and made it seems that it has a horn. or it is real but it became extict because the humans started hunting their horns for something, like we do for elephant’s tusks. so we cant judge it yet.

  27. Dreamer101

    The videos on this website aren’t real they were photoshopped unicorns aren’t real and when they mention unicorn in the bible they are talking about rhinos not a mythical figure

  28. Unicorns Forever

    I Believe there real! But Scientist are always saying theres no stuff or animals like that Etc Etc.! but Majority of Earth is still Unexplored! Like the Unicorns some animals like Giant Ground Sloth,Ogopogo,Nessie,Styracosaursus Sewer Alligators,Big Foot and Tanystropheus are real! But the problem is : Majority doesn’t believe because of Evolution I have a Hypothesis that Unicorns are Real because of mutation or altered DNA because of adaptation Etc. And Another thing is the Bible! The closes Horse to the Unicorns are Moyle Horses but I believe the Unicorn is real!

  29. smiles55

    i think unicorns are ancient horses with horns. i mean there are narwhals so why cant there be horned horses?

  30. Mohammed

    Not to me they do, never saw one before. Probably a trick of the devil putting one long horn to stab and slay a person with on the horse’s face. They are imaginary and should not be in the Bible.

  31. justin wade

    Unicorns do exist, if they found mermaids why cant there be unicorns? I believe all of the supeenatural creatures lived with the people back in ancient days, but as time went on people lost faith, if unicorns dont exist, why do so many culutures have a unicorn story or even mention it?

  32. David Z

    Orthodox Jews believe in a type of unicorn called a takhash. (It is also possible that the r’em was a unicorn.) But it probably did not look like a horse and it probably had a spotted coat. The truth is that we don’t know much about it. One of our tradition was that it was very rare (perhaps magically rare in that Gd only made one). Anyway, the takhash skin was what was used to cover the mishkan, the Tabernacle. So that’s Orthodox Jewish belief. Some moderns say that there was no actual unicron and that the tradition is just describing what looked like a single horn (either two very straight parallel horns or maybe a breed of goat whose horns grow together).

  33. Cyron

    Unicorns are very real, you can say dolphins, are birds are real… But guess what God created many people or animals we don’t know about, but if you were smart, you would go to the bible, you will find you will find unicorn, plus how do you think the lock ness monster or thunderbird came to story or even the boogey man GUESS WHAT! story’s come from real live events from 3,000,000,000 years ago to just yesterday…. But Guess WHAT! Government does not want people in fear so they hunt down creatures that causes NO harm, and kills them and keeps there secret, WHAT DO THINK ABOUT THAT! you may ask ” I’ve never EVER seen a unicorn there’s no such thing” At first you may think that but Unicorns are very real it’s just the Government keeps secrets :( WHY? anyway if you believe…
    If God’s Real Anything is Real
    – Cyron

  34. judy fenton

    The time will come – very soon I think – when people will wonder if there ever WAS such a phenomenon as correct grammar. ALL the comments I have read here will be added to the pile of evidence that NO – NEVER. It’s the demise of language – and of society, communication.
    It’s – with an apostrophe ONLY if it means IT IS. It’s (correct) OK mate is a VERY small example of ITS (NO apostrophe) demise.
    OPEN MIND on unicorns; not on the rundown of society. Wish I could help the young.

  35. Iley

    I believe in unicorns but I read some of your comments and I read that some of you said that your friend is a unicorn and you are a unicorn. if you are a unicorn prove it and tell all about you. NON BELIEVERS almost don’t believe in anything!

  36. Johng593

    I like this post, enjoyed this one regards for posting. He removes the greatest ornament of friendship, who takes away from it respect. by Cicero. gdkkdbaaeeef

  37. Bibleisreal

    Dude guys cmon respect others opinion its 9:26 for me amd im really annoyed by all dis comments in MY NOT URS I BELEIVE in UNiCORNS ok?!?! U got dat right?!!!! Right???!!!! Ok fine :) maybe unicorn are like mermaids and stuff butt they hAVE existed or they exist . (Btw sorry fot this big thing) when i was younger i asked : mom is every place on earth is like found? And she said no cuz there are some places that cientist cant go right know so fugde off cuz they MAY BE REAL just BELEIVE

  38. Mythical believer

    Come on guys get serious people cannot just wake up one day and sketch a fairy and give its name like that. Somebody must of seen something. If unicorns weren’t real why would they make so many movies about it and want to make people believe ?Maybe this video of fairy’s will convince you that they are real. Go to ‘ I think a saw fairy – I was exploring my brothers garden when I found a weird insect! ‘

  39. Laiba

    I will give you 3 words …… UNICORNS ARE REAL. If u Dont Believe In Unicorns Then…..
    Your Wrong Because the’re real. BYE

  40. ashly


  41. Mittens (Lilith)

    If you have a camera and see a unicorn, be careful while trying to take a picture they are shy I haven’t met one but I have a book on Monsterology and are docile around girls but are distressed by boys

  42. -

    I am taking this the scientific way, not the “don’t say unicorns are fake because you haven’t seen one yet” way. Something I want to clear up right away with you guys is that a unicorn doesn’t have to be all magical and have powers like they do in movies. According to my knowledge of science, it is possible for unicorns to exist. But why do I say this? A unicorn has greatly resembles a horse, and vice versa. Science says unicorns belong to the typical horse family, sharing many features with what you would call the ‘normal’ horse. They could be horses that evolved to fit with its new habitat, leaving the rest behind. Of course, evolution takes a long time, sometimes millions of years. The next question is: If unicorns exist, why aren’t they showing their true self? Here’s a simple answer. Us humans could be forcing the unicorns into hiding. For a long time, humans have been hunting brumbies for additional transportation and for their hides. Humans have also been using horses for races competitions and other stuff. Unicorns know what we would do to them if they reveal their true self. We would trap them in enclosures and have gawkers snap photos of them. This would be their future life if they reveal themselves to humanity. That is why unicorns aren’t revealing themselves to humanity if they do exist. So lets sum this up. If unicorns do exist, it is us humans who are driving them into hiding. There is no more thought needed to be put into the question, “Do unicorns really exist?” It hasn’t been proven yet, though if people (like me) continue to study about unicorns, maybe one day they will be roaming around our lands, fearless and confident. But for now, all you need to know is that if unicorns really do exist, it would be the fault of us humans that they have been driven into hiding.

  43. RC

    you know things such as this mythical creature busieness its just like the whole santa thing, the cry about aliens, or the whole idea of evolution it just cant be proven either way right or wrong its all based on belief wether you like it or not.

  44. RC

    you know katie if you guys read the bible in revelations it actually very cleary states that aliens DO exist and they actually reside in heaven praising god each had 4 sets of wings eye balls covering its entire body. proof enough? (lol)

  45. Mary

    Woah. Numbers 24:8 – โ€œโ€ฆ.he hath as it were the strength of an UNICORNโ€ฆ.โ€ All of ye non-believers, TAKE A LOOK AT THAT! They did exist in Bible times, or so this piece says. I am religious, and that was in the Bible. But I highly doubt werewolves are real…ย but thy might be.

  46. Kat

    Well natives thought that a lot of animals were magical.It was part of their beliefs. Maybe the unicorn is considered magical in some coultures because of their nateral abilities.

  47. Frida

    Hmmm im from europe and i have never ever seen a unicorn here… And one more thing, Sweden DONT have unicorns I repeat we DONT have unicorns, unless its a goat ๐Ÿ˜€

  48. Hello It's Me

    I really wish that they don’t JUST live in Europe….oh and some ppl say that there is a new baby, that it hangs around it’s mother a lot and is a red roan with a silver horn… have u heard of it yet? 8)

  49. ***THaT GiRL***

    OMG how do u get 2 b a werewolf! plz tell me im really interested n that kinda stuff thnx u very much 8)

  50. hannaH

    ok. i read the first comment and that was bad. lay off the twilight! gosh. ya know its a FICTION book right? u crazy.

  51. Nikki

    Um… actually there are horses that are all white. At the end of the greying process a horse is all white with grey skin. There are also maximally expressed paterns in pintos where the white covers all of the pigmented hairs (Think of it as one giant white spot) There is also a dominate white gene in Thoroughbreds. Last but not least, many people still mistake a very pale cremello as a white horse.

    So there you go. There are 4 ways to have a horse that appears to be white. :)

  52. hippidion

    Sorry, but there are white horses. True albinos (white born)are white. Extreme sabino overos (white with just a tiny patch of dark hair) can look pure white from a short distance. And – last not least even a grey horse may look pure white – if it starts as a palomino. I’ve known such a horse, in later years he was pure milk-white.

  53. hippidion

    There are unicorn legends in Europe (including Russia), the Near East, Persia, India, Tibet, China, Japan and the ancient cultures of Mohendjo-Daro and Harappa. Their character is very different. They range from a gentle and healing protector, a spiritual companion, to a siren-like predator, an earth-shaker and an bloodthirsty killer.

  54. spoilsport

    Antal Festetics is a serious scientist and ‘Die ganze Woche’ just a not really serious news magazine. I doubt that he was cited correctly, he wouldn’t endanger his reputation in this way. Further I doubt the whole encounter. The Harz mountains are no horse country. Horses are rare there.
    The legend of the ‘Einhornhoehle’ is much younger than from the frankish period. It was fabricated when the mayor of Magdeburg, Otto von Guericke, built an unicorn in 1663 from fossil bones found at the cave. Guericke’s so-called unicorn had only two legs, and was constructed from fossil bones of a wooly rhinoceros and a mammoth, with the horn of a narwhal. It is still exhibited as a hoax at the zoo of Osnabrueck.

  55. hippidion

    Just to get the facts straight: 400000 years ago there were no humans (Homo sapiens) as you know them. Our ancestor at that time was Homo erectus (Heidelberg man and Peking man and Java man)and he did not have the ability to speak. They couldn’t tell any tales that might have survived. The gene that enabled speech in humans developed only 100000 years ago. AND they did not live 80 years. 40 years was exceptionally long for good old Homo erectus.

    Legends do not survive that long. Hippidions,Mammoths, Sabretoothcats, giant sloths became extinct less than 10.000 years ago. There are no legends about THEM and they were as unusal as an unicorn.

    Well, a hiding-place in the sky is a very unsafe place with all the modern airplane traffic. Further out there is no atmosphere, that makes breathing very hard (*g*).

  56. spoilsport

    Get your facts straight:
    1.) Lions live in prides, they are not solitary. That ‘trait’ can’t come from them. Stallions often live solitary – that is a horse or wild ass ‘trait’.
    2.) Lion tail? Have you ever seen, that a lion’s tail has a ‘brush’ at the tip? Just like a donkey, so that is a donkey ‘trait’ not a lion’s.
    3.) There is nothing like traits in animals. It is behavior – and it is typical for a species.
    4.)’They live mostly in Europe. In high mountains, away from civilization.’ – Last time I looked, the european mountains were overrun by tourists. Cablecars going up the peaks – civilisation everywhere.
    Wild animals are crowded together in small game reservations and intently monitored.

  57. Hello It's Me

    Wow you couldn’t be more right, I think it’s ridiculous how so many people come to this site just to make fun of others beliefs. Is it really that hard not to comment if you don’t have anything decent to say? This is supposed to be a fun website where people can comment about the possible existence of unicorns. So plz, if you only have offending things to say, just don’t comment at all. It would make everyone else a whole lot happier =)

  58. Chills

    UNICORNS ARE SO REAL and I BELEIVE IT! I think from your comments we have the same views here I would love to have a chat about what else you beleive in and your views so feel free to email me on

    NOTE: I will not laugh or share any personal details or share anything mentioned in the conversations I am a nice person and I want you to trust me I will not feel offended if I do not hear From you

  59. Hello It's Me

    You are exactly right! I think that it is sad how all of these people waste their time bringing others down, and I don’t quite understand why these type of people have to comment in the 1st place….if you don’t believe in unicorns then that’s fine, I’m talking about the people who tell others that they need a psychologist or a shrink or somethin. It’s just plain rude, and nobody wants to hear that. It even makes me kinda sad just readin those comments 8(

  60. Hello It's Me

    Well…. would you care to share it with us? If it’s real we would all LOVE to hear more about it =)

  61. ***THaT GiRL***

    Hi…how exactly do you become a werewolf? I’m really interested in all this and would LOVE to know…course if you don’t wanna post it on this site where everyone can see I understand, but plz tell me whatever u can, I rrrreeeeaaaallllyyy wanna know it’s all really interestin 2 me thnx u sooo much =D

  62. ***THaT GiRL***

    Haha yes dat is true….the movies are actually pretty good but I aint that big of a fan or anythin and they do give a bad example of magical creatures =( its hilarious how ppl obsess over edward and jacob lol =D

  63. Una

    I believe there are unicorns I mean look at the cracken believed to be make believe but now we found out its the giant squid so you never know there may be horses with horns

  64. Zirkle

    Hey everybody. I would just like to point out how stupid Tory is. He/She states that the early natives killed all horses! ALL. umm. if someone were to research what they state as facts they would come to realize “domesticated” horses started off wild. And the fact. Yes. i said “Fact” tory. That it would be impossible for Something to be hunted down and killed off completely by people who use horses for transportation. Also. i would like tory to explain why there are wild horses in colorado if they are all dead. Just to clarify for people who are to stupid to interpret what i mean. These are LIVE wild horses. And theyre not pets either. hence the word “wild”. But hey. Thanks for the comment tory. =)

  65. spoilsport

    Hey, Tory isn’t stupid! About 10000 years ago the truly wild horses became extinct in America. The first amerindian hunters were probably part of the problem. They hunted horses but did not use them for transport.
    The spanish reintroduced horses to America – as Tory mentioned. The american natives became horseman after the spanish horses became feral in the 16th. century.
    You are the stupid one Zirkle, since you know nothing of the Horse’s history and doesn’t know the difference between wild and feral. Let me spell it out for you in simple words. Wild means: No horse of the lineage was ever domesticated. Feral means: Once domesticated, but gone back to the wild. The descendants of a feral animal are feral too, not wild. The word Mustang means translated ‘stray livestock animal’.

  66. hippidion

    it is nearly 130 years (1880) since the kraken or giant squid was scientifically described and accepted. It’s correct name is Architeuthis and there may be as much as 8! different species. (Architeuthis dux, Architeuthis hartingii, Architeuthis japonica, Architeuthis kirkii, Architeuthis martensi, Architeuthis physeteris, Architeuthis sanctipauli, Architeuthis stockii). In the past, they have found a lot of young Architeuthis but the first adult animal was observed 3 years ago in 2006.
    There is a marked difference between a deep-sea dwelling animal and a land-dwelling animal. We know less about the deep sea than about the moon. Undiscovered big-sized beasts may still live in jungles,the Himalayas or Andes, but nowhere else on earth. Small-sized mammals are discovered up to the present date, but the last big-sized one was the jungle-dwelling Okapi. That discovery was more than 100 years ago.

  67. hippidion

    it wouldn’t work. The foal’s immune system would reject the strange tissue. It is possible to suppress the immune system with drugs like sandimmune and cortison, but in this case the foal would never be healthy or beautiful. It would be very prone to catch infectious diseases and barely be able to resist them – it might die young. Cortison bloats a body, so it would be very obese and not sleek and beautiful.

    By the way, you seem to be interested in the re’em. While your identification as an aurochs is correct,it is likely that the word was alternately used for another animal. I found in an old book(Friedrich A. Meyer – 1796) an even older citation: ‘The horns of a re’em are beautiful, but they are not strong. (Sifrei, Vezos HaBerachah 12)’
    The horns of an aurochs were very strong. Rav Saadia Gaon seems to identify the re’em as the arabian oryx, a really beautiful antelope with long and slightly curved horns.
    Further, I think we should rule out the persian karkadan. The word comes from Punjabi and means rhinoceros.

    I wish you very good luck with your story and it would be very cool if you would post a link to it here.
    I don’t think, that there is any evidence that horse-like unicorns ever existed (except Kiangs,of course(:)) but I love unicorn stories, specially those from Elizabeth Scarborough. I’m looking forward to yours!

  68. hippidion

    Keep hoping! Just realise, that the odd toed ungulates have a very, very good fossil record. In theory you are right – anything might crop up. In reality? The chances are slim.

  69. hippidion

    I love your story!
    If you need some background information look at this link:
    It is about the horned horses – they exist in real live, but are no unicorns.
    As far as we know, horses with a single big horn on the forehead never existed, but there is no reason why they shouldn’t evolve in the far future – they have the potential for it. In the past 2 relatives of the horse developed horns: Rhinoceros and Brontotherium. That proves the ability of odd-toed ungulates to evolve horns.
    We can even discern how a future horse unicorn would have to look: The horn would consist of hair, just like a rhino’s horn, therefore it would be fairly massive, have the color of the coat and grow with the years. It wouldn’t be the popular ivory spiral (which is a narwal’s tusk by the way). To support the horn, the horse unicorn’s head would be rather big and massive, but very dishnosed. The backskull would have to be much more pronounced than in a horse today. The neck would be very massive too, and arched. Apart from that, the body plan might be similar to an Andalusian stallion or even a Draught-Horse. I hope, I gave you some information to work with, and pleeeeeeeeeeeease don’t forget to post the link to your new story – I can’t wait to read it!

  70. fascinater

    a unicorn existed but no longer does.. there’s evidence though it does seems fishy. main things you need to know is, loosen up! your all getting fact and no fiction and its BORING and IRRATATING. its good to loosen up and have a laugh, letting ur imagination run away with u is amazing, fun and lets life be more happy and no so SERIOUS and THATS WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW!

  71. spoilsport

    I wish people would stop claiming to have evidence wihout sharing it or sharing the references. That’s just stupid. Fishy evidence is no evidence.
    Writing unicorn stories and ‘designing’ a unicorn is much more imaginative and cooler than dropping silly hints. And this discussion is about fact not fiction.(:()

  72. spoilsport

    Prove your claim or admitt it is a fairy tale. Myths are ok as long as they are not sold as truth!


    You are so right everyone needs to loosen up form time to time.


    ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ):): ): ): Hello is anyone there? :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(:( :( :( :( :( :(

  75. Unicorn Dreamer

    How r u? There r some new posts, but all mixed up. Search this page 4 ‘2010’ and u’ll find’em.

  76. Sayder?Unicorns

    I love your story Keely! Very creative :) Horses and dragons are my favorite. I like how you ended it ?
    Oh, and I noticed your horse drawings. If you use Paint (it looks like you do), you should buy a drawing pad. It makes it much easier to draw on the computer. No trying to draw with that pesky mouse anymore :) The one I have came with a version of Photoshop and Coral Painter, where you can draw stuff to, only you have sooo many brush options to draw with.

  77. Dakota

    evalotion is not a very good example because the bible does not mention evalotion at all. And they have proven many things true in the bible. LIke found real life proff. Buts its sad we have to have proff

  78. Tracker

    Its pretty neat the bible don’t talk about evolution but it does talk about the unicorn, at least twice!

  79. lilac wimbush

    i belive in unicorns and god and santa any way the point is thank u for bliving in them i hope soon every one will by the way im only 11 email me back please from lilac

  80. Ishness

    sooo….. whatchya people think bout BIGFOOT? mothman? EEHH?? Jersey Devil?

    i believe they could have existed… they sure are a neat animal. i wouldnt be shocked if someone found one

  81. sam yes i am a gurl

    yes. if u read my comment u may believe that and if you do its fine its ur life no one can run it for u. may the life of a god or godess be with u btw its ok if you dont believe me cuz i have friends that were their with me.

  82. sophia

    dear emma
    hello im sophia the unicorn carer i look after the unicorn feed them and all that i look after them they are a wild animal so please if you see one off my unicorns dont tellanyone where it is or enen your friends they might try and put it down right now in my unicorn stable i have fiftynine so yeah

    the unicorn carer

  83. Non beleiver123

    Wow if you really beleive that you own/ have seen/ know a unicorn you are delusional because Unicorns are really a) Narwhals or B) rhinos.

  84. Stupid fairytales

    All the people who think unicorns exist are either tiny girls watching too much barbie or are gay because
    A) They are either horses with ice cream cones on their heads
    B) they are deer with one horn DEERCORN
    C) they need to get a reality check because of them IMAGINING TOO MUCH

  85. Alitza


  86. Sue

    Well guys listen !! I belive Unicorns are not real !!
    even if they are in the bible !! they are in some virsions and not in the others ! and we are not Jesus ! Or ALLAH to know if they are real or not ! am talking about the Two religions ! ( Christine and Muslims )

    1- In the islamic religion !! there are no Unicorns Or werewolves Or Vampires in the holly Quran
    2- in the christine religion it has been in some versions of bibles ! but not in Others !!
    3- Scintests didn;t Find out if theye are real or no !!!

    SO IF SOME ONE FROM THOSE who said that they Own a Unicorn so why don’t you put a Picture of it ….. ๐Ÿ˜€ that way maybe we will belive you !!
    Or put it on Youtube and write the URL in a Comment here !!!
    So Finally ! there is NO proof that Unicorns are real ! and those Pics and Vids are all FAKE !!!! :@
    and am sayin if anyu One has a Proof why don’t you Put it UP !! we really want to know !

    NOte: sorry if there is spelling mistakes !! English is my secound language so ma not soo good in it ๐Ÿ˜€ and it was nice to tell you my point of view …:)
    so if there is some one who have answers REPLY ME !!!!

  87. Unicornzrox!!!

    plz dont sware and say innapropiate thing i mean would you like it if you were a little girl and reading this stuff shame on swarers i sure hope god’ll 4give you mmm hhmmm i said it gurl friend!!

  88. Makayla

    OMG IKRRRRRR ๐Ÿ˜€ finally someone who agrees with me ! people have to know the real facts … NOT FROM STORIES YOU HEARD.
    hAHAHA nice work ^,^ Alrightt byeee !!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  89. Twilightunicorn

    Yes Sue, scientists have no proper proof, but let others believe what they believe. (0h ok ur not as bad as unicorn hater ur just saying ur opinion and not going around saying u hate unicorns)

    So ok u have got quite good proof that unicorns r not true but u know what my belief is so strong that nothing will hold it down I know UNICORNS EXIST reply to me unicorn lovers out thereof u thnk I speak the truth too!

  90. Twilightunicorn

    Yes Sue, scientists have no proper proof, but let others believe what they believe. (0h ok ur not as bad as unicorn hater ur just saying ur opinion and not going around saying u hate unicorns)

    So ok u have got quite good proof that unicorns r not true but u know what my belief is so strong that nothing will hold it down I know UNICORNS EXIST reply to me unicorn lovers out there if u I speak the truth too!

  91. -

    Yes…also there are wild brumbies that are white, grey or cream coloured. They are very rare…you won’t find one any time soon. Us humans have hunted them all out…but a herd of wild white brumbies from the future could prove me wrong. The future awaits…

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