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Virtual Horse Games OnlineIt’s that time again, horse game time. My initial list of horse games grew quickly so I’ve divided it into categories that are easier to digest.

Each horse lover will have different types of games that they enjoy playing & there is a category for everyone. If you haven’t already seen them be sure to check out jumping games, dress up games, racing games & flash games too!

The virtual games allow horse lovers to care for, manage, breed and show virtual horses. All of the fun with none of the mess!

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Play the games & have a great time but please remember not to post personal information (like your email, address & phone numbers) anywhere online. Once published they can be seen (and used) by anyone. Protect yourself and be aware when visiting online spaces.

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Missing Any?

Wednesdays are officially game days until I untangle the many horse games out there into organized categories. If there is a virtual horse game you like that isn’t mentioned here, be sure to leave it in the comments & I’ll add it.

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415 Comments on “Virtual Horse Games Online

  1. iliketurtles

    Does anyone know of a game where you are a wild horse and you get to run around and do whatever you want whenever you want? Also, the game has to be for free…

    1. Jonna

      Hey there is a game called star stable! You can do anything on it! It’s online and it’s free, but you do need to pay so you can be a star rider- star rider is when you pay by month or lifetime, you get a bigger map and you unlock awesome new tack and cloths. In star stable because it’s online you can play and ride with your friends! Just look up star stable!

        1. Arabella

          Sso was great until.. i got banned for no reason, Lost my star riding without clicking anything and now can’t download, I miss my horses on sso

  2. Jenna

    no but i think i know one where you can be a horse and people tries to ride you and you can buck them off or be a nice horse and not

    1. Promise Stars Is the worst how do u like IT IT SUCKS IT SHOULD BE IN 3D BECAUSE THE STUPID HORSE IS SO WEIRD RUNING ON HORSELAND.COM STARSTABLE.COM IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  3. No Name

    Hey guys! There is a new game coming out called whoa Horise! It’s so cool you get to be a horse , person or wolf! It isn’t out yet but will be soon!

    I hope this helps xxxx

  4. Kilimanjaro

    Okay, here are some websites I hope people will like.

    1.) Horse Isle 1: Yes, I know what all you HI2 people will’s boring, it’s pixels, it’s so oldddd.. Well, for some players who have been on since the game started(like myself) we have loved it from the beginning. It has quests, fun, well mannered players, great moderation and administration, as well as barely any lag unlike HI2. There is a global chat where you can talk to everyone unlike HI2. This is a game I would highly recommend to everyone.

    2.) Howrse. Well, I have been on this game since the year it started as well, and I have seen it go through many, many changes. It has breeding, stars, wonderful companions, and decent players who respect each other. However, due to the newer additions I no longer play as I don’t have time. If you are a person looking for a fun game with normal and divine/fantasy horses as well as fun tack, companions, and competitions, this is a game for you.

    3.) One-stride: This game I just recently found and has greatly improved my love of pixel art. These players and artists are some of the best and most wonderful, nice, down to earth people I’ve ever met. This game allows you to train in experience and show, take the horses to a vet/farrier, register in clubs, teams, and registrations, participate in shows, get a weekly salary from the bank, as well as help out newer players. This is my favorite of all.

    Thanks, and happy trails!

  5. Scarlover

    i have tried all of these ive never stuck to any except for horse isle and i would like to find differnt ones

  6. cowgirl up!

    some one please please please send me a invation key on whoa horsie! please pleas please!!!!! my email: please please please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    oh yeah is a great game i love it!!:)

  7. cowgirl up!

    i am putting some horses up for sale on there are all very nice at a very cheap price i will only price them higher if they are trained. i am target99 on there. so come and buy some horses!!!

  8. Laura

    I also play horseisle, howrse and horseland. I have found that Horse Phenomena is the best for several reasons: It is very up to date and the person who created it actually takes an interest in the players (horseisle also is good with this), it is more mature than others (horseland and horseisle got taken over by little kids), and keeps your interest (mystable is boring). Thanks for putting up this list! One idea you might try is putting up a rating/description of each game on here to help people find what’s best for them.

  9. Horse Game Helper

    Hi, i’ve been playing horse games since i was a 5 yr old and i can recommend the new Australian Howrse, Horse isle’s, and alot more…

    by the way Whoa-Horsie isn’t open yet so don’t bother getting people to send you a invitation key until you see there is people there, i will write here if i find it has opened. :)

  10. lettuce

    hey there ;] ive been playing hi1 since the year it came out (2007) and i love it. please join it, we really need more people before the game goes down into nothingness. spread the word! 😀 ever since hi2 has come out hi1 has just gone down into nothingness, and we really desperately need help. you can find me under the user Lettuce, and my home server is grey. hope to see you soon!

  11. Just An Ending

    I’ve played howrse before, and it’s alright.. It’s really not fun in my opinion.

    You can’t even ride on the game. You just click a button and up pops “You’ve gone on a ride.” It’s all clicking, no playing. I wouldn’t consider it very much, take no offense to people who love it.

    HI1&2 are alright too, I haven’t really been addicted to them, and I haven’t exactly had fun playing it either.

    Take no offense, just saying.

  12. nicky

    hi! thanks for the hokalovi site! im trying out the game and it seems quite fun. thanks again!

  13. Emilie

    I’m on HI2 as GhostArab. I’m ADDICTED to it so I’m on it all the time. 😉 I’m mostly seen role playing like crazy on multiple ranches.

  14. HaloChick

    hey does anybody know when or if alicia will be out in english because iv been waiting since 2009 for it to come out and so far iv survived with just playing halo reach and mass effect on xbox live to keep my mind off this game alicia , iv seen every online horse game iv even joined them all and none of them are even close to the awsomeness of alicia , sorry im a gamer chick so excuse the geeky talk lol but please if any of you know anything please tell me you can email me at or you can befriend me and send me a text to either of my xbox live profiles , Shy Boots or TERROR TROOPER4 im always on my xbox and it takes forever for me to check my email so yeah best bet is xbox , well gadda run my horse needs me , thnx you guys

  15. NoLimits ( HI2 User)

    It forgot to list HI2, It have better graphics, Maybe some more lag, But administration,Moderation, and Players are just as awesome.
    I played HI2 first so I am biased, But I think if your looking at this page, I think you’ll agree it’s worth a shot 😉

    Both LC and eternal are awesome, But I play Eternal because I had more done on it before LC was released.

  16. ♡slyfox♡

    i do NOT like any, of the games on here, u know their just trying 2 get money, they don’t care about if u like the games they just wanna be popular. let me tell u this, that is NEVER gonna happen.

    1. Homi_Boy

      i agree wit slyfox man cuz its like a reg. site wouldn’t have a list of games dus sittin’ there man, ima just sayin’

  17. Beth

    Sorry to all those who play Equine-Ranch, but I would NOT recommend it. I had trouble after trouble with the game, kept getting error messages whenever I tried to groom or train a horse, and the administrator that answered my message when I was trying to get help was EXTREMELY rude, saying that there was nothing she could do, and that my horse dying was my own fault (please note that the horse that died I had tried to train ONCE, and I got the message that it died 3 times, and none of those times did it actually register as dead). It seems like a really interesting game, but nobody deserves to be treated that way, especially when they’re just trying to get help so they can actually play the game. My advice would be find something where people don’t mind helping you, because technical errors can occur, you don’t want your game experience trashed because no one is willing to help when you get an error. Horse Isle has a pretty nice community, and it’s cool because you can catch wild horses (not a common trait of horse games, for some reason).

  18. Emma

    I have a horse named peaches she is so adorable.and if you go on club pony pals it is the best games i ever played so far

  19. pixie

    If you play my horse club, you will need to download firefox because the security code is very hidden. other than that its an awsome game

  20. Capriole

    For those of you who are looking to join an up and coming sim game that has automated features come check out it’s one of the newest sims today.

    Members breed, sell, train and show horses within the community. Whether you want to breed the next racing legend or just open a backyard barn for your four legged companions, we offer a safe and friendly environment for all equine enthusiasts.

    Join before Sept 15th and receive instant upgrades and bonus rewards. For more info you can check out the link about or contact us at!

    1. Leviriton

      Love Capriole! New, exciting, requires no money and we’ll help you with anything you need help with. Highly recommend you check it out!

  21. Lauren Lee

    There is a game called Star Stable at and it looks super fun! I havent -played it yet ’cause you have to install it and my computer is too old to do so. But, I watched some videos on youtube, and they look pretty cool! :) hope this helps… :)

  22. Katie

    I have been looking for a horse game that is as close to the OLD “Horseland” as I can get, And so far from what I can tell ( Horse Phenomena) is the closest, I have only just now signed up but so far I am pretty happy with it.
    What does everyone else think about the game??

    1. Adriana

      Well people say that the old HorseLand is now called horse galaxy. I don’t know much about the old one but I guess that is it. Hope I helped!

  23. andrea

    Star Stable is a good game its a 3d horse game. It takes place in Jorvik. Mr.Kembell wants to get rid of the stable, so its up to YOU to stop him. (This is a secret. Some say theres a place where it shows you the future. Cool, huh?)

    1. Oliviarose1234

      UGH. Star Stable SUCKS. It’s that worst horse game I have EVER played, And I have played more than 40 horse games. The graphics or O.K, but it NEVER, EVER LOADS. Not to mention the crappy quests, and the horses.

      1. johanna

        I completely disagree with you. I love Star Stable. I haven never found a horse game that is a as big as this one. Me and my friends are totally into it and just love it. I had only problems installing the game once, since then it has worked really well. I really think you should review it on this site.

        1. CheshireCheetah

          I have to agree with OlivaRose on this. I’ve played it, and I really don’t care for it. The quest aren’t the best, but they’re not that bad. The graphics are eh, and controls are a tad weird. But, I really hate that you can’t do anything unless you are a star rider. I don’t have the money to subscribe, let alone for a subscription to actually be worth it to me because I can’t spend much time actually gaming constantly (That’s the only way to me for them to be worth getting). I’m not waiting to see what Horse Star will be like, if it ever comes out. I hope it’s better, at least has enough free stuff for the free players.

      2. Ashley


      3. Megan

        No its not it loads, People but a LOT of hard work into that game sure it takes forever to install but after installing it like 3 times its fine other than that its the best game ever!

      4. No One Needs To Know


    2. Brooke

      I like Star Stable but EVERY time I play, my connection to the server gets cut off. so I finally just said screw it.

  24. Kimberly

    The best, and strangely, missing is White Oak Stables. It allows you to play either racing or english register, and you can have multiple accounts and have them on both registers. You can purchase horses and all that they need, rescue them if they’re dying from others, breed yours and ask to breed with others. Ranking up your horses is probably the best thing to build prestige. You can pay to upgrade your account, but I’ve had my non-upgraded account for 5 years and I still enjoy playing. You’re given a weekly allowance up until you have a certain amount of money in your account. This way if you run into problems, in 7 days you’ll get more money for your account. Your horses age one year in 7 real-time days. There’s all sorts of other things to do as well, and checking it out for yourself is the best way to see if you’d like it. I think should be added to these games!

  25. Chassidy

    I’ve been to all of these horse games. Only one takes the cake and that is Equine-ranch. It’s outstanding. You breed, buy, sell, and trainer your own horses. The colors, the horses, the breeds are just amazing. There are eleven different disciplines, pick whatever one you want, train your horse then put them into an event! When your really in the Spring and Summer breed your horse to get a wonderful foal.

    Go to and look me up at the Rocking C-T Ranch. I’m Chassidy. I’ll help you through your first few days and even buy you a horse. Come Quick!!!

      1. Chassidy

        I still haven’t got any messages. I’m really serious I’ll buy you a horse and help you through. Come one come all!

  26. etqs888

    I absolutely love Star Stable. The online world is HUGE and there are so many things and people to interact with. The graphics are also better than any other game I’ve played or looked at. And the fact that they add new features and quests to the game EVERY single week is almost unheard of as far as mmorpg games go. That being said, unless you are willing to pay to upgrade your account to StarRider status then it can get boring very quickly. You also need a good internet connection and a computer with a lot of RAM memory to it. I have to play it on our desktop because my little laptop just can’t handle it.

  27. DigitaldownsJoe is an online horse training game, where you can own a stable of virtual horses and race them for real purse money. Claim horses, train them, breed them, hire jockeys, tell them how to run your horse, vet visits, real time racing with a chatroom and forums to help you learn the game. We have a great community and offer day and night racing against players from around the world. Sign up now and receive 2 free horses and your first month free!

  28. Kamryn

    Not sure if any of you knew that there’s a new horse isle. Its called Horse Isle 2 and I love it! Its really fun. There’s that one and Horse Isle 2 Life Cycle where you can breed horses and have foals. They will grow old and die. Its pretty cool and I think it’s worth looking into. :)

  29. Michaela

    I love so much it is very fun and interesting. At first it is boring but once you get some seniority it is very fun.

  30. Reagan

    a virtual horse is fun. but its terrible because its addicting and slows down your computer. but they have mods which keep the game safe and dependable. it really was fun but I had to stop. it was ruining my eyesight and all I wanted to do was be on the computer. it was horrible!

  31. Elienia

    Can someone give me a code for whoa horsie!!!! It would be so fun Sorry im obsessed with horses

  32. Jenny Wilson

    Virtual Horse Games Online
    Perhaps, one of the best virtual horse racing games is Horse Racing Fantasy, developed by Horse Racing Simulation LLC ( with everything in high quality 3D graphics while maintaining low system requirements, making it accessible to everyone, including those with weaker or older computers. There is a free downloadable version of the game along with paid General Membership and VIP membership. Check it out!

  33. gaits

    If you played the old version of Equine-Ranch and miss it, you should try Equine Ranch Vintage! If you were around during E-R v3, you will recognize this! Just like the latest version of, Vintage! is based on real life genetics. Color, physical ability, conformation, etc. is all inherited, which means you can plan your own breeding program and live out your equine dream in the virtual world.
    For those that want the latest, most complex version of the game, visit
    For those who miss the old version, or want the realism with a little less complexity, visit

    Once you join either game, you can find me at on Equine-Ranch, or at on Vintage!

  34. Tesurii

    Eqcetera is a fairly recent virtual horse game. It’s still under a lot of work, but registrations are open :) The game involves very realistic horse breeding, and allows you to raise and compete with your horses for the best breed points.

  35. Horse and game lover

    Hey, there is this one game called star stable and you can get a cheat to make it look like there is no rider so you can be a wild horse and just run free in this “sandbox” game!!!! Hope you like it

  36. Sam Rivers

    I have been on many horse role playing games over the year but by far my favourite is Equine Ranch. The genetic information on this game is factual and realistic. This game is truly realistic to the real world. It has competitions, breeding and leases just like the real world. It also has veterinarian and farrier involved. Horses actually have personalities that you have to figure out through training them! It has the more disciplines then any other site available. Your horses can train and compete in English, Western, Rodeo, 3 Day Eventing, Dressage, Gaited, Endurance, Draft, Racing, Harness Racing, and Steeplechase. All of these competitions have multiple classes that you can enter your horses in. You can train your horse yourself or you can hire someone else to do it! You can also hire groomers and exercisers. YOU MUST CHECK OUT THIS SITE! THE COMMUNITY IS AMAZING AND IT IS THE MOST REALISTIC SITE OUT THERE! COULDN’T GIVE IT HIGHER PRAISE! If your bored with howrse then this is the site for you.

  37. Equestrian4Life

    For those of you who are horse crazy and just want a game where you can chat and have your own horse, Club Pony Pals is the game fir you. It is completely safe and any creepy messages are deleted. When you send someone a message, it doesn’t show up right away because it is checked before anyone can see it. The game is really fun and it’s easy to get money. Out of 1 to 10, I would give it a 10! Everyone is willing to help you and there are easy ways to earn money. They are trying their best to add new things. You guys really should try it.

  38. Sarah

    If you want a 3D horse game where there are quests and chatting with other players ideally cool hidden areas, I recommend Star Stable (or SSO, as the players call it). Star Stable is an MMORPG, and most of the players are kind unhelpful. You can make a riding club, or join someone else’s. It’s super awesome! :-)

  39. tenkides

    the equine ranch i loged on to but i didn’t understand it. please help. also one stride i never got the verification code for it. i sent the team an email. haven’t got anything back yet. any ideas?

    1. Nala2014

      Hey people I want a 3D horse game if you know any reply.
      P.S. Don’t go to star stables it messes up you computer I’ve tried it before it’s fun but is it worth it to mess up your computer

  40. Emma

    Riata is an old-school sim game for the mature player. We strongly emphasize proper English language usage and maturity. Riata is multi-discipline, many-breed, and open to anything (other than miniature donkeys!) you’d like to do. We’re all about giving our players opportunities to advance in the game and about having a spectacular time while we do it.

  41. no name

    hey can anyone send me a key or invitation for WHOA HORSIE i have been wanting to play but have never gotten a key or invitation

  42. Tiffany

    Are there any games BETTER than Star Stable?
    The other games shown here aren’t 3D and are kinda dumb (no offence to those who like them).
    Pls LMK ASAP.

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