Eventing Horses of the 2008 Olympics

2008 Olympics Hong Kong Equestrian LogoNow that you’ve seen the 2008 olympic eventing lineup (and my handy little olympic cheat sheet) its time to learn a little more about the horses of the olympics.

*Update: German team Hinrich Romeike and Marius won the equestrian eventing competition, be sure to take a look at the rest of the 2008 eventing results to see how your favorite competitor placed.

Meet the Horses of The Eventing Team


Ridden by: Phillip Dutton
Owned by: Bruce Duchossois
Breed: Irish Sport Horse
Age: 15
Barn Name: Simon

Courageous Comet

Ridden by: Becky Holder
Owned by: Becky and Thomas Holder, Jr.
Breed: Thoroughbred (off the track)
Age: 12
Barn Name: Comet
Interesting fact: Comet likes turnouts more than food!

Poggio II

Ridden by: Amy Tryon
Owned by: Amy and Greg Tryon and Mark Hart
Breed: Thoroughbred
Age: 16
Barn Name: Chester or Pogi
Interesting facts:

  • Always has a bit of a mohawk
  • Sold to his first owner for $400
  • Started out as a western mount

Ridden by: Gina Miles
Owned by: Laura Coats and Thomas Schulz
Breed: Irish Sport Horse
Age: 14
Barn Name: Big Mac
Interesting Facts:

  • He was scratched from the 2004 Olympics for breathing problems
  • This is one horse who loves to fly to his competitions
  • McKinlaigh stands at 127.3 hands tall

Ridden by: Karen O’Connor
Owned by: Joan Goswell
Breed: Irish Thoroughbred
Age: 9
Interesting Facts:

  • Competing this year because Heidi White had to withdraw her mount
  • Horse with the least experience on the US team

So Much More Olympic Horse

Don’t forget to check out the breeds favored for the games this year (around the globe) in jumping, eventing and dressage.

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