45 Random Horse Facts

Horse at sunset

I’ve gathered a huge list of all of the random horse facts I could find. Some I already knew and some were news to me. Horses are stranger than they look.

Here’s to learning something new today.

1. Leonardo da Vinci liked to draw horses.

2. An adult horse’s brain weights 22 oz, about half that of a human.

3. Horses can not vomit.

4. The first cloned horse was a Haflinger mare in Italy in 2003.

5. Until the 1960’s Dartmoor ponies were used to escort prisoners from local prisons while they were on outside duties.

6. The word chivalry comes from cheval the French word for horse.

7. Chariot racing was the first Olympic sport in 680 B.C.

8. The Dubai World Cup is 6 million dollars, the richest horse race purse in the world.

9. Horses like sweet flavors and will usually reject anything sour or bitter.

10. Like a fingerprint, every zebra has a unique stripe pattern.

11. To get an official measurement of a horses height, they must be measured without shoes.

12. Horses drink at least 25 gallons of water a day (more in hotter climates).

13. Horses teeth never stop growing.

14. Ragweed is responsible for more horse deaths than most other toxic plants.

15. It takes 9-12 months to re-grow an entire horse hoof.

16. Horses have been found in cave paintings that date back to around 15000 B.C.

17. You can tell if a horse is cold by feeling behind their ears. If that area is cold, so is the horse.

18. Mown grass cuttings can cause colic in horses.

19. Horses have 16 muscles in each ear, allowing them to rotate their ears 180 degrees.

20. According to Arabian folklore chestnut horses are the fastest and bravest of all colors.

21. Ponies live longer than horses and can live well into their 50’s.

22. The four horses of the apocalypse are said to signify the end of the world; conquest on a white horse, famine on a black horse, war on a red horse and plague on a pale horse.

23. A horse’s knee joint is the equivalent to a human wrist, and their hock joint is equivalent to the human ankle.

24. The gestation period for a mare is 11 months, for a female donkey it is 12 months.

25. Horses with pink skin can get a sunburn.

26. A small indent in a horses skin (usually on the neck or shoulder) is called a prophet’s mark and is considered good luck.

27. Mongolian tribes were the first to domesticate the horse, about 5000 years ago.

28. Legend has it that the Arabian horse was created by Allah, ‘out of a handful of the southern wind‘.

29. Horses have a great long term memory, (especially for places they were spooked).

30. The oldest horse on record lived to the age of 62 and died in 1822.

31. Horses thrive on routine, especially when it comes to food.

32. Giant white horses are carved in chalk on several hillsides in England. Some date back hundreds of years – folklore says that when King Arthur of he Round Table returns to the throne, one of the chalk horses would get up and dance.

33. The best way to determine the age of a horse is by examaning it’s teeth.

34. You can tell if a horse is dehydrated by pinching their skin, if it takes time for the skin to return from the pinch, they need water.

35. A horses stomach should always make gurgling noises, an absence of them can mean colic.

36. If a horse has a red ribbon on it’s tail, it kicks.

37. Horses have 7 common blood types.

38. The largest horse museum in the world is the International Museum of the Horse in Kentucky.

39. In Greek mythology Apollo delivered the sun and the moon to the sky every day in his horse drawn chariot

40. Horses are social animals and will get lonely if kept alone.

41. Donkeys have been known to live 35-40 years.

42. Arabian horses have one fewer vertebrae and one less rib than other breeds.

43. When cantering, a horse takes a breath with every stride.

44. Horses will mourn the passing of a companion.

45. All horses have parasites in their stomach and intestines in small quantities, they only become a problem if the count builds up.

Have a better fact? Send it to me, I’ll add it to the list and give you credit for the info.

316 Comments on “45 Random Horse Facts

        1. Vet

          Everyone should stop fighting a horse can only vomit if giving birth or extremely sick. I should know I’m a vet.

    1. Macaroni

      Im going to say im not an expert in horses.. Im only leasing (its my first) I’ve ridden for seven years and I’ve never heard of a horse throwing up.. My dads a farrier and i ALWAYS ask him questions. I always ask him if he’s seen as horse throw up and he said hes seen it a few times.. Most of the horses didn’t make it but in some cases it lived.. He said its extremely fatal. There’s different cases in which it blows out its nose which is ok. (ive been sneezed on many times) Im sure all of you know this but i figured just to throw it out there…. No need to keep fighting

      1. Casey

        Horses physically cannot vomit, as that is the way their system works. They can cough up stuff or drool, but not vomit. One of the reasons impaction colic is so deadly is because the horses are unable to vomit, and since they are impacted, the toxins cannot leave their bodies.

        1. Lilli

          The reason why they can’t throw up is because of their esophagus (which is a tube from the mouth to the stomach). The esophagus is made to push the food down into the stomach, but it can not push up.

      2. Casey

        Also, your father probably means that the horse coughed up blood, which is different than vomiting.

    2. sanita

      this website relly helped me
      and i love horses one day i wish i will have my own horse
      im only 10 but i wish i can run in a real race!!
      thanks :)

    3. horse crazy daisy

      hey! i was looking up horse anatomy and decided to look at this! i knew pretty much everything on here.

      1. stephanie paul

        because there sistem doesnt make them throw up. i though my young tb mare was going to throw up she looked really sick

        stephanie paul
        27 main rode will gove 3825

      2. Rachel

        Horses do not throw up due to a tight ring-like muscle at the end of their esophagus. This is called the cardiac sphincter. The tight distension of the esophagus also prevents the horse from vomiting.

        1. Rachel

          I read that someone has seen a horse vomit. I’ve read in a book called ‘The Horse’ by Evans that it is *rare* that they vomit. Also consider that when a horse is choking food will come out of their nasal passages sometimes.

          1. Cindy

            Yes, to choking horses dispelling food through their nose. When a horse “chokes”, food is wedged in the esophagus, ant the point where it bends. If the horse can’t dislodge it, then you or the vet have to put a tube down their nose into their esophagus and flush the lodged food out, and it comes out through their nostril. Horses are not supposed to be able to vomit because the esophagus is only designed to let food flow from the mouth to the stomach. This is extremely important when they graze, or the food would not reach the stomach. Once they choke one time, it generally recurs – many times scar tissue forms. We had an old (30+ years) horse, that we had to wash out a “choke” many times. The vet said he probably had some scar tissue there from it, and it recurred many times.

    1. maci chase

      They will often roll on their backs in stead of throwing up.But if they start out rolling on their backs,get up and shake like a dog after a bath they are just itching their back!

    2. Leslie

      Hmmm. I know horses “cannot” vomit, but I’ve seen what looks like vomiting with my own two eyes! My husband thought he would help me out by feeding our 2 horses. Knowing I give them a High Fat/High Fibre mix, but not knowing that I soak it first, he gave it to them dry. My one horse, who likes to eat rather quickly (she’s not the alpha), started ‘vomiting’ within 20 min. ’cause it swelled in her stomach. The vet was called, and my mare ‘vomited’ for a good 40 min. while the vet was there. He said he’s never seen anything like it before, but within a couple of hours my mare was eating hay, drinking water, and had normal gut sounds. So, if it wasn’t vomiting what was it?

      1. Candy

        sounds like your horse was choking. typically when a horse bolts his food, and is eating pellets, there is a good chance that they will choke. until the mass is broken down and passed from the throat, they will spew what looks like vomit.

      1. brooke wheeler

        i know everything about horses and i am studing them at age 11 so if you need any help you can just send me an email and i will get back to you

        brooke wheeler

          1. jordan

            that was kind of rude maybe they have been studing horses and know alot about horses. i have been studing all sorts of animals and pretty much know alot and ppl would say i know everything so plz dont be rude to other ppl.

          2. Ik horses

            Ok, that was just PLAIN RUDE. You don’t know how much they know, I’m ten, and I know a lot about horses, (and yes I ride, Bareback stables, good place) but they could be the next equine scientist for all you know. And I agree with Milliebarns1232, why are people so mean on the web?

          3. I love my horse Saint James

            Wow really?! You need to be quiet! Who rips on an innocent 11 yr old?! Honestly! She must research a lot and there is nothing wrong with that! If you can’t say something nice don’t say nothing at all.

          4. Claire

            Yeah. That was really rude. I mean I am 11 yrs old. And I have ridden horses my WHOLE life. My parents own a big horse farm. I am also a very accomplished rider in the Eventing ring. And also in Pony Club. I think that is great that she is studying everything about horses! Don’t need be so rude!

          5. clydesdale

            wow. ur so mean. u dont need to go get mad at a little girl. sheesh. calm ur hormones dude. so what , she knows alot about horses? i knew pretty much everything about dogs when i was ten! and yet, i was also extremly terrified of dogs then! now i have a dog and i can understand her alot! and she love horses. deal w/ it.

          6. Melissa

            I’m 16 and have studied horses for a long time too. No matter the age, you can know a lot. Some kids start riding at the age of 2.

          1. My girls Gemini & Izzy

            Never start heavily training a horse to race until they are older than 2. If you start working them before then they can develop knock knees. It comes from when the growth plates above their knees havent completely “closed” yet and they begin training too early. Its very common in many young horses chosen for racing.

        1. Williow

          I mean not offend and i can see that you already got a lot of negative feed but, but i disagree with your statment. I’m 17 and have been studying horses in almost every aspect since i was able to read and understand what people are saying. I ride, break young horses and work on a stud farm. I however would NEVER claim to know everything about horses, and any good horse person would agree with me. Horses have been around for 50 million years and will most likey be around for longer thatn that. You must understand that each horse is a individual and must be treated as such. It is dangerous to get ignorant and think you know everything about horses, one day one might hurt you. If you want to become as knowlegable about horses that one can in a life time, i suggest you open you mind and continusiouly seek out new information.

          like i said I’m not trying to be mean only realistic. I hope to hear a repy back :)

          ps that is not my name but it is my horses name :)

          1. Casey

            I definitely agree with what you are saying. However, I just want to stress that reading and watching videos doesn’t make you an expert. You need to combine it with experience, which it sounds like you have. I just want to explain it to the readers who seem to think studying will make them expert trainers.

        2. Megan

          If you know EVERYTHING about horses then how many wild horses are in the U.S? (In the wild AND government holding areas)

        3. ilovelilly

          acually if your a good horseman you never stop learning so you might know alot but not everything

        4. Megan

          Brooke that is a bunch of bull. You don’t know everything about horses. No one does. If you tell people you know everything about horses then you’re lying to everyone and most importantly you’d be lying to the horses. Every time you leave the barn you know something that you didn’t know before whether you know it or not. Grow up kid.

    3. sydney landers

      I’m sorry Gab, They are just selfish freeks.
      By the way, I go to Dawkins Middle School.
      I know a-lot about horses. So maby we can hang around
      sometime and talk.

        1. cowgirl

          Ok yes u can give horses baths they do like them u must get all the soap out or else itches if u have another questions lemlt me know

      1. Kalaya

        The muscle that acts like a one-way valve where the esophagus connects to the stomach actually does its job, unlike in humans where it can let food travel the opposite direction, back to the mouth. Another reason that horses can not vomit is because the esophagus is connected to the stomach at an angle where it is forced shut when the horses stomach bloats. This can cause colic when the horses stomach bloats, and untreated, the stomach will rupture and the horse will die.

      1. jaci

        my horses chest is cut o
        all the way open and we cant get any vet
        to come out so were going to take care of him ourselves and now were washing out his wound and he is bieng very calm

  1. Rio

    Horses can vomit, actually. It’s very rare and is seen when a horse’s stomach ruptures. Because of this, the horse will die more often than not.

    1. Nagiek3

      Actually horses can not throw up and if they have to really badly they just die. I know it’s sad, but it’s also true.

      1. jaci

        hey horses cant have cafine because if they burp they die just like they do when they throw up. byb the way if you go further down you will see some more facts

          1. Erykah

            Mine does too. He does it every time he eats whether it’s a treat or a meal. He always turns his head to the left when he does.

    2. tess

      actually horses have been known to throw up but the prefered term is “regurgatation” and normally the contents will only come out of either both nostrils or one. (take note that this sign is very serious and most likely fatal)
      (vet surgeon 15 yrs)

      1. kayla+tiara

        you’re supposed to spell you “you”, not “u”, duh, silly, haha, just kidding, i do that all the time when i text, i just abbreviate, ya knoww!!!

      1. Ik horses

        Ok, I’m not trying 2 repromand every rude person on here, but, they didn’t know, soooo I’m just gonna say, that was MEAN. >:(

      1. Chloe

        My dads a farrier and he said no a horse CAN NOT vomit……. Its incredibly rare and extremely fatal. As the comment below says most of the time it just comes out of there nostrils.^^

  2. Keely

    Horse are quite interesting…I never knew that horses had 7 blood types…I wonder if they have the same names as human blood?

  3. Nagiek3

    I take riding lessons at some place and we are showing in like 2 weeks… any advice?? I could realy use it,

    1. Kaitlyn

      Relax, dont get nurvous. If you do, your horse will sense it, and will become nervous as well. That can cause worse participation and you will not have your horses full attention. Which is bad.

    2. Cindy

      Relax, enjoy your first time, and just listen to your trainer. I told my daughter when she started showing that when showing was not FUN anymore, she would not be doing it – she ended up going to the 4H regional finals and placing in barrels, hunter/jumper and showmanship – all with the same little quarter horse. She made friends that she still associates with 10 years later. Shows are a great learning experience for you and your horse.

  4. Gary Minshall

    Did you know that horses get up front feet first and the bovine get up hind feet first. pics to prove on my FB

      1. lexi

        Actually, on trail rides, people do put a red ribbon in a horses tail if they kick to warn others of that exact problem. I know this because I do it myself.

    1. Nicky

      This is very true, if you have never attended an equine event or a horse show or a group ride you may not know this. It is mandatory by most events that you tie a red ribbon in a horses tail if it kicks! If not done you are liable for an acident or damages that your horse causes. Red ribbons are widely used.

        1. GAB

          u need to do some research jaci. half the things u r saying are wrong. btw if ur eight years old i would like to know where tht sort of language is coming from. now im only thirteen and i dont say things like tht unless its nessisary.

          The Horse belongs to the Equus Family. Equus comes from the ancient Greek word meaning “QUICKNESS”

        2. lexi

          Actually, I have a mare that kicks just despite a horse being behind her. They can be ten feet back and she wil stop and back into them and kick them if they give her a “vibe.”

          1. Erykah

            Before we bought our horse he would turn his rear end to anyone that came up to him.That was before he met my sister. Now he rarely kicks. The only time I’ve seen him kick is when he didn’t want to load because he was afraid he was getting moved again and he didn’t want to leave my sister. Talk about attached!!:)

            p.s. The girl with the cussing problem needs to learn some manners.

        3. My girls Gemini & Izzy

          Actually some horses will kick other horses when they just get behind them. My horse kicks my moms horse. 2 of my sisters horses kick others when they are.behind them. The horse doesnt have to be startled or spooked

    2. karen

      yes it is actually.. i am going to wear one on my horse’s tail so people know that if you pass he will kick out. everyone knows that… its funny how ignorant people can be.

    3. cat

      yes it is true. if it is known to the owner that the horse kicks, a red ribbon is put on the tail….this is the same with a young horse/green horse..a green ribbon is put on its tail…at an event to let people know

        1. GAB

          im sorry jaci kay… but i dont even own a horse and i know what a green horse is also if u stopped being so mean about it u might get an anwer

          1. Erykah

            GAB i like the way you are thinking. You are one of the few people trying to help this girl. She REALLY needs to start being nicer. I would be ashamed of myself if I talked like that on the internet where ANYONE could see it.

    4. Jillian

      Yes and no if a biw is in a hirse’s tail sime1 coyld just put it in there 4 fun, but it is actually used as a symbol in horse shows etc. to shiw that they kick

    5. Sarah

      Technically, if a horse is known to kick or be sensitive to things being around their rear, they are supposed to have a red ribbon on their tail in public paces (trail rides, horse shows) to warn others not to ride too closely behind, however, a lot of people do not put a ribbon on their horse because they are worried a judge will deduct points for “faults in training” at a show. We put ribbons on our kickers, and so does everyone else we know with kickers.

    6. Teena

      The red ribbon on the tail means the horse has a history of kicking. The owner places it there to warn others to be careful because they may get kicked. It is very true and if you happen to have a horse that has been known to kick, out of common courtesy to other horses and handlers, when taken to public functions you should place a red ribbon on their tale. It is common knowledge among horse people.

    7. Claire

      Yes. That is true. That is when you have a horse that is prone to kicking out at other horses. So, to secure the safety of other people and horses, at a show you tie a short red ribbon on the top of the tail hairs, which warns people not to get to close behind the horse. I know this because we had a discussion about this in Pony Club. And I see it a lot at horse shows. ( Esp. the Hunter ring )

    8. Cindy

      Actually, in trail ride and shows you are supposed to put a red ribbon on your horse if they are known to kick, to warn other riders.

  5. Brooke

    It is true that if a horse has a red ribbon on its tail, then it COULD kick. In some races, the horse has to take a “test” and if it kicks, then they have to wear a red ribbon on their tails to warn the other riders. (Or so I’ve been told)
    Great/Amazing facts!! :)

  6. chamir

    I also believe that some shows require riders with mares in season to place a ribbon on their horse’s tail…

  7. ryanmaire

    it is true that horses cannot vomit.. due to the long neck it will not come up. that is why when a horse colics you have to walk him to he can poop it out.

    1. Kylee

      NO!! A colic is when a horse eats something that it shouldn’t or sometimes it happens for no reason and their stomach twists and if not treated IMMEDIATELY the horse more than likely will die. I know because it happened to my stallion.:( Very sad.

      1. My girls Gemini & Izzy

        When a horse colics it can be for a number of reasons. There are many different types of colic including impaction colic (which is when they eat and eat and eat and dont drink any water) , theres gastritis, enteritis, coleritis X, etc. Some are from poison, eating moldy feed, etc. And if it gets serious the horse will need surgery or yes they can die.

  8. brooke myrick

    oh and #3 is wrong horses can so vomit. and colic is when they eat to much ether after a hard workout or to much grain that is hard on their stumicks.

    1. kayla+tiara

      why does that happen?and why dont it happen to humans if it happens to horses???

    2. Kristine Malsam

      My horse coliced from sand. So its not something from just eating. She did not die but might have if it wasnt treated. She coliced for 2 days before i coudlg et a vet out due to the area i live in. We have alot of sand in our soil, and it sits at the bottom of their stomaches, clogges the intestines and cant poop.

  9. brooke myrick

    ryanmaire im sorry but u dont know much about horses they cant just POOP it OUT! it doesnt work that way i am a equine (horse) trainer and i know lots my mom went to collage.

    1. Ik horses

      Sorry, but that’s wrong, walking CAN sometimes loosen up the clogging, and peppermints are sometimes known to relax the horse, walking it will also keep the horse from getting to stiff and from feeling hopeless. Again, sorry, but could you plz read up on facts before you post them? You’re earning a lot of enemies. THAT GOES FOR ALL YOU HATERS THAT HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO THAN INSULT PEOPLE WHO ARE JUST TRYING TO HELP!!

  10. brooke myrick

    this are dumb facts and hardly any are ture. if u want REAL facts about horses contact me on facebook!i aslo know lots about animals.

    1. jaci

      hey you.you do not probaly.know shit about horses.so why did you come here. apparently you got most of the facts here so that means you that you dont know shit about horses so STOP acting like a expert!!!!

      1. Erykah

        couple of questions here. How old are you? Do you own a horse? Have you read any horse books? Do you have a job involving horses? Have you gone to school to learn anything about horses? If not then shut your mouth and get of this web site. Some of these people you are insulting have gone to college and gotten degrees on equine matters, so think before you type

  11. brooke myrick

    42. Arabian horses have one fewer vertebrae and one less rib than other breeds.

    this fact is retarted the arabain can not have less ribs then anyother horse they were all made the same!

    1. joel

      So your mom went to college and that makes you smart. We can tell how smart you are by your spelling. You should quit acting like a know-it-all and stop lying about being a horse trainer when u clearly know nothing about horses.. I think u need to go read a book!!

      1. kayla+tiara

        haha, how true is that?!it makes more sence than anything on this whole website:)and does she even know what shes talking about?!?!?!?!?

        1. Antony

          As uneducated as they appear they are right about that fact. It is a commonly reproduced fallacy that Arabians always have fewer vertebrae and ribs. While I was at college studying my Foundation Degree in Animal Management I took, as my second year option, Equine Ethology and one assignment was on biology. During that assignment I found out that the Arabian vertebrae fact is untrue. And before you argue please take in mind that I searched for 4 hours looking for scientific, peer evaluated and reliable sources opposing the one that said actually about the frequency of horses with fewer vertebrae is the same in every breed.

    2. Doodle

      Not all horses are made the same. They are bred for different purposes and can have less bones or different shapes, just like a draft horse is bred to be very strong

      1. Ik horses

        D:< you're just saying that cause you've never seen one! Their beautiful! I've helped name my friends Arabian colt, hos so cuttttte, and his name is Sham.

        1. I love my horse Saint James

          Aww :))) I wanted to get an Arabian but I’m too tall but I love how pretty they are!!! But I have a bay thorough bred named James and he is so cute but I wish I could get an Arabian one day:) what color is the colt?

      2. Claire

        That isn’t nice! Everyone has there own opinions! We have a few Arabs at our barn and they are adorable!

      3. Amanda

        Wow… I have been going through all of these remarks and truthfully have rolled my eyes at your blatant stupidity. My 8 year old son is more mature than you are, and that’s saying something. Seeing you openly stating Arabian horses suck while having no backup as to why is where I draw the line here. I have an Arabian horse who is 27 years old and he still acts like a colt and we ride every single day. He’s an amazing beginner’s horse, loves children and he is so smooth-gaited it’s like riding on air. He is the most affectionate, tender, gentle, special horse I have ever owned in my entire life. What’s ridiculously sad about this is you seem to have no basis for anything you say here. In fact nearly ever so-called “fact” you have spewed has been wrong. How old are you? Have you ever involved yourself with horses? Have you ever ridden a horse? Have you ever ridden an Arabian or surrounded yourself with one of these beauties? What do you know about Arabians, and what makes them so terrible that they “suck,” and for anybody who loves them, rides them, owns them, etc… is “out of their mind, as you declare. I’m just dying to know why. I’ll be waiting for your, less than likely, intelligent response.

    3. Jessica

      It actually does have one less rib and vertebra then other breeds.It is a true fact.Also,whoever it is who is being horrible to people who are just saying some facts they know,just stop because people are starting to hate u.I am 12 and I don’t know everything about horses,but I do know a lot.Did u know horses can eat Polos, I was aloud to give one to the horse who I had been riding that day.I go horse riding.I only started a few weeks ago and I am still in level one and my friend has been going for a while so she is in level two.

  12. Tiffany Claire

    unicorns and ponies are beautiful <3 and thank god about the vomit… word gross! that' so that if they had to vomit they would die :(

    — thanks xoxoxo tiffany <3

  13. Chloe Sparkle

    I prefer unicorns, I actually own one that has a shiny pink swirly horn that has a tint of rainbow in the sunlight! They’re quite expensive actually :) I love it! its body is bright white and is never dirty (: I live in a castle in England.. so my unicorn has a lot of space to run around! Some people don’t believe in them..but I mean, if you were me and your parents bought you anything you ever wanted then you would see the truth. They’re actually more than 2 million dollars, but since we are royalty we get lots of pelotes!

    Love ya guyss!! xxoxoxoxoxoxo_ Chloe sparkle <3

    P.s I am not Spoiled.. I just love life and everything it has to offer! love you guys <3

    1. Erykah

      You sound crazy and I like you because of that. I am crazy as well so maybe we could get along with each other.

      1. jem

        The Bible, in some areas, uses the word ‘unicorn’. As there is no description of this animal, then we can’t know what a unicorn looked like. For all we know, it could have been a cow! The so called unicorn today is not based on true facts, so it is extremely likely that they don’t exist.

        1. Becky Anderson

          Hi I would like to say about the 45 horses facks some are right in my opin becuse my grandfather and father told me same thing about them when I was a young gril. Ihave seen some of these fack come true.the reast is just my opion. as far as a expert on horses there is realy no such thing BECUSE YOU LEARN NEW THING EVERY DAY ABOUT HORSES!! Like my dad told me when I ask him to teach me to ride he told me to get up there and ride it, if you fall get back on and ride. this appales to thing you read,read as much as you can, and not just one ritter.Read every thing you can get your hands on even if you dissagre withe the ritter.You may come way withe a new way of thing. If you dont you may have fond out a little more something lyou did not know befor, OR you can go to the school of hard knows wich I start in (just go and do it and learn the hard way) By trail and earr you will learn a lot! All this is my opin and my onaly ( like they say every has one ) Oh I’m 62 years old and I had horses most of my life! than you for listing

          1. Erykah

            I thank you for putting that on here. I am only 13 ,but I read a ton. If more people would listen to you this world would be a much better place. You just made my day. Thanks again.

  14. jessejames7070

    Horses cannot throw up, partly because of their long neck, because they don’t breath through their mouths.

  15. ML

    Actually most of these are true facts. Yes, horses can “throw up” but not like what we humans think of as throwing up. They don’t just vomit when they have a tummy ache and yes they do have to “poop it out” if you want it to come out. A horse throwing up is generally a sign of inevitable death. Those of you that act as though none of these are correct need to do a little research. I thought the list was at the very least entertaining and well put together. Bravo to you

  16. Katherine

    This is a great list of facts. The only one I don’t entirely agree with is about a horse’s teeth. The don’t actually continue growing for a horse’s whole life. This is why many horses in their advanced senior years have missing teeth. The teeth themselves have a lifespan and can fall out. At this stage in a horse’s life, owners have to be careful to provide food that is easy to chew.

    1. I love my horse Saint James

      Then why do dentists have to file down their teeth?? Not being a smart #%^^ but I’m curious now lol

    2. My girls Gemini & Izzy

      A horses teeth do continue to grow constantly. As a horse gets.older you can look on the “top” of their teeth and see what are called cups. These change as a horse.grows older. And when a horse getsa certain age they have to get their wolf teeth knocked out and then have to keep getting their teeth floated or filed down because their teeth get sharpened from chewing. The sharp teeth cause sores in the mouth and the bit hurts them severely.

    1. Mallory :)

      agreed. you people who think you know everything are obiously just spoild snobs. I at least can admit that im not a horse expert, but i know alot about them. so stfu u tards. great list by the way! very interesting! :)

  17. missfrancelila


    I think that #36 is cool. I’m going to try it on my horse.

    1. jill

      i think your post is mean so if you don’t like the fats don’t read them or post a coment.

  18. Snickers

    My riding instructor said all of these were legitimate (true), and were very useful for my learning and skill level.

    I liked #19 and so did she.

    I love the information.


    B.T.W (by the way)I’m only 11.

    1. -_-

      Actually, the way their esophagus connects to their stomach, along with the shape of their stomach, causes their inability to vomit. 😛

  19. Sarah

    It’s not really true that horses’ teeth never stop growing. They have an extensive but finite amount of tooth under their jawlines, which erupt constantly as the horse wears them down. Horses that live way past their standard expiration date can end up wearing their teeth down to essentially nothing, after which time they have to be fed mashes and soaked hay cubes.

  20. Morgen

    STOP argueing you guys!! You are acting childish. Colic can be caused by MANY things. Like there is Sand Colic when a horse digests to much sand and it gets plogged up in the intestine. I HAVE READ THIS IN MANY BOOKS! Then a horse can get colic from eating/drinking water to close after exercising. And YES! If a horse has a red ribbon tied on the tail it means this horse has tried to kick at other horses or has. And means DO NOT go around this horse on the side.

    1. Rexi

      I agree with Morgen, everyone has different opinions about horses and also there is more than one right way to handle/break in a horse. I grew up on properties and worked with brumbies and i’m sure its very different to working with horses for qymkhanas than compared to stock horses for mustering

      1. Rexi

        And even if a horse doesn’t have a red ribbon around its tail you SHOULD NOT walk behind them anyway

  21. Mason15051

    Colic cna be caused by many thing. horses don’t vommit there stomaches explode. colored ribbions in a horses tail mean diffenrt things. uni’s don’t exsist. some books/ websites can be mis-leading.

    thanks for this great info!

  22. Anna

    Actually, those who say horses cannot vomit in the traditional sense are correct — the horse’s digestive system is powered by a series of muscle contractions known as peristalsis which moves food through the gastrointestinal tract but only goes one way. Because of this and several valves that close (like the valves in your heart), horses cannot vomit to rid themselves of bad food or gas…hence why colic is such a major problem. So, to summarize the novel I just wrote, NO horses cannot vomit in the same sense humans or other animals can. Sorry I wrote a book for a simple answer. 😉

    And yes, Arabs have less ribs and coccygeal vertebrae than other breeds.

  23. jasmine

    Alot of you people clearly know nothing about horses. Horses can get colic from many things. Not just eating! Yes, Arabians DO have one less vertebrae and rib than other breeds! Don’t believe everything people say on the internet. Most of the facts in this list are, in fact, true. I own a horse… and don’t know EVERYTHING about them, but I’ve learned alot over the years! You never stop learning about horses. I have a 15.2 hand Morab(Morgan/Arabian) and she’s taught me so much!I love her to death!(:

  24. Sami

    A horse can colic from jsut about anything. A colic is basicly a form of constipation, or a compaction on the intestines. Often what can make a colic fatal is the substance that is causing the compaction or the frequency that the horse colics. Often times colic can be treated with banamine and consistent walking till you notice the horse is back to normal. Light pink/white gums is often a sign, couple that with a visible aggitation towards their abdomin and lack of gut noises it’s likely your horse is colicing. I work at a facility with a horse that colics like clockwork, for her it can happen from anything at anytime and is derived from the fact that her intestine is slightly misplaced within her natural system causing frequent compactions. Another natural sign to watch is cribbing. Cribbing has been linked commonly to horses that have stomach issues, this mare is alos a cribber, but not all cribbers have stomach issues or are frequent colicers, it’s just something else to watch out for. Please note that most if not all of the facts above are true and if you aren’t sure about something research it before you post it online.

  25. Missus Mommabear

    Red ribbons in a horses tail is now NOT acceptable at shows, if your horse cannot be trusted it should not be attending. Which makes perfect sense, this has been and is still be phased out across the UK, some smaller local shows still permit this as it is often whre horses start their showing careers, but you would never see this at anything above local level.

  26. Jaci Kay McCollum101

    Hello all you experts(not)as a matter of fact I rode my horse today with my cousins had SOOO much fun & did he freak? NO! Now if you rode a horse what would happen? Reply to me how bout it this my cousin talking to you thats why its neat. REPLY to it. (^^^)

  27. Lizziebear

    My vet told merger the horses teeth don’t grow, their gum line recedes. This list is mainly false information.

  28. GAB

    Ok i know you guys are all horsey people and probably have your own horse and i don’t but did you know that horses can see all hooves and the same time. They can also concentrate on two things at one time. Please correct me if i am wrong :)

  29. M

    All very interesting. :) Though the lore in 22 is incorrect – it was DEATH on the pale horse, not plague. Plauge is more of a pop-culture horseman of the apocalype and sometimes takes the place of conquest on the white horse, but Death is always there and riding the pale horse.

  30. Jaci Kay McCollum101

    HEY YOU MESSED WITH THE WRONG GIRL GAB or should i say gababitch if i knew where you lived iwould beat the shit out of you and i mean it!you are just a selfish bitch low hearted piece of shit

    1. Erykah

      All of us that have read what you have wrote could report you for cyber bullying. You could get in ALOT of trouble for that.What if what you said caused that person to commit suicide or to start cutting themselves(please don’t do either you are a great person).

  31. MillieBarns1232

    Uhhh Guys therre is a green horse! You dummies! A green horse is normally when its been stabled or out on pasture without any working, so when you ride them they are Green. It means like…. Uhh.. HOw to explain…. Anyway! xD

    Did you know the fastest horse is Secretariat? His speed has yet not been beaten!

    Did you know you cant get a Albino horse? There is no such thing as a Albino horse because there are incorrect Genes to cause a Albino coat on a Horse! xD

    Why are you all so horrible to one another? Gosh, its not the end of the world! xD

    1. Just An Ending

      I KNOW RIGHT?! When I tell people that, nobody believes me. D: It makes me depressed. -____-

      By the way, someone told me that the Cannon Bone is a bone, and a part of the horses’ body too. Is that true?

  32. GAB

    im sorry jaci i didn’t mean to sound like a bitch but seriously how many friends do u think u acctually have. if u treat people u don’t even know like rubbish i would hate to think how u would treat people you do know. just a thought, maybe u should be nice to people and then people would be nice back.
    What i meant was tht they can concentrate by seeing two totally different things like a fly near their back leg and a person petting them infront of them

  33. Horses

    Okay, this is what i’ve heard about the previous arguements/conversations (I am not an expert or spoiled this is just what I think)
    Ok well I dont think horses can vomit because their necks. If they really have to get it out and cannot poop then they would die, im guessing.
    Well yeah it would be wise to put a ribbon on a kicking horse to warn other riders and I’m sure people do that.
    Colic can be caused by over eating just like a human and a stomach ache. Or by eating the wrong thing.
    Unicorns… well we never know about that.
    OK once again I am not an expert this is just what I think

    1. -_-

      Didnt some people in some foreign country implant some creature’s horn into a horses head, and it grew into the horse’s skull, or something, and created a unicorn?

      1. Kalaya

        Some horses, very rarely are born with little bone like stuctures. Much like a goat but in the middle of their heads. They don’t grow though, but that’d be awesome!

  34. Lillian Pots

    Horses cannot throw up, because there is a muscle band around their esophagus (where it enters the stomach) that squeezes together not letting food go up it out of the stomach, making it physically impossible for the horse to throw up. Very rarely they will, but it kills the horse.

  35. GAB

    why r we back on the throwing up subject??? i don”t have a fact but more of a question. why do horses need to be groomed everyday if the brumbies survive without being groomed? i clearly don’t know as much about horses as some of you but i do want to know more.

    1. Kalaya

      They don’t NEED to be groomed everyday, but it improves their circulation and keep’s their coat in a better condition.

  36. Dabney drive

    why are yall so mean to each other? yall act soooooo childish and need better language.. you guys make me sick /:

    1. Alexandria Bain

      it shows that the smaller the animal the older they live. Since a horse i a large animal is dosen’t live as long.

    2. Tony

      5 and 10 absolutely have everything to do with horses actually. You do realise that a pony is simply a horse under 14.2 hands. They are still Equus caballas, the same species. I’ll give you the other too though.

  37. GAB

    i had no idea that horses legs don’t sweat, thats a good one. u guys probably already knew this but if i were to say that a horse was 15.3 hands the 3 stands for three fingers. does anyone know how many centimetres are in a finger i thinks it’s like 2 centimetres but i have no idea.

  38. Lindsay Betancourt

    I know a lot about horses and I am 8 years old I can trot and ride bearback. My uncle tot me how and I am still taking lessons

    1. Kalaya

      Moi aussi! I started on my 7th birthday and by the time I was 8 I felt like a pro-rider. I’m only 12 now, (which should = more mature) but I still feel that way!

  39. Lindsay Betancourt

    He has 7 horses named Rocky,Star,Nicko,Goupo,Pewe,Summer, and Lefty. I am geting Rocky.

  40. Jake

    I have ridden horses almost all of my life, zebras and donkeys possess many of the same traits as horses because they are all part of the equus family. Another fact about horses is that if you clip their tail short, they will have a worse sense of balance. Polo players (like myself) use this to our advantage because it allows for tighter turns. It is also why showjumping horses often have long tails.

      1. jessica

        horse have been around for millions of years and they are my favorite animal and non of u are as a big of a fan as me

        1. rissie

          you people are so annoying like when you say NONE of you people are as big of horse fans as me, cuz how would you know? its really annoying and you should grow up, because no one likes it when people are insecure about themselves, and have to say that to make themselves feel better. just saying, please im saying this for your own good, so someday you might not get punched in the face, with your blood pouring on the ground

    1. -_-

      horses’ skeletons have become more refined, and have evolved to eating with their head on the ground, for thousands of years

    1. Elena Faull

      no they don’t, at cross country everyone thinks that the white stuff on their legs is sweat… in fact is is grease do if they hit the jump they can slide off them easily

      1. armyhorse

        No it isnt. I am an eventer and we do not grease their legs so they slide off the jumps. The white foamy stuff you see is indeed sweat.

  41. Casey

    Hi everyone, I’ve seen a lot of bickering on here, and I think some people are just “trolling.”
    I’d like to clear up some ribbon colours.
    Red- Horse is likely to kick.
    Green – Horse is young/inexpirenced
    Blue- Stallion
    Pink- Mare in season.
    White- Horse is for sale
    Hope I helped :)
    If anyone would like to have a civil conversations about horses, feel free to email me @ katie_marie.xo@hotmail.com subjected “Horses!” If not I won’t read it.

      1. armyhorse

        They spelled color the European way. Know what you speak of before you go criticizing people.

      2. Tony

        That’s colour spelt the English way. Color is American. Also a point for all to see is that blue means stallion in the UK while it is yellow in the US.

  42. autumn

    horses onlyb one predidor that i know and that is a racoon!you may not belive it but it is true. i know becauseb i looked it up on horse predidors. i really dont think i spelled predidor right.HORSES RULE!!!!!

  43. GAB

    i envy u lindsey i wish i had family who had horses. well my aunty does but she lives on the other side of the country she has six horses called Poppy (paint), Mystery (Palamino), Annie (chestnut QH), Indianna (QHx chocolate foal one blue eye blaze), Teddy (winning campdrafting QH chestnut) and K.D (two yr old) i do riding lessons i have just started jumping grade 3 and working the cattle. i ride a pony called Sheiba.

  44. cowgirl

    If u have horse questions let me know I barrel race and ride for my whole life I have 34 horses. Find me on facebook if u have a question go to cowgirls answers and write it on my wall

    1. GAB

      that sound like heaven cowgirl! Do u live on a stud farm or something??? lucky u if u do. i live in the suburbs “BORING”

    2. GAB

      that sound like heaven cowgirl! Do u live on a stud farm or something??? lucky u if u do. i live in the suburbs “BORING”

  45. Hannah321

    Actually if a horse has a red ribbon on its tail it kicks if green its young and may do something unusual and if white the horse is a stallion and they will properly be handled by an adult and if blue its a mare and will be handled by young people and adults……. :)

  46. micheal

    Most of you people are a bunch of posh retards who think ye know everything about horses but I have news for ye ya don now get a life

    1. PityTheFool

      Horses are a life. Just because we want to know more doesn’t mean that we’re a bunch of “posh retards”. By the way, learn how to spell. And why don’t you get a life?? There’s an idea!!

    1. Tony

      Rabbits are NOT rodents for the record. They are lagomorphs. Lagomorphs have 4 incisors in the upper jaw, rodents have 2. A lagomorph’s scrotum is in front of the penis, a rodent’s is behind it. Rodent’s have a baculum, or penis bone, lagomorphs do not. So there are some important differences between rabbits and rats.

  47. ArabianLover013

    It is true that Arabs have one fewer rib, horses are not all made the same. Different Breeds have different characteristics, like the shape of the ear, the way they carry their tail, blood types, and etc. A green horse is a horse that isn’t completely done with training, it doesn’t mean the horse is actually colored green. before you go arguing about something, make sure you have the RIGHT information. Some people are uneducated about their info.

  48. Emmy

    It may be true that horse’s are not able to vomit, but I’ve seen an old horse (around 27) cough off a lot of his food. The vet says it was stuck in his lungs. I don’t know if you do, but I consider this and vomiting to be quite the same.

    1. Erykah

      my horse tried to buck me off on the seventh but i hung on to the saddle horn but i kept flying forward past it so i grabbed on to his mane and around his neck. i stayed on but i was stuck in front of the saddle. then he started running off. I hed a hard time staying on.

      1. Julia

        I feel lucky the worst ive ever gotten is a couple crow hops as far as bucking goes. Thank God for that mane right!?

  49. Erykah

    I am glad I found this site because I learned a few new facts about horses. Thank you for making this, person that did

  50. hannah

    im olny useing this website because i have 2 do the scince fair peple should not use this evry day if u do u a neard

  51. babii sshann

    im 14 and i no ALOT about horses ive had horses since i was 5 and been riding since i was 7 horse CANNOT vomit as they no reflux serch if you must i loan a 16.1hh xrace gelding and he other owner is aa vet

  52. Vicki

    Hey, I have another fact to add to your list. :)

    The horse’s forelimb is not attached to the rest of skeleton by bone, it is in fact attached purely by muscles and ligaments.

    Also, not sure if this has already been cleared up, but the reason a horse cannot throw up is that they lack the gag reflex muscle right before their stomachs. It is because of this lack of muscle that if your horse is genuinely vomiting there is cause for serious concern. Usually if a horse eats something that disagrees with them they will have to pass it naturally, this is why lots of horses get colic!

    (My source for knowledge is my Equine lectures from university, many moons ago.) :)

  53. Julia

    Hi my name is Julia and I lease a dun roping/reining gelding. Ive been reading some of these comments and I’m a bit shocked how people claim to know so much yet cant even spell “you” or “green” right. A green horse is a horse that has not had a lot of training, typically about 30 days of professional training and that’s about it. :)

    1. PityTheFool

      Julia, I don’t mean to be rude but some people are really smart but aren’t good at spelling. And sometimes it’s just an accident. Maybe they just pressed the wrong key and forgot to check. Again, I don’t mean to be rude, even if it sounds like that.

  54. Kym

    But yea there is definitely to much arguing going on…. please just need to hear each other out and if that person is wrong correct them gently not mean and rude..

  55. Kat

    These facts are pretty cool but to be honest I knew all but two of them. Good article though
    Horses cannot get frostbite on their legs – they have a protective mechanism. Actually, this is a good thing, because studies have been shown that keeping a horse in ice water can actually stop laminitis. The hard thing about that though, is knowing exactly when the horse starts having laminitis.

    Horses cannot breathe through their mouths.

    The intestines of a full grown horse are 89 feet long on average.

    Registered thoroughbreds can only have 18 characters in their names (including spaces).

    A horse heart weighs 10 pounds.

    A newborn foals legs are already 80 to 90% of the length they will be when full grown.

    Horses like classical music.

    The horse’s sense of touch is so sensitive that it notices the instant a mosquito lands on it.

    – Adult male horses usually have 40 – 42 teeth while the females only have 36 – 38.

    Horses do not have collarbones. Their front limbs are directly attached to the spinal column by muscles, tendons and ligaments.

    China not only has the most people in the world, but it also has the most horses with 10,000,000.

    Hairs from horses tails are used to create bows for cellos and violins.

    Horses do not need continuous, unbroken periods of sleep like humans. They only need about 2 1/2 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period. Most of this rest occurs in 15 minute periods.

    Horses must lie down for 1 hour every few days to reach minimum REM sleep requirements.

    The closest relatives of a horse are the rhinocerous and the tapir.


    And yeah as for me, I compete in dressage. I’ve been riding nearly 8 years, competing 6 of those years. I ride Second Level and I enjoy working five days a week at a local barn. Horses are amazing and beautiful creatures – all the more amazing to put up with us silly humans. :-)

  56. Lorraine

    While the article was nice,I am appalled by the picture you have chosen to go along with it. What on earth is that poor animal wearing on its face???? It cannot even close its mouth .. that is a disgusting image of a very unhappy horse wearing two bits and a backwards nose band ?? Give your heads a collective shake – animal cruelty is never a good thing ..and that picture depicts cruelty …

  57. Lisa

    Just so you know, your number 7 fact isn’t correct. Foot races of different lengths were the first events of the Olympic Games. Chariot racing wasn’t added until about 50 years or so after the Olympic games began. Sorry to point it out, but I thought you should know.

  58. Emily jones

    i know much about horses athough not everything… they give me no interest, then when i had to do a school project on horses i became fasinated, this website really helped…. ha! who needs a youtube account when i can read this! (siriously i NEED youtube) my channel is “conny mcfist” if you want to check it out… havent figured out how to get a picture…. the conny mcfist acount is also continued on “emily jones” on my phone

  59. Emily jones

    i know much about horses athough not everything… they give me no interest, then when i had to do a school project on horses i became fasinated, this website really helped…. ha! who needs a youtube account when i can read this! (siriously i NEED youtube) my channel is “conny mcfist” if you want to check it out… havent figured out how to get a picture…. the conny mcfist acount is also continued on “emily jones” on my phone

  60. Hawk Jones

    Horses do not drink 25 gallons of water a day, unless they are in intense heat or working hard. In winter, I am lucky if they drink 10 gallons… I am a very experienced horseman with breeding, raising, training, competing horses for over 20 years.

  61. mzwandile

    (1)In Africa the plasenter of a horse brigs worlth.
    (2)When horse gives birth it runs to the river and u will be lucky to see it.
    (3)After it has given birth the plasenter jumps to the river and it has been said that together with the jelly like substance on the forhead of the baby horse they form a snake with a red light on the forhead.
    (4)That snake has the power to attrect those who look at the red light in to the river.
    (5)When this snake migrate from one rever to another it travels in the form of a big dark cloud causing majer stom and tonados distroying the land it hovers above
    (6) Sometimes when the horse breaths at night fire sparks show up through their nose.

  62. My girls Gemini & Izzy

    This is what I think. Horses can throw up look up “gastritis” its a type of colic. A horse will colic of it eats too much and doesnt drink any water (its called impaction colic) or if they eat something poisonous. By the way potatoes are extremely poisonous to horses never give them more than like 2 potato chips if that. Horses can eat human food it depends on what environment they are in. I have seen horses eat sour patch kids, skittles, pizza, watermelon, cantaloupe, macoroni and cheese, peanut butter crackers etc. People in Ireland give their horses a pint of beer every week. People give their horses hot dogs and cheeseburgers. And most people dont know that a horses nose leads to its stomach as well as the mouth. This is why when a horse colics or chokes the vet may run a tube down the nose. And dont judge how much someone knows by their age. I am 14 I have only been studying to be a vet since December. BUT I can tell you more than people who have been studying for years. I know all the parts of the horses body, all the vertabra and their names, the bones of the knee, and I can tell you how many muscles move their neck, jaw, eyelids, and lips. No I dont know everything. But if anyone has questions about general horse care or diseases email me at cearahmist22@aol.com p.s. I personally own two horses but my family owns around 9 horses. I have trained horses and in the middle of training another one. I have rode through a bucking horses, been reared up at, fallen off 3 times. I ridewestern and bareback I run barrels, cow sort, do working western pleasure sometimes etc. I am not inexperienced.

    1. Heather Kent 11 years old

      I don’t think anyone posted this yet but,some horses don’t like the smell of cigarettes and perfume.Also scientists have proven being oround horses makes people happy and that’s why they make great therapy animals. Also a horses legs aren’t fully developed until its two years old, so if work a horse too hard before reaching this age it can cause collapsed heels. Another one is that a “hand” is four centimeters. Also many people think pintos and paint horses are the same breed. But they are wrong a pinto is a horse with a two-colored coat. Paint horses however, are a real breed. 🐎🐎🐎

  63. Zara Lund

    A horse’s teeth erupt – they don’t grow. This is why, in a very old horse, there can be no teeth.

    Also, the head gear use on this horse in the photo, is extremely cruel and it’s owner does NOT love horses. Learn the horses language and you can ride it without a bridle at all. At least just a rope halter or bitless bridle. If a horse respects it’s human, it will never need to be man handled or controlled with “bigger” harsher equipment. If a human will listen and used a horses body language that it can understand – that horse will give it’s full heart freely.

    I get so sad when I see these things.

  64. Heather Kent

    I don’t think anyone posted this yet but,some horses don’t like the smell of cigarettes and perfume.Also scientists have proven being oround horses makes people happy and that’s why they make great therapy animals. Also a horses legs aren’t fully developed until its two years old, so if work a horse too hard before reaching this age it can cause collapsed heels. Another one is that a “hand” is four centimeters. Also many people think pintos and paint horses are the same breed. But they are wrong a pinto is a horse with a two-colored coat. Paint horses however, are a real breed. 🐎🐎🐎

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