Rabicano Horse Coat White Pattern

Rabicano Horse

Rabicano is a pattern that is often mistaken for either roan or appaloosa patterns, however it is different genetically from them both.

Rabicano White Pattern

Similar to roans with with slightly different characteristics, rabicano creates a pattern of white hairs that radiate from the horse’s flank, between the front legs and sometimes under the throat latch and throughout the coat. This pattern can be found on any color or pattern, including grey and is commonly found in Arabians and Quarter Horses.

Rabicano Characteristics

There are two specific characteristics that are found only within the rabicano pattern. Not all rabicano animals will exhibit both, but they will usually display at least one.

Skunk Tail

Rabicano Skunk Tail

Image from Ealdgyth

Also called coon tail, skunk tail in rabicanos is generally only at the top of the tail and rarely a stripe all the way through. This factor makes some believe that the pattern is somehow related to sabino.

Rib Stripes

Rabicano Rib Stripes

Sometimes roaning from the flank can run across the barrel towards the shoulder, this can form into vertical stripes which appear to follow the ribs.