American Drum – Horse Breed of The Week

The American Drum Horse is a relatively new breed, however their lineage is part of what makes them so special.

Royal Duties

Drum horses were originally used by the Queen of England as part of her ceremonial band. They had to be sturdy and calm enough to carry a rider with large kettle drums through large crowds of people.

American Drum Horse

Image from Furry Critter

As the drummers needed their hands free to play, the horses were controlled via reins attached to their stirrups.

Coming to America

The drum horse was brought to the states and quickly found a market. Although their frame is large and bulky (the desired height is at least 16 hands) they are surprisingly athletic for their massive size.

The American Drum Horse Association was formed to preserve the breeding of these magnificent animals and to further the breed on US soil.

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Learn more about the American Drum Horse breed.
American Drum Horse Association

One Comment on “American Drum – Horse Breed of The Week

  1. Terry Verstuyft

    You made the statement that the “frame of the American Drum horse is large and bulky”. I beg to differ. I own American drums and although they may have a drafty look to them they are not bulky. check out a few more a bit more closely and i think you will ammend that statement.


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