Artist Interview – Angie Ketelhut

Angie Ketelhut

Website & places you can find my work online
Cafepress: Art By Angie
Follow Angie on twitter: @DogArtist2

Where I am
Just outside of Seattle, WA

Tell us a little about you, what is your background & where do you come from?
I am originally from the Midwest. I was born in Wisconsin and lived several years in Minnesota and North Dakota before moving West.

Painting Dolly

When did you first start drawing animals?
For as long as I can remember dogs and art have been a huge part of my life.

As a shy child, a family dog or family friend’s dog was always my best friend. Creating art was my favorite activity as it allowed me a way to express myself.

What is your favorite animal to paint?
Dogs, but mainly because they are the most familiar to me. I’ve been around them my entire life. Cats would be a close second as I have had a couple of very precious kitties in my life who have now passed on.

I am very interested in branching out to other animals, too, and just recently completed my first horse and person custom portrait, commissioned by a woman who lost her beloved horse last year. She had an incredible bond with her horse and wanted it to be a memorial type of painting for her, complete with her horse‘s favorite color, which was purple. I felt very honored to have had the opportunity to take on such a meaningful project.

Bathtime Frenzy

Do you (or did you) have an animal that is the muse behind your work?
Fatsa is the inspiration for many of my paintings, especially the more whimsical ones. He is a bundle of energy with his own unique personality. He is always doing goofy things and making me laugh.

Do you have any secret rituals you do to help you get in the zone for your art?
A coffee helps, especially on the days where I need some extra motivation. Music also gets me into my creative zone.

Quizzical Quizzer with angel Qualee flying free

Is there a particular place that brings you inspiration?
Spending time next to the ocean really clears my mind and allows my creativity to begin flowing. Also just being near a dog park observing the animals interacting really inspires me.

What effect do you think the Internet will have on art in general?
It will open up opportunities for both artists and art buyers.

Portrait of Marvelous Magic

Has it had an effect on yours?
It has made it possible for me to share my art with so many more people than I could ever have imagined. Also, I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful artists throughout the world who have become my good friends.

Which one is your personal favorite piece?
I have several favorites. One is a portrait of my dog, Fatsa, sniffing at a whimsical smiling moon. Another is my Downtown dog painting, with a smiling Labrador posing near downtown buildings.

Downtown Dog

Would you ever sell it?
I haven’t considered it, but perhaps in the future. :)

What else are you passionate about?
Passionate about helping causes who help abused and neglected animals.

I would adopt each and every abandoned animal out there if I could, but realistically this is not possible of course. So instead, I donate my art and gift certificates for custom paintings to various rescues and other organizations each year.

Working on anything new?
Always working on something new! If I don’t paint or draw for a couple of days, I miss it immensely. Currently working on a couple of custom dog portraits as well as some more whimsical dog and person pieces.

2 Aussies

More to Come

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  1. Kimberly Santini

    Angie, I’ve been a fan of your work since “meeting” you on Twitter! Congratulations on such a nice article – hope it brings some excellent muses your way!

  2. Melinda Lucas

    Thank you for sharing my painting of Quizzer with his brother (who is now, sadly, an angel). It’s a lovely piece and I will treasure it forever. I love my 5 cat paintings and they look fantastic grouped on the wall together.

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