The Mighty Anubis


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The ancient Egyptians believed that life was but a short part of existence, and that the afterworld was to be prepared for.

The gods of death and the afterworld were of supreme significance to Egyptian society throughout it’s entire existence.

A Little About Anubis

Anubis is the Egyptian patron of mummification and the leader of the dead on their path through the underworld.

Anubis is one of the more ancient gods and was the god of the dead before Osiris took that lofty title. At which point the jackal was appointed conductor of souls in the underworld.

Making History

Mummification processes are said to come from Anubis who used the process to purify Osiris after he was murdured.


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He is rarely depicted as wholly human (except for the Temple of Abydos of Ramses II) generally he is a man with the black head of a jackal & sometimes he is shown in his pure jackal form.


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Prayers to this important god were carved in Egyptian tombs throughout most of the great dynasties. They speak of his many duties to the dead.


Anubis Duties

  • Watches over mummification process
  • Conducts souls through the underworld
  • Tests souls knowledge of their faith & the gods
  • He places their heart on the scales of justice for judment
  • He feeds the souls of the wicket to Ammit (the devourer of the dead)


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Anubis in Hieroglyphics

Anubis in Hieroglyphics

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Anubis, God of Embalming & Guide & friend of The Dead
About Anubis

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    1. Paige Post author

      I think the Jackal is the totem for Anubis and he is generally shown with the head of a black jackal and the body of a man. I’m guessing the jackal had religious significance to the Egyptian people and eventually showed up in their ceremonial ideas.

      1. Risket

        Jackals were often seen roaming around cemeteries at night. That’s how they became associated with death and the underworld. They thought it was Anubis taking their souls from their dead bodies and guiding them to the underworld.

    1. Erestamos

      That’s Ammit, sorry for double posting. He devours the souls of the wicked. It actually says that above on the page.

  1. Juliette


    the jackal head is actually for because the jackal ate the rotting flesh of bodies. and the black color represents the color of rotting flesh and soil. Anubis rocks!! 😀

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