Horse Breeds From Bulgaria

Bulgaria FlagWe are visiting yet another nation of the world to discover the breeds native to its lands. I’ve researched a rather large list of horse breeds and it’s interesting to look at each one in the context of their origins. Today we take a look at the breeds of Bulgaria.

Interesting Fact

Bulgaria is home to a wide variety of different geography, the landscapes are primarily plains, hills and low mountains. The equine is native to this area and the sturdy Bulgarian Native Horse is probably the foundation for many of their breeds.

Modern Horses

Throughout the history of the country, horses have been instrumental, from transport to war to farming there have been hoof prints involved. As machines continue to take over, the animals once bred for agriculture & transportation in days past have changed course. Today the East Bulgarian is a great example of this. This is a modern sport breed that is quickly making a name for themselves in equestrian sporting.

East Bulgarian Horse

Bulgarian Horse Breeds

Danubian Horse
Dolny Iskar
East Bulgarian

Horses of the World

There is a whole worlds worth of countries to visit, so be sure to keep yourself updated. Please let me know in the comments below if I’m missing any horses of Bulgaria & check back next week for the breeds of Canada.