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Herbs – Myths and Miracles

This informative guest post about herbs is curtesy of Patrick P. Jones, DVM, a Veterinary Consultant over at Silver Lining Herbs. Many thanks for his contribution.

ThymeWe are living in The Information Age. Television, radio and the World Wide Web put astounding amounts of information at our finger tips.

Finding Real Information

The challenge for those of us with a passion to help our animal friends and clients is to sift through the information and separate the truth from the error. Misinformation or exaggeration about the “benefits” herbs or the “dangers” of modern medicines don’t help anyone.
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A Horse, Of Course

This handy guest post is curtesy of Don Blazer who teaches over at Horse Courses Online

Horse TrainerThere must be a million horse training tips, tricks and techniques, but one transcends all others.

Learning From the Best

I stated writing about horses many years ago. And because I was writing for major horse magazines at the time, I got to interview, be taught by and ride with some of the very best trainers.

That good fortune continues today. Some of the very best continue to tell me what works, what doesn’t and why. The best part, of course, is that I get to apply all those “training tips” and see for myself if the words of wisdom ring true.
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Made That Way – Horse Book Review

This handy review is curtesy of Carol M. Upton, who works with a number of amazing equine (& other animal) authors.

Made That Way“Usually it makes me feel better to wear my riding clothes. But today nothing helps, even when I buckle on my riding helmet and hop on my bike. Somehow I know I’m doomed.” ~ Susan Ketchen

Youth & Horses

In this family fiction sequel to Born That Way, Susan Ketchen reunites readers with the intrepid young Sylvia, who is challenged by a genetic disorder, wild about horses, and determined to find solutions to the obstacles presented by her life in general.

Sylvia wants to be a real horsewoman and she’s excited about getting her own horse, even if the horse is arriving at a less-than-perfect time. Brooklyn is, well, not quite a regular horse. He has big ears, makes strange sounds, and he’s already bitten the transport driver.
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