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This handy post is curtesy of Amy Lizee who works with J&M Acres Horse Rescue on behalf of horses in need.

About J&M Acres

J&M Acres Horse RescueJ&M Acres Horse Rescue is a non-profit rescue in Maple Ridge, BC. We rescue most of our horses from auction or from off the racetrack. Our aim is to get as many horses as we can off the meat truck and adopted into loving homes so that we are able to rescue more.

We are 100% volunteer run and are here for the purpose of rescuing horses and helping them find long-term, loving homes.

The Story

In 1995 we rescued our first horse; a badly abused oldie, dubbed “Lucky”, that was being run through the auction for slaughter. Since then we have purchased 300+ horses destined for slaughter and placed them in good homes. Our rescues are all breeds of horses and all ages from 6 months to 36 years old that have gone on to live happy, productive lives.

Meet the Rescues


JaneJane is a Standardbred mare. Her registered name is CC Mac.

She is around 15hh and will be 6 years old next month – her DOB is 05/09/2005.

She seems sweet and is gentle. Having come straight off the track last night, they usually need a week or two to settle in and transition from “racing life” to “pet life”.

Jane is trained to drive, but not yet started under-saddle.

Adoption Fee $500 – Learn more about Jane!


StanleyStanley is a Standardbred gelding registered as The Power Load. He had $11,000 in winnings as a two year old, but after a short break at pasture, he had no more desire to run.

He is around 16hh, but is pretty skinny even for an athlete. His DOB is 04/05/2008 so he is just 3 years old now. He is a little shy, but very sweet. Once he has a week or two to settle in and switch from racehorse mode into pet mode, he will be a lot friendlier and more confident.

He is trained for driving, but not yet started under-saddle. We will be able to start him under-saddle once he settles in and puts a bit more weight on.

Adoption fee $500 – Learn more about Stanley!


LuisLuis is an 18 y/o Thoroughbred gelding. He stands around 17hh and was dumped at the stockyard. He is a very quiet boy and is starting to really warm up to us.

He was used as a lesson horse and got “too old”, so he was dumped. He has a bit of a snotty nose and is skinny. Other then that, he is healthy. He recently had blood work done, but the vet had said it came back with nothing. His snotty nose is likely a cold he caught due to being so underweight. As a precaution, he is separated from the rest of the horses.

He is good under-saddle (W/T/C) and has a lovely stride. It is big and heavy, but it is really quite comfortable. He was hardly sour either! He is a big, dinosaur of a boy. Hehe. He was a bit lazy to start with, but he sure is nice to ride. He would be suitable for a confident beginner and would make a great, safe trail horse or easy-going pleasure horse.

Videos: Trot | Canter

Adoption fee $500 – Learn more about Luis!


BillyBilly is a 6 year old, Quarter Horse. He was seized by the SPCA at the beginning of March where he was gelded and had his feet trimmed.

He is around 15hh and has very nice confirmation. Built like a cutting horse. He is quiet and sweet. He picks up his feet and is polite on the lead.

They passed him over to us as he is not yet broke to ride and they had no one able to start him. Over the next couple of weeks, we will be training him. So far he has had a couple of training sessions and is now started under-saddle.

Training Diaries: Session 1 | Session 2 | Session 3
Video: Walk | Trot | Canter

Adoption fee is $500 – Learn more about Billy!


SassySassy is a 25 year old, Registered Arabian mare around 14.2hh.

She has belonged to the same family for the past 20 years. The family called the local vet (who happens to be the same as ours) to get Sassy euthanised. But, our vet thought that Sassy deserved to find another home, so she talked to the owner and they agreed to surrender her to us.

She is broke to ride and was very polite on the ground and seems sweet.

March 31 Update: She is on medication for cushings now and after she settled in, her appetite came back in full swing so she has started to put on lots of weight since she arrived, which is great. Farrier has trimmed her toes twice now to even them out and she seems to be doing great.

Adoption Fee $300 – Learn more about Sassy!


MadisonMadison is a 15 year old Thoroughbred mare.

We picked her up from the North Fraser Therapeutic Riding Association because she has an off hip and so they couldn’t continue using her as they need completely sound horses only. She is suitable for light riding if you are mindful of her hip.

She was loaded and unloaded well and had good manners on the ground. She is a sweet lady who has really come out of her shell so far since being at the rescue. She is upper-level in the herd and she is thriving in the pasture right now.

She is adoptable by donation – Learn more about Madison!


LillyLilly is a 3 Y/O, Thoroughbred mare around 14.3hh. She is not registered, but her name is Just in Time. You can view her full pedigree here.

She is a darling mare and would sit in your lap if she could! She is one of the first to greet you at the pasture and often will not leave your side. She is broke and had 10 rides put on her by a past owner. She was ridden mostly in just a halter and no bit. She knows how to back up and move off of the leg. She is a very sweet girl. Her temperament is quiet and willing and she would make a steady lifelong partner for anyone willing to spend time with her. View more photos of Lilly here.

Adoption Fee $500 – Learn more about Lilly

Thanks again to Amy for all of her work to help keep horses out of slaughterhouses. Please check out the J&M Acres website and her adoption page on Facebook (don’t forget to friend Amy while you are there!)

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