Comanche Nation Saves Starving Horses

Comanche Nation LogoThe Comanche Nation seized 20 starving horses from their owner this week in Cotton County, OK.

In Bad Shape

The animals were discovered on Comanche land. Seven of their members already dead from starvation, 20 still alive but in terrible condition.

Taking Responsibility

The owner signed the horses over with no arguments and they are now in the custody of the Comanche Nation who intend to nurse them all back to health.

You Can Help

As we all know, 20 horses is not a small expense, they are asking for donations to help. If you can spare a few bucks/ bales of hay/ bags of grain/ equipment/ etc. this is a good place to send your overstock.

Contact Info
Here is the number to call if you want to help (580) 492-3789 or you can contact them via the Comanche Nation website.

Read the full story at KSWO News.

Cheers to the Comanche Nation for taking control and making a difference.