Demotivational Horse Posters

Flattery. If you want to get to the top, prepare to kiss a lot of the bottom

Image from Despair

We all know the horrible motivational posters often found in doctors office waiting rooms, DMV locations and high school principal offices. They make the cynic in all of us roll it’s eyes, but someone somewhere still makes them.

A New Twist

It’s not a really a new twist, but it’s a clever one. Whoever started the de-motivational poster meme was quite a character. The idea has grown from just changing the originals to creating new posters specifically for de-motivational messages. Here are some horse themed posters that are sure to get a chuckle…even if you have seen them already.

Demotivational Horses

Sewer Horse is watching you

Image from motifake

Black bear horse racing. The greatest improvement to the Sport of Kings

Image from motifake

Perelli. Who's the alpha now, sucker?

Image from Heavenly Jumper

Cooperation. Make me.

Horsepower. Who needs it when you have cowpower?

Image from Demotivate Us

If you thought these were funny, try the lolhorses.

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