Happy Halloween

Horse Skeleton

Image from: Ride Free

Whether you dress yourself up, your horse up, or all of the above, enjoy yourself and have a safe halloween.

From everyone here at the Equinest…Boo!

5 Comments on “Happy Halloween

  1. Beth

    we are having a halloween dess-up at our yard, and i want to paint my horse as a skeleton with paints but what paint can i use???

  2. Paige

    Hi Beth,

    Unfortunately I don’t have a specific paint to recommend, but you might try non-toxic paint made for kids. Whatever you use be sure to read ingredients and avoid paint which contains chemicals. The more natural the paints are the less chance of irritating your horses skin or polluting the environment. :)

    Good luck!

  3. Beth

    thanks Paige,
    i looked around and i found Snazaroo non-toxic face paint and i think that might be ok what do you think?

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