Horse Costumes Are Popular – Pt 2

Woman in horse costume in shopping cart

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Welcome to the second edition of the costume series, where I have even more strange and fantastic horse costumes to share.

Not Just for Halloween

Not only are the costumes great (that one horse mask seems to be a popular item), but some of the photography is great too. As I add each image, the writer in me wonders about the story behind it, I imagine some of the tales would have us all in stitches.

Happens Every Year

Hopefully the recent Halloween season will offer us more horse costumes photos to giggle over in the future. I’m always on the lookout for funny horse shots so I’ll find them, and when I do I’ll share.

Strange and Silly Horse Costumes

Man in Centar costume

This guy does not take the Renaissance Fair too seriously!
Image from WTF Costumes

Woman in horse costume on the phone

Gabby the Horse
Image from missionlessdays

Horse Costume

Horse costume of my nightmares…
Image from megadem

Horse Costume

More proof horses can be scary too.
Image from elmada

Horse Costume

And the good witch arrives!
Image from Jackie Kingsbury

Horse Costume

Ok, who ordered the unicorn on a ridiculously large bicycle?
Image from koochbor

Horse Costume

Gabby the Horse’s boyfriend
Image from gematrium
Horse Costumes Caught on Video

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