Horse Image of the Week

Horse image of the week

Why We Like It

How could we not like this picture. It provides us a snapshot into a fun afternoon frolic. This old girl has got all four feet off the ground & has almost achieved liftoff! She is a lovely animal & we wish we’d had front row seats at her frolic.

There is snow on the ground so no doubt she is feeling frisky & the photographer caught her at the perfect moment, bravo!

Show Us Yours!

This is also an opportunity to reach out to our audience, who we know have some images of their own. While we’ve got tons of images to share, we want to share yours too. If you have an image you’d like us to feature on Fridays, let us know – we’d love to see it.

One Comment on “Horse Image of the Week

  1. stefan

    i do not like your picture. just be aware of the braided tail and the inconvenience it causes to the horse as to be seen in its face ! Braiding tails causes a nonnatural feeling to the horse and makes the anmial behave unnaturally. This ist, what the picture shows. Untypical behaviour in an untypical situation for the horse.

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